16th of December 2005, Australia, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

Albeau and Shreeve lead Formula Worlds

Di Pearson
French champion Antoine Albeau and Allison Shreeve respectively lead the Men’s and Women’s Sail Melbourne Formula Windsurfing World Championship with only one day of racing remaining.

Despite injuries and collisions out of her control, two further wins today appear to have strengthened Shreeve’s resolve to win her first World title in her home country. Prior to racing this morning, she commented, “I wouldn’t care if my leg was in plaster, I would still go out and race – I really want to win this title. I feel so relaxed right now, I can’t believe it.”

With a second race drop in play after seven races, the 23 year old Sydney boardsailor leads world champ, Dorota Staszewski by five points. Shreeve’s tally, after dropping a third and a DNF is five wins. The 27 year-old Polish woman scored a second in race six, but was outside the podium places in race seven, finishing fourth. With the series finishing tomorrow, it will take hard work from Staszewski to beat Shreeve.

The Men’s competition is a lot tighter as French champion, Antoine Albeau, steals the lead from Wojtek Brzozowski. The 1999 and 2000 world title holder was unlucky, breaking his boom and therefore losing his slim one point lead, but still manages to hold third place overall.

A second Frenchman, Youth sailor Julien Quentel, has moved back up into second place with a 10th place finish today. However, a second race drop does not come into effect until the Men have completed their seventh race, so their championship is still wide open.

A late start to the day again, as heavy rain preceded light wafty airs on the Port Phillip course area off Elwood Sailing Club today.

Finally, just before 4.00pm, the AP came down and the Women headed to the course in freshening south westerly sea breezes. Shreeve came home a clear first in race six leaving Staszewski and Britain’s Lucy Horwood in her wake.

An excited Shreeve said between races, “Dorota was ahead of me when we got off the (start) line, but as soon as I tacked, I was in front and led all the way to the finish. I hope I can go out there and do it again,” and she did. She described conditions in the race as: “Fantastic. It was a nice solid 10-12, but was building as we came to the finish.”

Two general recalls in the Men’s and finally away on their third attempt at race six. Then, completed, officials decided to abandon the race and re-sail it after bringing competitors ashore for a short time. At 6.50, the hooter sounded and back on the water for another start. Finally, under sunny skies in an11-13 knot south-westerly, the Men’s race six was completed.

Following cart wheeling his board during racing yesterday, Brazillian, Wilhelm Schurmann, found he had in fact broken his thumb and disappointingly decided to return to Brazil to be operated on.

In a jury decision this morning, a number of competitors were re-scored 88 points in race one, changing some overall scores, as per the updated results on the website.

Weather for the final day looks promising; 15-20 north-east to north-west winds, tending west/south-west later in the day at 20-25 knots. Racing is due to get underway at 10.00am.

Sail Melbourne is made possible by the support of event sponsors: Sport & Recreation Victoria, Collex, Parks Victoria; associate sponsors Bayside City Council and Menere's BMW Brighton and support sponsors Ronstan International, Schenker Australia, City of Kingston and the City of Port Philip.

To view full results, images and other information: www.sailmelbourne.com.au

Di Pearson

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Tord Espelid | 16th December 2005 (12:22:08)

Nice report. I wish i were there. Snowy conditions in Norway!

Adri Keet | 16th December 2005 (13:00:55)

Nice report? I think it;s extremly poor after the good coverage we have seen during the last few years. They are talking about Albeau stealing the lead, but where are the results?

sedzia | 16th December 2005 (13:07:37)

I agree in 100%. Last years we had an info from the strat line, first lap, finish line form the firsts 10 or more no in horrible... They still have few days to do their best. GOOD LUCK

kj | 16th December 2005 (13:17:33)

Yes, but remember that last years we had a full staff for on line reports but now we have only Ceri

Andy | 16th December 2005 (15:32:03)

Yes I have to say that thanks to Ceri we are at least getting some sort of result with reasonable delay...in turn the official website is sheer DISASTER..or maybe 'real-time' is not a word they know Down Under?? grrrr

my name | 16th December 2005 (18:08:53)

Have found "Dorota Staszewski" in report. "Staszewski" is male surname.
Or I'm wrong?

I'm not from Poland.

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (18:55:12)

no results after race 6? what is the deal formula class. does anyone actually know the results?

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (19:01:58)

When is the full registration list including who is on what going to be posted? and where?

Will the organizers wait until all the hype is over?

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (19:28:13)

All we can say about aussie event reporting is... SLACKERS!!

Junio | 16th December 2005 (19:35:56)

..JUJU (FRA421) : te laisses pas faire => fais recours sur la dĂŠcision de RDG sur la manche n°1 : cela n'est pas recevable après 3 jours de compĂŠt !!!!! Il y a t il un coach "Team France" pour s'occuper de tout ça ??......

Dave K | 16th December 2005 (19:38:30)

Good forecast for th e last day!@


Dave K | 16th December 2005 (19:40:29)


France | 16th December 2005 (20:07:14)

Si il y a une rĂŠclamation ou un reclassement cela doit être vu le jour même et non 3 jours après. Le reclassement du jury n'est pas valide. A ce niveau de la compĂŠtition (l'avant dernier jour) c'est idnamissible. Ne vous laissez pas faire merde pour la suite

Florian, Germany | 16th December 2005 (20:10:02)

I thought this website was the best but this year the PWA website is much better!!! I think it all very poor!

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (20:25:40)

Totally agree. People have gotten used to the site and class beeing DA BEST! Everything now looks sad! The official event website also not good. And with bad conditions and 1+ race a day, the results will be even more random than in 2003. Not what the class needs for the future.

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (20:50:58)

>no results after race 6? what is the deal formula class. does anyone actually know the results?

i think the black flagged boats have protested being omitted from the race. their claim is race six was canned through bad course location and they were actually omitted from race seven. five races in four days looks really bad. half the problem is the over earlies. we could have had much more racing if it wasn?t for these repeat offenders. they have undermined the event for the rest of us and put themselves and the sport into disrepute. especially when they the abuse race officers for black flagging them. shame on them.

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (21:01:36)

rabbit start 'em.
a 280lb bloke with an board equipped with bullbar! Fall in line or you are cactus

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (22:36:19)

they should have split the fleet in two and race 40 guys on a shorter course. more exciting, more media friendly and faster races. you don't need as much wind for as long and the starts are easier on the commitee and sailors. will they ever learn?

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (22:36:42)

oh and yes, where the hell are the results?

Dave K | 16th December 2005 (22:41:26)

I was suprised they did not split the fleet. I've always been a fan of this. It worked great at US Nationals!

Rominho-BRA110 | 16th December 2005 (23:08:56)

Where's the results of last race? Here in Brasil we has been 24h online on this website and today... nothing...

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (23:23:22)

where the hell are the results!!!!!!!!!!!!! please race number 6th, come on wake UP duder!!!!!!!

kj | 16th December 2005 (23:37:20)

I think that the results are in scorer's computer... only!!!

kj | 16th December 2005 (23:39:38)

or are top secret!!!

JR | 16th December 2005 (23:51:01)

If you check the pictures from yesterday you will see a notice that race 6 was abandoned and will be rerun today with a few less competitors.

Virtual Racer | 16th December 2005 (23:54:40)

Trapazoid course dosen't help much either. more roundings = more focus points more packs and/or pile ups. If that is causing some races to not count or complecating things then longer gated W/L is cleanest. Normally busy roundings are desired but if it is causing issues adjust.

Junio | 17th December 2005 (00:26:08)

...results race 6 : ...maybe waiting to "remove" the "BOG" of race 1 / DSQ!.............

Julien | 17th December 2005 (00:31:19)

PWA is much faster and clear. This sucks, sorry.

Virtual Racer | 17th December 2005 (00:41:01)

yeah sucks but beautiful too. Lots of the competitors and/or Ian Fox have been contributing coverage, you can't say that isn't appreciated. Just makes you realize how high level Mattias R.and Naxama all the more. I can't in good conscience rag on the coverage. Sometimes crazy aunt Gert shows up to dinner a little late and a little drunk. We still love her. she's family. I like to think everybody is partying so hard or so in the moment that uploads take a second seat.

Dan | 17th December 2005 (01:15:27)

Well yes, I think FW.org & Ceri are actually doing fairly well or at least trying to...what REALLY SUCKS is www.sailmelbourne.com.au!

bebe | 17th December 2005 (01:46:12)

Wojtek, keep it up! You can do it... I know you can :) I will always believe in you, no matter what happens... -keep that in your mind... I am sure that I am not the only one who thinks so. Good luck hon' :)**** let the wind be on your side!

winddoc | 17th December 2005 (03:13:24)

The GPS action is great! You can speed it up, run it backwards. It lets you see how choosing a different lay line or starting tack effects the race.

??? | 17th December 2005 (03:25:58)

ggod luck antoene, hope you win as you have come so close twice, you deserve this win... vive la france mon amie...

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