15th of December 2005, Australia, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

Injured Shreeve maintains Formula Worlds lead – Brzozowski leads Men’s

by Di Pearson
Nice big northerly winds on Port Phillip Bay earlier in the day as the third day of Sail Melbourne’s Formula Windsurfing Worlds got underway at Elwood Sailing Club in Victoria.

Two further races were sailed by early afternoon and Australian Allison Shreeve maintains her lead after five races, leading Dorota Staszewski (POL) by two points, with Lucy Horwood third overall after two further races on nice flat seas in winds of up to 20 knots on a hot day.

It was no easy task for Shreeve to stay in front. In race four, the 23 year old Sydneysider broke her mast extension and did not complete the race. In the pre-start to race five, a French male competitor collided with her, causing a spectacular capsize and injury to her foot. She went on to win the race, but hobbled ashore afterwards, her ankle swollen to double its normal size. This is twice during the championship she has been involved in collisions with male competitors.

Close competition in the Men’s 87-strong fleet has yesterday’s leader, Wojtek Brzozowski (POL), in front by only one point, with two Frenchmen snapping at his heals. The Polish champion scored his worst result in the earlier race four, a 15th, which he used as a discard, but came back strongly with a fourth in race five to hold onto the lead from Antoine Albeau, with Youth sailor Julien Quentel dropping to third place following 10th and fifth places – just a further point in arrears of his countryman.

Competitors told how winds were fairly solid but shifty on the course area, making it a difficult decision as to which side of the course to go. Port hand was favoured in the first race of the day, once again producing a mix of results. Some of the big names took the starboard option and lost out.

More damage and injury today. Michael Porter from the US Virgin Islands came ashore first. Breaking his small mast in winds that gusted over 20 knots at times, he headed to the beach and changed to his big rig – not ideal in the heavier conditions, but better than nothing at all. A short time later, it was Thorkaas Knut (NOR), suffering gear damage, which he managed to repair and returned to the water. Wilhelm Schurmann from Brazil did some damage to his thumb, necessitating a trip to the local hospital.

For Porter, the day got worse. Dry humour replaced disgust as he thought about his day. “First I broke my small mast and then I went out for the next race and found a big hole. The Women (who started after the Men’s division), found some pressure and caught me up. It got worse, though. I was standing still for so long a bunch of flies decided to land on me and make me their home. Here I am at a World titles, I’m meant to be good at what I do and here I am dead last!”

Back on land for a break following two races, competitors and officials watched with dismay as breezes petered once more. Inevitably, up went the AP flag and at 5.25pm, officials were still determining whether they would be able to get another start underway. It looks like it may well be another late night for all.

Sail Melbourne is made possible by the support of event sponsors: Sport & Recreation Victoria, Collex, Parks Victoria; associate sponsors Bayside City Council and Menere's BMW Brighton and support sponsors Ronstan International, Schenker Australia, City of Kingston and the City of Port Philip.

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Anonym | 15th December 2005 (11:09:31)

Why so many injured?? Is the race of the rough type??

Theo | 15th December 2005 (11:22:54)

Well, Crocodile dundee was an aussie too ;)
That's what you'd might expect when going downunder.

RĂŠmi | 15th December 2005 (12:43:57)

Excellent Juju, Tchinbe red pa moli

Gebi | 15th December 2005 (13:37:33)

Well done Wojtek, you are consistent and da man. Nice work Antoine, keep it up. Time for someone to set you up with a new board sponsorship. Juilen Q. is very impressive, quiet, smart, but deadly fast and going to set the trend for the new up and coming french talent on the race course. Casper is going off as well. Juri is the biggest little man as well. Peter Bijl we always knew you were one of the fasteast in the world and how bout Micah and Jimmy still the consumate pro's, props to you as well.
Seth your a weapon and we hope to see you get on a RSX program and give the french a run for their money in 2008. Ross, pops must be beaming and Devon watch out for the floatsam, it's not over yet and also here comes Jesper, and wishing a fast recovery to Wilhelm the fastest little man in the world. Dorota and Alison enjoy your little duel, and Dennis making Master Barry proud. Gonzo and Turko stick to counting with numbers as alphabet soup does'nt add up.

sedzia | 15th December 2005 (13:38:28)


Rominho-BRA110 | 15th December 2005 (14:23:23)

Brasil lost a great result in this world championship, may be top 10, but Eolo decides to let Schurmann out of fight!!

2006 comming soon...


Andy | 15th December 2005 (14:55:47)

Still no videos?? What the heck!!!

Toasty | 15th December 2005 (15:04:20)

nog steeds 3 nederlanders bij de top 10! Pietertje, het kan nog steeds hoor de titel!!! Maak ze gek man daar op het water en vaar ze er allemaal uit. Bennie volgens mij moet je effe op stap met KP want die kan ook wel een come back gebruiken. Oranje boven!!!!! Troost

bebe | 15th December 2005 (15:44:51)

After all... to me... all the windsurfers rock!! Keep it up guys :D you all win, because you do what you love!! and that's what really matters :))) kisses and hugs for all of you!!! good luck!

bebe | 15th December 2005 (15:46:38)

...I'm so proud of Wojtek!! :D

Devine | 15th December 2005 (17:33:13)


jean | 15th December 2005 (18:55:15)

GO ALBEAU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

Mr | 15th December 2005 (19:49:47)

Whats up with kevin, or MauiSails ????

Anonym | 15th December 2005 (22:03:03)

Well done Allison! Spirit of a true champion to carry on and still win comfortably, when you keep getting taken out by guys not looking where they are going and who also do not have the right of way.
You're the best!

gyurmo | 15th December 2005 (23:53:36)

Hajra TIBI!!! Mindannyian szoritunk neked! Holnap a te kedvedert gyurjuk az elso hogolyot!

arctecbob | 16th December 2005 (00:21:51)


Dan | 16th December 2005 (00:37:12)

Go Seth. Team MV

fusidoc | 16th December 2005 (00:41:58)

Comment to the post from 15th December 2005 (11:09:31) wrote by Anonym :

complimenti a tutti gli italiani!!!!
albi forza!!!! ciao andrea!!!!!!

anonymous | 16th December 2005 (01:15:22)

Hey Wilhelm, hope you recover quickly. You are a great sailor and agreat person and we wish you the best,

sedzia | 16th December 2005 (01:20:54)

Polish team: we are te best and we will eat the rest... GOOD LUCK

Toasty | 16th December 2005 (01:53:42)

sorry to say dude but Holland is the only country with 3 sailors in the top 10!! Dutchies all the way!!!

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (02:00:43)

You are wrong Toasty both ISV are US citizens which makes 3 for the US as well thus far.

Mack | 16th December 2005 (02:32:34)

The best is the french team! GO ALBEAU eat wojtek today!

Toasty | 16th December 2005 (02:44:16)

mmm, still 2 different countries dude! And I am not sure the Island boys would like that comment to much annyway haha. But in that case we can count Ross in as well for holland. England was attached to Holland before and Ross spent a lot of time with those dutch boys that he can even speak some now, so that would be 4 then for us. HOLLAND keeps on rocking! haha

Toasty | 16th December 2005 (02:46:24)


junio | 16th December 2005 (02:59:02)

....France only country with 2 in the TOP 3 as well.......

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (03:12:39)

Hmmm Toasty wins the most emailer. Holland is a suburb of Belgium right. And Belgium has Tom B.

Toasty | 16th December 2005 (03:19:11)

haha, when are we going to do some betting? top 5 and the first at the upwind mark. Anybody in??

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (04:27:49)

Short start lines?

Toasty | 16th December 2005 (04:34:28)

dont know, hard to get any helpfull information from this website. maybe they will do know but I guess all of europe is sleeping so i looks like to will be you and me for the betting. you ready for this Anonym?

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (04:51:08)

Ceri, can you clarify the times a bit on your reports ..they don't seem to match CET or local when they arrive on the web page. I think sticking to local (daylight saving AEST) is best. It's difficult to know when you will next post...

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (05:07:56)

ISV (US Virgin Islands which is US soil and they have US Passports which makes them part of the United States the Virgin Islands is not a separate country dude.)

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (05:13:40)

yo if devon wants to go to the olympics he will sail for usvi as a separate country

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (05:25:43)

True, but it is not a separate country it is a US Territory just like Puerto Rico and Guam.

Luis | 16th December 2005 (05:25:45)

Anybody interested in checking the wind conditions for the races in Port Phillip Bayf(a.k.a Melbourne), check this website and click on Fawkner Beacon - real time readings


db | 16th December 2005 (05:39:23)

Wow, those Port Phillip Bay winds seem to be all over the place. Thanks for the link Luis. With 10-12 you would think that they would start especially after race 2..

Toasty | 16th December 2005 (06:12:44)

so it is the same country but when devon is going to the olympics he is going for the ISV and not USA?!?!? Your tripping haha

Gebi | 16th December 2005 (06:37:50)

puerto rico is a separate country in the olympics as well
http://www.virginislandsolympics.com its good to be an island boy...

Bosco | 16th December 2005 (09:20:52)

!!! I see ITA3 's fin works like a sawing machine!

Bosco | 16th December 2005 (09:26:22)

one more thing,any GPS tracks for us?

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (11:00:47)

Hey webmaster, how about putting Allison up on the title page as the provisional leader??

What software is being used to display the GPS tracking? Perhaps you could post the tracking data so that people with the same software can load the tracks??

kj | 16th December 2005 (12:01:45)

Comment to the post from 16th December 2005 (09:26:22) wrote by Bosco :
if the organisers will publish GPS tracks on the official website we will set the link. We did not received any materials...

Virtual Racer | 17th December 2005 (03:33:26)

winds a crankin'


kj | 17th December 2005 (03:39:05)

You can see what is going on here: http://www.elwoodsc.com/esc_webcam.html

Virtual Racer | 17th December 2005 (03:45:49)

awesome thanks, Send It! since when has FW been adverse to carnage.

Anonym | 17th December 2005 (04:00:26)

The should run 1 more race for the men no matter what so that there will be 1 more throwout and call it quits. This is the world championship afterall and they haven't run enough races.

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