14th of December 2005, Australia, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

Shreeve and Brzozowski take the lead at Formula Windsurfing Worlds

Australia’s 23 year-old windsurfing sensation Allison Shreeve has taken the lead in the Women’s Formula Windsurfing Worlds being held at Elwood Sailing Club as part of Sail Melbourne this week.

Scoring a win this morning in light conditions, Shreeve went back out late this afternoon and secured her second victory for the day in heavier air to take the lead from current world champion, Dorota Staszewski, by one point overall after the 27 year old Polishwoman finished third in the later race.

Lucy Horwood from Great Britain finished third in race three today, a best result for the 2005 European Formula champion to-date.

In the Men’s only race of the day, mixed results have changed the order on the leaderboard. Micah Buzianis (USA), the 2004 world champion, took out race three from Albeau Antoine. The big Frenchman, who produced mediocre results yesterday, not finding the lighter conditions to his liking, is one of the top ranked boardsailors in the world. Great Britain has come up in the top three for the first time, with Ross Williams taking out third place in winds that peaked at 17 knots.

The 1999 and 2000 title winner, Wojtek Brzozowski (POL) has taken the lead of the series, moving up from second place following his fifth place today. Like Antoine, his large frame works better in the heavier conditions. Brzozowski’s result has moved yesterday’s leader, 19 year-old Youth world champion Julien Quentel down to second overall, with Devon Boulon (ISV) moving up one place into third.

South westerly sea breezes arrived with a vengeance at 5.30pm on Port Phillip and organisers took advantage getting the Men’s division away at 5.45pm, but it was not so simple, as many were over early and after two general recalls, the Black Flag came out. During the second attempt, Italian entry Beverino Davide returned to shore bleeding profusely from his left arm and was taken to hospital with a deep wound.

Involved in a port and starboard collision with Sakulfaeno Kriangkrai, the Thai sailor returned to shore, a big hole in his board. His disappointment was palpable. Making enquires as to whether Davide was alright, Kriangkrai asked for a protest form.

Following the two ashore, after their Black Flag disqualification, came Hubert Mokrzycki (POL), Pieter Bijl (NED) and Wilhelm Schurmann (BRA) – their day over before it started. Racing finally got underway at 6.50pm, the Women following shortly after.

Spectators were treated to fast and exciting racing. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky – the foreshore was just the place to be.

No further races were held, as light started to fail. While a minimum of three races constitutes the series, organisers are aiming to hold up to 15 races by the series end on Saturday. Prizes will be awarded in the Men, Women, Master and Youth divisions.

Sail Melbourne is made possible by the support of event sponsors: Sport & Recreation Victoria, Collex, Parks Victoria; associate sponsors Bayside City Council and Menere's BMW Brighton and support sponsors Ronstan International, Schenker Australia, City of Kingston and the City of Port Philip.

Di Pearson

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my name | 14th December 2005 (13:24:54)

There are 2 mistakes in title.
Should be "Brzozowski " instead of "Brzozowksi" and should be "Shrevee" instead of "Shreeve".

More photos and video, please.

Thank you.

JW | 14th December 2005 (13:36:06)

Video would be great, where can we find them? and does anyone know where to look for the 'promised' GPS option??

Anonym | 14th December 2005 (13:59:43)

What happened to Micah the first day???

Simon | 14th December 2005 (14:37:13)

Good job Ross

Kasper | 14th December 2005 (15:31:11)

Wojtek, Palmer, Hubert, Polan i Łukasz keep on fighting.... Good luck

my name | 14th December 2005 (18:28:41)


"Brzozowksi" or "Brzozowsks" :)))))))

Your English Teacher | 14th December 2005 (21:14:51)

There are 2 mistakes in title.
Should be "Brzozowski " instead of "Brzozowksi" and should be "Shrevee" instead of "Shreeve".

Shrevee?? You must be from Europe perhaps o pronounce Shreeve as that. It is quite ok writen as Shreeve.

I am surprised youu didn't pick up that Dorota's name was spelled wrong.

also my name | 14th December 2005 (21:36:20)

notice it's written not writen...and you really must work on your grammar if you're going to correct others!

my name | 14th December 2005 (21:56:14)

Sorry. "Shrevee" was not a good joke. But why "Brzozowski" in title once was spelled as "Brzozowksi" and the next time mistake was "corrected" to "Brzozowsks"?:))))

Fernando | 14th December 2005 (22:14:59)

Why Wojtek is the only NP guy using RS5 while the others are using the new RS6?

maui wowie | 14th December 2005 (22:34:40)

I heard Bozo was not sponsored by Neil Pryde any more. He is going to ride for North next year. Maybe that's why Bozo is on RS5?

Theo | 14th December 2005 (22:35:09)

It seems Woitek won't be a NP guy in 2006 anymore.

arctecbob | 14th December 2005 (22:38:33)

what are the NP guys using for masts? somthing experimental??

Wojtek frend | 14th December 2005 (23:07:03)

Wojtek is using RS5 because he don't like change sail before a competition!!!

Marcelo Mig | 14th December 2005 (23:24:59)

Just a year ago, the same happened: the new RS5 had just arrived, all NP sailors were using it, but Wojtek was on a 9.8 RS4.

Fernando | 14th December 2005 (23:28:48)

I think there's something more, somebody said that, just didn't say what's the real reason.

Fan club San Diego | 15th December 2005 (00:36:58)

ISV-1 show the aussies and the world the power you have downunder :))))

your fan club

junio | 15th December 2005 (01:51:39)

...encore et encore : ALLEZ JUJU F421 !!!! PA MOLI TI-MAL !! La GWADA est toujours avec toi !!

Toasty | 15th December 2005 (02:09:45)

Wojtek never changes equipment just before an important event unless he has nothing to lose!! Being the bookie from Sylt I know these kind of things haha. Maybe he is the only smart one on the NP team (that didnt got the change to tune before the event). Wojtek to North, you never know. Maybe some other big star signed with NP for next year? But with Wojtek you never know, always does his own thing. Keep it up boys.

db | 15th December 2005 (04:05:02)

yep, same thing at the brazil worlds years ago. Wojtek stayed on what he knew while all the other Pryde guys went for the new model.. must drive the marketing guys nuts who always like to wax lyrical about how big an improvement the new sail is .. :-)

Anonym | 15th December 2005 (05:18:58)

minute by minute reports are back, yahoo. It's just not internet FW without them.

maui wowie | 15th December 2005 (05:50:22)

Wow Toasty you are so sharp, you hit it right on the head. Maybe that is why Kai is there, watch who he is talking to the most, might give you a clue??? Oh yeah the new NP sails are DaKine, Look at the finishes even without tuning and test. Robert S. nailed it this year!!!!!!

Anonym | 15th December 2005 (06:38:28)

Pretty hard to fine tune a sail, in this case the RS6, when you get it the day before. It may be faster but it usually doesn't feel as good until you break it in and find the right fins, etc. I will take Wojteks RS6s if he doesn't want them!

maui wowie | 15th December 2005 (07:12:20)

WOW Did you see race 5. Almost all Neil Pryde's in the top 10. One North Sail just made it in 10th. Maybe that's why Kai is there??? Those RS6's must be hot. Get them one day before and have that many in the Top 10 of race 5....I too would take Bozo's RS6's

marcel | 15th December 2005 (07:22:36)

allez les frenchies
ou peut t'on rĂŠcuperer les donnĂŠes GPS ?

papa | 15th December 2005 (08:59:25)

aller Tonio
nous on t'aime il faut les tordrent au finish on te prepare la mer pour ton retour

l\'elephant | 15th December 2005 (09:03:24)

bizard tonio il ne te connaissent pas ils ne font jamais de photos de toi?t'es trop costeau tu ne rentre pas dans l'appareil??

Toasty | 15th December 2005 (14:19:48)

Maui wowie, a bit hard to see when you are on the there. Well if NP wouldnt do good then they would have a problem. Almost everybody is using some kind of NP model. Could be interesting to see Wojtek on a Maui Sails, North or a Gaastra. For sure he would be flying too. Kai is from Sydney so maybe just in the neighbourhood? But last but not least, Pieter Bijl is still the biggest outsider for the title!!!!!

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