14th of December 2005, Australia, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

Day 2 : minute after minute

Reported by Ceri:
after 3 races -POL10 leads the men ; AUS911 leads the women ;
provisional results as soon as possible .
women race 3-Alison ,Lucy ,Dorota .
No more racing today ,we are out of tme .
Finish race#3: Micah ,Antoine,Ross, denis ,wotjek
race 3 ladies starting soon
Race 3 men...3 general recalls !! clear start on second black flag start ...
General recall mens fleet race 3 -20>23 knots of wind
AP down ... race 3 for men next up ....11>13 sea breeze and building ...
racing is still no possible ..the breeze is steady , but just not strong enough .Most sailors are relaxing on the beach , but some are out testing and tuning .
Race committee still hopeful of wind increasing later and into the evening ...
we are on hold here -wind just quite enough !!....
End of race 2 women -AUS911 ; POL 1; POL4 ....
after one lap ...POL1 ; POL4 ;AUS911
8-10 knots -leading woman POL1
The course has been re set and the women called out for the restart of Race 2...
Ladies race 2 abandoned ....wind has dropped and shifted ; hopefully the true sea breeze will now kick in
3:00 CET (13:00 local time)
Sufficient wind has kicked in to start racing , with the expectation that the wind will increase during the afternoon .
Ladies Warning signal is up ....

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Magda | 14th December 2005 (11:10:53)

Yeah!! Wojtek keep on doin' the good work!!

Bruno De Wannemaeker | 14th December 2005 (13:12:11)

Hi Ceri,
everything seems to be up and running !!
where can we find the gps data Devon promised?
good winds

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