15th of November 2005, Australia, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

Melbourne ..Check List

Here's a friendly reminder of things to do or things to bring. Visa - an essential item , you wont get into AUS without one .! Airport Transfer - this is a free service ; but you must book ,early -see the recent posting ;

Accommodation-full details in 'Competitor Information' ; but book early for the nearby hotel , or if you want to be part of the 'homestay programme'. Buoyancy Aid- don't forget to pack it ! You will need it -it is mandatory to wear one when racing (or training)

Storage - will be provided FOC for the duration of the regatta ; if you are arriving early to train , you need to book for extra days storage and there will be a minimal charge . Why not book your own -or Team - container ?

Sail insignia- you will need national letters ( 3 letter code) and sail numbers on both sides of your sail - clear , legible, at least minimum size . Prepare your sails- if they do not already comply with international rules - before arrival and registration.

Event sponsors stickers- check out the latest posting on Regulation 20 - Advertising Code; leave space on your sail. Cut out unnecessary stress - come prepared .!

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racer | 17th November 2005 (16:00:18)


I wonder if there will be a ranking for light weight men or women in the worlds.Or will it be the same in europeans Rhodes; as only the winner was announced.

best regards

racer | 18th November 2005 (13:36:55)

May I get a reply?

ceri | 18th November 2005 (15:37:56)

Hi ,
Itis not clear from the NoR -i agree- but prizes will go further than first , and light eight men will be rewarded as per other divisions , and based upon numbers entering .

racer | 19th November 2005 (01:40:05)

Thanks..the reason i ask is that me and some other light weight guys will be attemoting to participate next year and we have friends who will race there this year and have they have sponsors and its good to be ranked and attrackt more sponsors into the sport...so we want to see whats going on.So as I understood its going to be more detailed than it was in rhodes ranking for each division?

Anonym | 19th November 2005 (02:52:07)

regarding sail numbers....do sailors at the worlds in melbourne need the have the white background behinf their sail numbers (per imco class rules)or can sail numbers br written on the sail with black permanant marker on both sides?

ceri | 22nd November 2005 (14:01:36)

sail numbers- back to back on white background is OK . Black numbers on both sides ( one side -starboard -higher than the other) is OK . Numbers must be clear ,legible , correct size (there is a minimum size permitted ) and positioned correctly In my experience marker pen numbers are not good - very often make the sail look a mess , an not clearly legible . It is quicker and easier to buy numbers/letters - and often cheaper.!

Anonym | 6th December 2005 (15:37:01)

Ceri, no reports here on the warm up event in Melbourne??

Sean | 9th December 2005 (11:06:47)

There's no reports yet because the event starts tomorrow (Saturday)...

Chris Ting | 9th December 2005 (12:01:13)

www.windsuringnsw.com for Uncle Mike's Diary!

Chris Ting | 9th December 2005 (12:01:42)

that should be www.windsurfingnsw.com

Nick Martin | 9th December 2005 (18:25:24)

So is the beer cold? Just Bcos the event hasn't started doesn't mean ther is no action.
Have you checked out the casino yet Sean?

ceri | 10th December 2005 (02:40:10)

g'day -order of finish i the first race of the Australian Championships : Den 111, THA 30 , THA 44 ,EST 202 (1st Master), AUS120 ..firs woman AUS 911.
Predominantly a light wind race for the 50+ starters .
All the competitors for the Worlds are now here - Kevin ,Jimmy and Micah arrived yesterday and are out testing .All but one of the top 20 ranked men are here .

ceri | 10th December 2005 (07:10:38)

a 3 further races were held this afternoon .
Race 2 -THA44 ,DEN288, DEN111,LAT 13,AUS120, Race 3-DEN111,DEN173,AUS120,AUS12,LAT13, Race 4- POL11,LAT13,LAT68,AUS12 ,AUS18.
No more racing today ,; first start 10.00am tomorrow

Hey Hey | 10th December 2005 (15:29:09)

Ceri, it's a little more than STRANGE that reports should only given through some forum posts here!I thought the event deserved more exposure...:(

anonym | 10th December 2005 (16:05:02)

who'll be the race director?

Dave K | 10th December 2005 (18:49:49)

Some news available at :

Dave K | 10th December 2005 (23:17:09)

Great photos at

bry | 11th December 2005 (10:06:15)

Hey all-
Just arrived a few days ago in Melbourne for the world
championships. Its the whos who of formula windsurfing
here with most of the top pros and alot of amateur
racers on the scene.
We've had one day of racing at the warm up event
(aussi nationals) with winds light to variable winds
filling in to a decent seasbreeze in the afternoon.
There are 30 or so racers competing with most of the
top guys tuning togeher seperatly from the warm up
event. The elwood sailing center is right on the beach
with over 120 men and 15 or so women expected for the
event. Its a bit crowded at the moment as a triatholon
has taken over the beach this morning and racing will
start later today. Monday is official registration
with the world championships starting tuesday thru
saturday. I'll be posting some regatta reports on my
site at www.stevebodner.com . You can also find more
info and photos at sailmelbourne.com

Anonym | 11th December 2005 (17:18:21)

I honestly preferred to have race results reported here than no reports at all. Ceri get back to us!

Hey Hey | 11th December 2005 (17:53:43)

this is because www.sailmelbourne.com.au isn't doing its job properly

bry | 11th December 2005 (18:33:44)

from: http://www.antoinealbeau.com/flash/a2_content.html

salut, je suis ? Melbourne pour les chp du monde de formula.
L'Êpreuve commence mardi 13, pour l'instant l'heure est aux rÊglages, tout le team Neilpryde vient de recevoir les nouvelles RS 6 et ça marche fort....
Le vent ici est tr?s irrĂŠgulier en force et en direction, l'ĂŠpreuve va ?tre dure pour tout le monde.
RDV mardi soir !!!
Date: 2005-12-10 09:36:25

bry | 11th December 2005 (18:41:34)

from: http://www.steveallen.pl/

Here I am with my windsurf trailer in Australia getting organized for the Formula Windsurfing World Championships. There will be more pictures and info to come.

bry | 11th December 2005 (18:51:06)

from: http://www.devonboulon.com/news.php

12/10: And it was another beautiful day here in Melbourne. I still get a little mixed up by the time change from the USA as we crossed the date line on the way over. So technically we are about 19 hours ahead of the West coast of the USA and 10 hours ahead of central Europe. We had a good solid sea breeze blowing in from the South West all day long. The Australian Nationals started during the morning and they raced all day. Almost all the Pro?s were testing there new 2006 sails instead. Since the whole NP team just received their sails everyone was out trying to get tuned into them. Team North, Micah and Jimmy had arrived the night before and were out testing their new and old sails. Kevin also arrived the night before and was getting some practice runs in on his new Maui Sails. I received some new preproduction sails from the airport in the early afternoon and spent the afternoon tuning them in and testing with Gonzalo and a bit with Ross. I am pretty happy with them so far and am looking forward to doing some more tuning on them during the next two days prior to racing. Stay tuned for more updates??

12/11: I must say that Melbourne is a pretty nice place. The sunny weather continued yet again keeping keeping the cold away and making us all put on plenty of sunscreen as the sun is pretty dangerous here with the thinning ozone layer overhead. There wasn?t much wind for the morning or into the early afternoon so I spent my time putting all my sponsors stickers on my sails. Thanks to my sponsors for all their great support, WindWing, Gulftech, F2, Deboichet, and F2 Clothing. Then I spent some time tuning and stretching in the new sails on the beach. The rest of the guys were doing the same or relaxing in the shade or surfing the web on the high speed wireless at the Elwood Sailing Club.

By mid afternoon the wind came in we all hit the water to do some more testing and training. It was pretty gusty though and made it a little difficult to do proper testing. The Australian Nationals had finished with one more race after the four the previous day. I lined up a bit with Jimmy and later Ross. I was pretty happy with my sails as I felt pretty good and fast out there. Ross was going pretty well as like the days before. Cucchi was going very well just like the day before. Gonzo continued to tune in and should do well also.

Tomorrow is registration day and we will all get one last day of tuning on the water before the racing starts on Tuesday. It will definitely be a very exciting event to watch with such a highly competitive fleet. And being able to watch all the top guys battle it out around the race course on the web at the end of the day by GPS should be really exciting for viewers around the world as well as all the racers at the end of each day. So stay tuned for a lot of action??.

bry | 11th December 2005 (19:02:56)

I want to personally apologize for some of the lack of coverage in Australia. Myself and a professional photographer had been working with the event organizers to assist in covering the event on the web and were prevented from traveling out of the United States due to new security measures from 9/11. We had tickets, equipment and the logistics were all set until a new policy, that I and many travel professionals were unaware of, caught us off guard stopped the trip.

I have been told that the results will be posted shortly. I know there will be excellent coverage for worlds and am looking forward to following the action on the formula website.

Respectfully submitted,
bryan mcdonald

bry | 11th December 2005 (19:04:44)

from: http://www.windsurfingnsw.com/index2.cfm

Uncle Mike?s Diary

Australian Formula Windsurfing Championships Day 1

With the worlds only days away it was kinda easy to forget that the normally biggest event on the domestic circuit, aka the nationals, was yet to be run. 50 odd sailors registered for the nationals, a event that?s gone to professionals for the past three years, and quite possibly again with a couple of top guys lining up as a warm up. Rumor has it that the Aussies will be extracted for a ?aussie? aussie champion ? which makes for some highly contested spots between the men from down under (ie who gives a stuff about the rest!)

Sadly we suspect a few others not registered tried their hand on sections of the course interfering with the racing - LAT25 (plus the rest) you know who and what you are! Hopefully tomorrow they will do the right thing and stick out of the way

Race 1 tried to tag onto the tail end of a dieing westerly ? after a few failed attempts thwarted by over earlies, half the fleet were left standing at the start which made for the fleet instantly spread out and a long and lonely sail for those of us who missed the initial puff.

Race 2 had to be abandoned when the wind died completely ? just as the intial puffs of the sou-wester appeared. Lunch was held watching over a 15knot breeze with some anxiety to when we would race. Relax, sign off and eat was the official word ? they must have known something as the wind dropped off to come in again for the first of three races in 12-20knots.

Jesper V did the most winning two and placing for a third race fighting it out with compatriot Brian Rogild, resting his stitches in the last race. Sean O?Brien was the best of the Aussies in box seat for the aussie aussie crown. Although it was fiercely fought with Sam P, Jesper O and new boy to Formula Dan Engdahl, and even little old me getting in there after some shockers early. So fierce we have even had a protest ? the first in aussie memory ? surprise surprise AUS4 was in the thick of it ? World, we?d like to introduce the Boss Man ? don?t mess with him! AUS080 didn?t quite figure- something with being too busy, pissing every 5 min after a wind up for the Danish team.

Set up for a big day tomorrow ? the aussie aussie crown has come down to five sailors ? the overall crown likely to be between two Danish sailors ? Mary and Fredrick would be proud.

Results should be posted soon on www.sailmelbourne.com

bry | 12th December 2005 (01:22:54)

from: http://www.sailmelbourne.com.au/raceresults/2006/fws-wu/

1 AUS120 Sean O'Brien
2 THA44 Ruamsap Phanutaat
3 THA30 Ek Boonsawad
4 AUS12 Mike Nelson
5 AUS911 Shreeve Allison
6 EST202 Martin Ervin
7 AUS3 Sam Parker
8 AUS080 Brett Morris
9 AUS18 Daniel Engdahl
10 21 Sam Fawkes
11 BEL5 Thorvald Verlaeckt
12 AUS101 Jesper Orth
13 LAT13 Ansis Dale
14 USA4 Steven Bodner
15 AUS126 steve shimeld
16 LAT68 Maris Smiltenieks
17 AUS004 Anna Davis
18 AUS4 Rick Murray
19 FRA73 Remi Dunoyer
20 NZL0 Ray Smith

Anonym | 12th December 2005 (11:56:54)

Hey where are the big names there? Buzianis, Allen, Albeau??

Anonym | 12th December 2005 (12:07:57)

anonym, the Formula Windsurfing World Championships begin tomorrow ... !

Anonym | 12th December 2005 (13:22:21)

Please publish the registration list with names and what they will race with

Anonym | 12th December 2005 (14:32:08)

Yes! Out the final lists...as the entry lists on IWA are not complete (unless Buzianis didnt pay the entry fees! hahaha)

Anonym | 12th December 2005 (20:45:13)

on which site are the pictures and the galeries.

kj | 12th December 2005 (22:18:02)

Sorry! I did not received ANY info from the organisers
KJ - webmaster

bry | 13th December 2005 (00:30:38)

from: http://www.devonboulon.com/news.php

Today it wasn?t quite as sunny as usual. There was a little cloud cover and a very strong off shore breeze. This was blowing the hot air out off the desert so it was really warm out. I got on the water early to test and tune with Gonzalo and it turned out to be a lot windier than it looked. A little ways out and up to the right it was blowing about a good 25-35knots. In the really strong gusts it was quite a struggle on the 10.0 making things pretty exciting and kind of funny as we would watch each other blow up in some gusts. Antoine also was doing some runs on his big 10.7 showing us all the monster that he is? Micah and Seth were also out tuning up their 10.0?s in those hairy conditions. Most everyone else was taking the day off to relax and register their gear. Gonzo and I called it a day early as well so we wouldn?t exhaust ourselves to much the day before competition begins. If we get conditions like this during the event it will certainly be some pretty crazy racing. The forecast tomorrow is calling for the normal seabreeze from the left slightly onshore. So hopefully we will get some nice racing in. So check back tomorrow as the action begins at the 2005 Formula Windsurfing World Championships?..

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