27th of August 2005, Portugal, Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras

Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras - day 3
Gonzalo Costa Hoevel attacks Wojtek Brzozowski

Oeiras, August 27th 2005. The third day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras brought strong wind. When the competitors went out it was 12 to 17 knots. But then the wind picked up to 25 knots and more. This pushed several racers to their physical limits. But race director Claudio Alessandrello managed to run another four races ensuring the second discard for the result list. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG-3, F2, Neil Pryde) from Argentina was the men of the day with two victories.

In the first race the wind was still convenient. The Argentinean Gonzalo Costa Hoevel took the chance to score his first bullet in the regatta. Devon Boulon (ISV-1, F2, Windwing) followed on the second place confirming his ambitions for a place on the podium. The current leader Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10, Starboard, Neil Pryde) finished in the third position with the local hero Miguel Martinho (POR-5, Starboard, Neil Pryde) and double World Champion Micah Buzianis (USA-34, F2, North Sails) on his heals.

In Race two the wind started to increase and the "Italian Stallion" Andrea Cucchi (ITA-1, Starboard, Neil Pryde) showed his best performance winning in front of Micah Buzianis. "Danish Dynamite" Jesper VesterstrĂśm (DEN-111, Starboard, Neil Pryde) scored a third in front of Gonzalo Costa Hoevel and Wojtek Brzozowski.

In the third race it was again Gonzalos turn. He won the race in front of Jesper VesterstrĂśm. Devon scored a solid third with Andrea Cucchi and Michael Polanowski (POL-16, Starboard, Severne) on his heals.

In the fourth and final race Jesper VesterstrĂśm was on fire. He won the race in front of Wojtek Brzozowski. Gonzalo held the pressure with a third place. Andrea Cucchi and Devon Boulon completed the top five.

After the third day and eight races with two discards Wojtek Brzozowski is still in the lead. But the Argentinean Gonzalo Costa Hoevel managed to close up on him. Wojtek has three victories and a total of 12,1 points, Gonzalo is on his heals with two victories and a total of 12,4 points. Devon Boulon keeps the third position with 18,0 points in front of Jesper VesterstrĂśm and Micah Buzianis. Tomorrow is the last day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras and we hope for some more spectacular races. Tonight the Racers are have the
chance to relax as again the skippers meeting tomorrow will be late at 12:00 and the first start is planned for 13:00. The Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras will finish on Sunday, August 28th! So get ready for more Racing action at the Euro-Cup Oeiras!

The official website of the event with more information is www.overpower.net. The Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras is covered on
www.euro-cup.org, www.formulawindsurfing.org and www.internationalwindsurfing.com. Besides the reports and the results you
will also find a live ticker on www.euro-cup.org. So check out the internet!


Sponsors and Supporters:

Hosted by: Oeiras
Organized by: Overpower Club
Main Sponsor: Oeiras City Hall
Sponsors: Delta
Supporters: IWA, IFCA, Windsurfing Euro-Cup


Contacts and further Information:

Ceri Williams (Chairman)
International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC)
URL: www.formulawindsurfing.org
E-Mail: FW@internationalwindsurfing.com

Matthias Regber (Director of the Windsurfing Office)
Choppy Water Event Management GmbH
Maßmannstr. 11, 24118 Kiel, Germany
URL: www.euro-cup.org
E-Mail: info@choppywater.de

We will provide daily press releases, results, news etc. for the media. We can also provide high quality pictures and video footage in TV quality from the event. If you are interested in any of these please feel free to contact Matthias Regber at the contact address above.

Choppy Water GmbH
Maßmannstr. 11
24118 Kiel
Phone: +49 (0) 431 / 971 98 98
FAX: +49 (0) 431 / 971 98 99
E-Mail: info@choppywater.de ; m.regber@choppywater.de
Internet: www.choppywater.de ; www.windsurfcup.de ; www.euro-cup.org

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Michael Wrescz | 28th August 2005 (14:58:26)

Let me congratulate all the persons involved in this event. It is great to see how Oeiras is competing in the Sports Scene!
I am of German Nationality but am living here
in this wonderfull Oeiras for quite a while. So I
have been to see this great event at Santo Amaro
Beach every day.
Infact, I wanted to take a T-Shirt of the event as
a souvenir to take with me to visits to Germany or
other countries. But when I was told that it would
cost 20 Euros I found that a bit too much. That
was the only sad Part of the event.
keep up the good work and good luck and
good winds for those great Windsurfers!
Michael Wrescz, Praceta Mocamedes 1- 1 Frente
2780-028 Oeiras.
Should the luck have hit me now, my size is XL

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