28th of August 2005, Portugal, Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras

Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras - Final day

by Matthias Regber
18:23:43 >>> The competitors are sent ashore! AP over A. No more racing at the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras!
18:20:42 >>> Finish Race 10: ARG-3, USA-34, ITA-1, ISV-1,...
18:12:53 >>> It seems as if Gonzalo is leading the race with a borrowed sail! second place USA-34 in front of POL-16.
18:07:36 >>> START! The start is ok!
18:00:25 >>> Sequence for Race 10 - Red Flag is up!
17:50:59 >>> Finish Race 9: BRA-999, POL-10, ISV-1, ITA-1, ESP-71, GER-122, POR-78, next race soon!
17:45:56 >>> Gonzalo crashed his sail!
17:41:42 >>> Positions after first lap: POL-10, ?, ISV-1, ITA-1,...
16:56:15 >>> The wind has improved. 10 to 13 knots. The racers are sent out on the water. Get ready for action!
15:04:48 >>> The Race Committee is on the water. At the moment we have 4 to 6 knots. So AP Flag is raised at the beach and we are on stand by. We have to wait for the thermic to kick in.
14:34:43 >>> We had the skippers Meeting and Race Director Claudio Alessandrello is planning to run three races today to achieve the third discard. But at the moment the wind is too light and not consistent enough to start with competitions. So we remain on stand-by.

12:25:43 >>> Good morning from Oeiras. Today is the final day of the Euro-Cup here in Portugal. We will have the skippers meeting at 12:30 and the first possible start is set for 13:00. The last possible start is at 17:30 with the prize giving at about 19:00. As usual we expect the thermic to pick up in the afternoon so that we will be able to run three more races to achieve the third discard.