27th of August 2005, Portugal, Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras

Day 3

18:09:48 >>> After four races in challenging conditions the racers are allowed to return to the beach. AP over A. No more racing today.
18:07:58 >>> Finish of Race 8: DEN-111, POL-10, ARG-3, ITA-1, POL-16 (BFD), ISV-1,...
17:34:51 >>> Finish race 7: ARG-3, ITA-1, ISV-1, POL-16, POL-10,... We will have another race now.
16:55:43 >>> Finish Race 6: ITA-1, USA-34, DEN-111,... We will have another race soon.
16:47:46 >>> Positions after first lap: USA-34, ITA-1, POL-16, ... 24 knots of wind!
16:41:58 >>> The start for Race 6 was ok. No over earlies.
16:38:45 >>> Great news: Our friend Mike Porter ha recovered from yesterday and finished the race! The next race is starting soon.
16:18:03 >>> The first race is running. ARG-3 is leading in front of POL-10, ISV-1 and USA-34.
15:28:06 >>> The wind is finally there. At 10 to 17 knots Race Director Claudio Alessandrello hopes to run four races back to back. Z-Flag is up and the competitors are going on the water. Get ready for action!
11:58:07 >>> Good morning from sunny Oeiras. The sun is already firing and it is hot. Thank god we have already a light breeze from the correct direction. So we are optimistic that we will get some more spectacular racing action today.