26th of August 2005, Portugal, Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras

Day 2

by Matthias Regber
18:47:14 >>> Race number 4 finish: POL-10, ISV-1, DEN-111, POL-16. The competitors are now coming to the beach.

18:43:58 >>> Positions after the first lap: POL-10, POR-5, ISV-1,...

18:33:52 >>> Clear start for Race number 4!

18:11:18 >>> Race 3 Finish: POL-10, ISV-1, POL-16, POR-5, DEN-111. Beverino is going on the water again. Micah is re-rigging...

18:03:41 >>> Micah is brought to the beach with a broken boom.

18:02:06 >>> positions after 1st lap: POL-10, POR-5, ISV-1. 9 to 15 knots.

17:57:05 >>> Race 3 is started. Perfect start! Beverino is at the beach after his mast broke.

17:46:30 >>> ISV-1, ARG-3, ITA-456, BRA-999, POL-10. Wojtek has announced a protest against Devon.

17:30:35 >>> After the first lap ARG-3 is leading in front of BRA-999, USA-34 and ITA-456. White caps everywhere!

17:23:15 >>> The first race of the day had a clean start! The fleet is now on the first lap.

16:43:40 >>> The race director is planning to run three races back to back to achieve the first discard. We all keep our fingers crossed that everything will go well. The first competitors are now leaving the beach.

16:40:09 >>> Finally the wind is there!!! We have 12 to 15 knots offshore wind and the crew is on the water to set up the course. At 15:45 AP will be lowered at the beach and the competitors will be sent out. Get ready for action!

16:07:45 >>> We are waiting the whole day. So far the wind is too light to go windsurfing. We remain on stand-by and hope for the conditions to improve.
12:21:39 >>> Good morning from sunny Oeiras. Today is the second day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup here I Portugal. The Skippers Meeting will be at 12:00 with the first possible start at 13:00. At the moment the wind is too light. We are waiting for the thermic to kick in and then we will (hopefully) get more racing action.