25th of August 2005, Portugal, Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras

Euro Cup Oeiras - Day one

by Matthias Regber
18:58 >>> AP over A. End for today!
18:30 >>> The competitors are out on the water again.

17:18 >>> After another General Recall the competitors are finally granted a break. The fleet is now coming to the beach for a lunch break. If the wind stays strong we will have the next start at about 17:20.

16:42 >>> The competitors are kept on the water as the race committee will start another race back to back. So stay tuned for more action!

16:40 >>> Wojtek Brzozowski wins the first race of the EC Oeiras in front of Micah Buzianis! Finish: POL-10, USA-34, ARG-3, ISV-11, ITA-456, ESP-71, POL-25, ITA-1 (OCS), BRA-999, DEN-111, GER-122, POL-2, POL-16, ITA-3,...

16:13 >>> OCS from Race 1: POR-78, BRA-5, GBR-56, SIN-2, POR-5, PER-21, GER-69, FRAU-105, POL-2, GBR-561, ITA-1

16:10 >>> In the meantime the fleet has sailed the first round and Wojtek is leading...

16:09 >>> Finally the start is OK!!! But in total we have 11 (in words: eleven) over earlies out of the first race. We will give you some of the numbers soon...

15:53 >>> Start number 4... and again a General Recall!!! This really drives you crazy! We don't have any sail numbers over earlies at the beach yet. Waiting for the next start...

15:28 >>> The third start brought a General Recall. POR-78 is disqualified for being over early. We will get a new start soon!

15:00 >>> Race director Claudio Alessandrello managed a successful second start for race 1. But unfortunately the wind got inconsistent when the fleet was on the way to the upwind mark. So he decided to abandon the race. The competitors are now returning to the starting area and as soon as everything is ok we will see another start. Keep your fingers crossed!

14:45 >>> The first start was abandoned as the wind dropped. But now the wind is stabilising again and we are hoping for a new start soon.

14:01 >>> 10 to 14 knots. Z flag is up and the competitors are going on the water. Claudio is planning to have at least 2 races back to back.

12:56 >>> We just had Skippers Meeting and there is alreay wind. The Race Committee is going on the water to set up the course.

12:09 >>> The Skippers Meeting will be at 11:30. The first possible start is at 12:00.

11:39 >>> Good Morning from Portugal! Today is the first day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras. Its 10:40 here. The inscriptions are still running.