15th of August 2005, Switzerland, Windsurfing Euro-Cup

Invitation to Australia 2005 FW Worlds & more

Allison Shreeve
"It's gonna be an awesome event ."
Allison INVITATION to Australia.WMA

Steve Allen
"You find the area very, very beautiful."
Steve INVITATION to Australia.WMA

Worlds 2005???

Micah Buzianis
"It just give me some more motivation and confidence."
US34 - outlook to the Worlds.WMA

Antoine Albeau
"I will do the maximum to win this title."
FRA192 - outlook to the Worlds.WMA

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
"Conditions could be surprise for many."
ARG3 - outlook to the Worlds.WMA

Steve Allen
"I know the area quite OK."
AUS0 - outlook to the Worlds.WMA

Wojtek Brzozowski
"I have a good chance to do it."
POL10 - outlook to the Worlds.WMA

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conan | 11th October 2005 (13:14:16)

come on all you euro 's yank's & fellow windsurfers get off your ass's & come down under it will be a great event and a f**ken great party!

lonely | 7th October 2006 (14:26:37)


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