14th of August 2005, Switzerland, Windsurfing Euro-Cup

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recorded by Marek Brzozowski namaxa.com

Keith Atkinson
"I'm so smiling, I don't know why..."
GBR56 - race2.WMA

Wojtek Brzozowski
"It is so light that you get the gust for 10sec..."
POL10 - race2.WMA

Ross Williams
"happy to have a chance to come in because my harness lines..."
GBR83 - race2.WMA

Hubert Mokrzycki
"I had killer start, I was just behind Micah..."
POL25 - race2.WMA

Antoine Albeau
"I am sure that on the upwind mark is absolutely no wind..."
F192 - race2.WMA

Bruno De Wannemaeker
"Sun was shinning, the mountain was beautiful to ride..."

Steve Allen
"this race I had a sick start..."
AUS0 - race2.WMA

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
"I hope it start snowing, I got my snowboard..."
ARG3 - race2.WMA