Posted : 25th of May 2009


Lithuania, Vente,, 29-31 May '09
Notice Of Race (NOR)
28…31 May 2009, Vente, LITHUANIA

An International Windsurfing Association sanctioned event
1.1. The Baltic Cup 2009 (hereafter Tour) shall be raced in Formula discipline.
1.2. The event is also a Level 3 Formula Windsurfing World Ranking event.

2.1. The Event will be organised by separate organisers, as the Local Organising Authority (hereafter LOA) for and on behalf of, and under specified conditions lay down by the International Windsurfing Association (hereafter IWA).
2.2. The Windsurfing Baltic Cup Lithuania is organized by club “Extreme-Sports” , camping ‘Ventainte”.
2.3. The regatta is sponsored by by extreme sport centre “Extremalus Sportas” ( ), camping ‘Ventaine” (, National Windsurfing Asociation ( LBA), GPS Tracking systems “Eljunga” ( ), X-pro (, Litfas (BEN’’s30), Cibas, media support daily “15min” (, “Vėjas Galvoje” (

3.1. The Tour will be held in following places:
3.1.1 28…31 May in Ventė, LITHUANIA
3.1.2 June 2009, LATVIA
3.1.3 July 2009 in FINLAND
3.1.4 August 2009 in ESTONIA
3.1.5 The event will be based in Ventė, camping “Ventaine”. Ventė is 46 km from Klaipėda.
Big dunes, significant temperature differences between the cold Baltic Sea waters and shallow warm Curonian Lagoon creates constant winds.
The Average water temperature is 12-15 degrees, air temperature 14 - 22 Celsius degrees.

4.1. The 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and Appendix B – Windsurfing.
4.2. The Formula Class Rules.
4.3. The Formula Class Association Championship Rules
4.4. These General Instruction for Baltic Cup 2009.
4.5. The Notice of Race (NoR)
4.6. The Sailing Instructions (SI).

5.1. The Notice of Race for each Event shall be available at least 10 days before the first start of event.
5.1.1 The Notice of Race will be published in website –

6.1. The Tour will be open as “Open Entry” for all competitors who complies all requirements of organiser (entry form & fee, accepted equipment, sail numbers, organiser advertisement, bib vests, etc).
6.2. All costs of participation shall be paid by competitors.
6.3. The entry fee will be validate by organiser and shall be published in NoR.
6.4. In case of inconvenient weather conditions what will be conditioned with non-appearance of event, the entry fee will not be refunded.

7.1. The minimum number of races in series (Event) to constitute a valid series score, shall be 1 (one) race.
7.2. The minimum number of series (Event) in Tour to constitute a valid Tour score shall be 1 (one) series (Events).

8.1. Overall All competitors
8.2. Women All female competitors
8.3. Master A man who has reached the age of 35 (born 1973 and earlier), or a
woman who has reached the age 30 (born 1978 or earlier) by
December 31st before the year of competition.
8.4. Grand Master A man who has reached the age of 45 (born 1963 and earlier), or a
woman who has reached the age 40 (born 1968 or earlier) by
December 31st before the year of competition.
8.5. Youth U20 A man or a woman who is less than 20 years old by December 31st in
the year of competition (born 1990 and later).
8.6. Junior U17 A man or a woman who is less than 17 years old by December 31st in
the year of competition (born 1993 and later).
8.7. Junior U15 A man or a woman who is less than 15 years old by December 31st in
the year of competition (born 1995 and later).
8.8 A minimum of 5 entries is required to constitute a 'class' or a ‘division’ within a class.

9.1. Light Weight A sailor who weighs less than 75 kg.
9.2. Heavy Weight A sailor who weighs 75 kg or more.

10.1. All competitors shall bring their own equipment.
10.2. All restrictions for equipment as in Formula Class Rules 2009.
10.3. During the series the competitors are allowed to use 1 board, 3 sails and 3 fins.
10.4. During the race the competitors are allowed to use 1 board, 1 sail and 1 fin.
10.5. Allowed max. sail sizes:
10.5.1 Men 12.5 m²
10.5.2 Women 11.0 m²
10.5.3 Youth U20 11.0 m²
10.5.4 Junior U17 10.0 m²

11.1. National letters & sail numbers shall be in a colour contrasting strongly with the body of the sail placed immediately above the event advertising.
11.2. National letters & sail numbers shall be clearly legible. All Sails shall otherwise comply with the national letter system according to the RRS 77 & Appendix G, as amended by Appendix B.
11.3. In the event the competitors shall carry the LOA’s advertising.

12.1. It is the responsibility of each competitor to participate in the safest possible manner at all times.

13.1. Competitors take part in all races at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The LOA or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives is not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the sea either to persons or equipment, which may result.
13.2. Participation in Events, supporting events and in each race is at the sole discretion of the sailor and at his/her own risk.
13.3. No organisation or individual will be held responsibility for any moral or material damage that may be sustained during travel or arrival at the Championship venue.

14.1. RRS Appendix A shall apply.
14.2. The Low Point Scoring System of RRS Appendix A4 shall apply – 1st place 1 point, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 3 points, etc.
14.3. Discards as in RRS Appendix A2 shall apply.

15.1. The Tour results shall be scored as the final results of all series (Events) and shall be scored together.
15.2. If the competitor skips the series (Event), her results for each skipped series (Event) shall be scored as a number of Tour entries + 1 point.
15.3. One discard from all 4 series (Events). Series Tie in RRS Appendix A8.1 shall apply.

16.1. A division will qualify for awards if there are at least five competitors registered.
16.2. Medals or trophies may be awarded up to the first three competitors in each Division, depending on entry numbers.

17.1. In registering for the Event, competitors automatically grant to the LOA the right in perpetuity to make, use and show from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of them, taken during the period of the event as defined in NoR and SI in which he/she participates without compensation.


Thursday, May 28th:
9:00 - 21:00 Arrival, rigging, training;
18:00 – 20:00 Registration

Friday, May 29th:
9:00 - 10:00 Registration;
11:00 - Skippers meeting
12:00 - First possible start .

Saturday, May 30th:

10:00 - Skippers meeting
11:00 - First possible start.

Sunday, May 31th:
10:00 - Skippers meeting;
11:00 - First possible start.
17:00 - Prize giving Ceremony;
Derigging, Departure.

19.1 During racing, competitors may be required by the organizers to wear sponsors' branding sail stickers above the boom. Prior to arrival on site, competitors wishing to apply their own sponsor's branding to their sails below the boom are advised to seek 'brand approval' from the organizer to ensure that there is no conflict with event sponsors. The decision of the organizer will be final.
Sponsor’s sail stickers are obligatory.

20. 1 Camping “Ventainė – available tents, caravans, apartments, 3* hotel “Ventainė”. For competitors price for living with special discount.
Book accommodation directly with the hotel or apartments, or camping:
Tel. + 370 441 68 525
Fax. + 370 441 47 422
Mob. + 370 686 70490

From Klaipeda direction to “Ĺ ilutė”, at “Priekulė” turn to “Ventė”.

22.1 Each competitor shall personally register and sign the registration form and pay the entry fee at
the Regatta Office before 10:00 on May 29th 2009.
22.2 Competitors will be required to produce the following registration formalities:
- Original Entry Form (Form 1)
- Evidence of valid third party insurance
- Parental/legal Guardian Assent (Form 2) - for those under age of 18
- Medical Treatment Permission (Form 3) - for those under age of 18 or on their parents medical insurance policy
- Proof of age

23.1 The entry fee for the Windsurfing Baltic Cup Lithuania is EUR 35. Youth and juniors competitors pay EUR 20.
23.2 Entry fees paid on site shall be made in Euros Only. No credit Cards, Cheques or other currencies will be accepted.


Daily news, pictures and results:, Live translation and Live GPS translation ,weather station on Shore, history of weather station

Lithuania, Ventė, camping “Ventainė” Information: +370 68559999,

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