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Neilpryde Windsurfing Baltic Cup 2008 - Finland

Finland, Yyteri, 25-27 July '08
1.1 Neilpryde Windsurfing Baltic Cup 2008 in Yyteri, Finland will take place from Friday, July 25th, to Sunday, July 27th 2008.
1.2 The 2008 Formula Windsurfing Baltic Cup Series- will be held :
1.1.1 Lithuania, Nida, 30th May-1st June.
1.1.2 Latvia, Pavilosta, 27th June – 29th June.
1.1.3 Finland, Yyteri, 25th – 27th July.
1.1.4 Estonia, Saarenmaa 8th – 10th August.
1.3 Each event in the Series is Level 3 Formula Windsurfing World Ranking event.

2.1 Neilpryde Windsurfing Baltic Cup 2008 in Yyteri, Finland is organized by Finnish Boardsailing Association (FBA). This event is sanctioned by: IWA, ISAF, FBA.
The regatta is sponsored and supported by:
• Neil Pryde International
• Pori town

3.1 The event will be based in Pori, Yyteri, at the beach in Yyterinlahti. Located in the west coast of Finland, distance from Helsinki is 270 km.

4.1 This is an IWA / IFWC sanctioned series governed by:
4.1.1 The 2005/2008 ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing –Windsurfing Competition Rules (WCR);
4.1.2 The IFWC Class Rules & Championship Rules;
4.1.3 This Notice of Race ("NoR") & the Sailing Instructions (SIs);
4.2 Competitors shall attend the opening & closing ceremonies including the prize giving.
4.3 The IFWC is a category 'C' class as set out in ISAF Regulation 20 - Advertising Code.

5.1 All entries shall meet the requirements of ISAF Regulation 19-Eligibility Code.
5.2 A minimum of 3 races is required for a valid event in the series.
5.3 Competitors shall possess valid third party liability insurance.
5.4 Neilpryde Windsurfing Baltic Cup 2008 in Yyteri, Finland is a single discipline (Formula Windsurfing) regatta and Raceboard Class.
5.5 The regatta will give points to the annual BALTIC CUP 2008 final ranking list in Formula Class.
5.6. Raceboard and RSX class results will give points to the annual BALTIC CUP 2008 final ranking in Raceboard and RSX Olympic class.

6.1 The regatta is “open entry” event for male & female competitors.
6.2 The divisions [Youth [U20], Junior [U17], Masters, Grand Masters shall race in the men’s fleet.
6.3 There may be separate prizes or trophies for Youth [U20], Junior [U17], and Masters divisions.
6.4 The position of the competitor within the division will be calculated from his/her position in the fleet results. No separate division scoring will be applied.
Raceboard :
6.5. There will be Raceboard class division with a separate start from Formula, for men and women.
RSX Olympic Board :
6.6. In Raceboard class division, there will be Olympic RSX class award for the best man and woman.
Bic Techno 293 Class .
6.7. There will be a Bic Techno class division. It will start together with a Raceboard class or separately.

7.1 Gender Formula class :
A- Men ; B-Women ;
7.2 Age:
Overall All competitors
Women All female competitors
Master A man who has reached the age of 35 (born 1972 and earlier), or a woman who has reached the age 30 (born 1977 or earlier) by
December 31st before the year of competition.
Youth U20 A man or a woman who is less than 20 years old by December 31st in the year of competition (born 1989 and later).
Junior U17 A man or a woman who is less than 17 years old by December 31st
in the year of competition (born 1992 and later).
A Grand Master is a man who has reached the age of 45 (1962>).
7.3 A competitor must have reached the minimum age limit, in the relevant division, by Dec. 31st 2008.
7.9 A competitor must not be older than the maximum age limit, in the relevant division, by
Dec.31st 2008.
7.10 A minimum of 5 entries is required to constitute a 'class' or a division within a class.

8.1 All competitors shall bring their own equipment.

9.1 It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that his/her board and equipment conforms to the Class Rules.
9.2 The Equipment Inspectors will pay special attention to sail identification rule compliance.
9.3 Equipment checks may be made throughout the event.

10.1 National letters & sail numbers shall comply with IFWC Championship Rule # 7

11.1 Buoyancy shall comply with IFWC Championship Rule # 3.
11.2 All competitors aged 16 years or younger shall wear personal buoyancy.

12.1 Competitors take part in all races at their own risk.
The organizers; Extreme Sports, Neilpryde, Baltwest SIA, Latvian Sailing Union, Latvian Windsurfing Association, Finnish Boardsailing Association, ISAF, IWA, IFWC, IFCA or any of their officials or representatives, or the sponsors, or their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment, which may result.
Participation in this event, supporting events and in each race in them is at the sole discretion of the sailor and at his/her own risk. Notice is drawn to RRS 4.
Competitors shall possess valid third party liability insurance covering personal injury or equipment damage and carry evidence of such.

13.1 Courses shall be as prescribed in the IFWC Championship Rule #14 and Appendix 2 ; or as prescribed in the SI’s.

14.1 Scoring shall comply with IFWC Championship Rule # 21.

15.1 An independent protest committee will handle the protests.

16.1 The 'Championship SIs' will be available at registration as will the Event Programme scheduling social events.
16.2 There could be made changes in Notice of Race and Sailing Instruction by Organizing or/and Racing Committee. It should be published at the Official Notice Board no later then 1 hour before the next possible start.

17.1 Coaches shall wear buoyancy aids when afloat .


Friday, July 25th:
9:00 – 11:00 Registration.
12:00 Opening ceremony and skippers meeting.
13:00 1st possible start.
19:00 Last possible start

Saturday, June 26th:
9:30 Skippers meeting.
10:30 First possible start
19.00 Last possible start

Sunday, June 27th:
9:00 Skippers meeting.
10:00 First possible start.
Last possible start of the event 14:30.
16:00 Prize giving Ceremony.
Derigging, departure.

19.1 A division will qualify for awards if there are at least five competitors registered
19.2 Medals may be awarded up to the first 3 Men/Women in each Class/Division depending on entry numbers. Prize categories and the actual number of prizes to be awarded in each properly constituted division will be posted on the official notice board after the close of registration and before the first race.

20.1 Competitors are reminded of the ISAF rules and regulations concerning the use of banned methods and substances. Drug testing may take place during the event.

21.1 In registering for the event, competitors automatically grant to the Organising Authority the right in perpetuity to make, use and show from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of them, taken during the period of the event, for the said Championship as defined in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions in which he/she participates without compensation.

22.1 During racing, competitors may be required by the organizers to wear sponsors' branding sail stickers above the boom. Prior to arrival on site, competitors wishing to apply their own sponsor's branding to their sails below the boom are advised to seek 'brand approval' from the organizer to ensure that there is no conflict with event sponsors. The decision of the organizer will be final. Sponsor’s sail stickers are obligatory.

23.1 Smart casual clothes shall be worn for the Opening Ceremony and Prize Giving Ceremony.
23.2 The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone whose standard of attire is not commensurate with the occasion.

24.1 Book accommodation directly to the camping areas or to hotels One camping area that has available cottages for Baltic cup sailors is and few hotel rooms are available near the Surfcenter, or +358 2 628 5300
During the event there is only limited accommodation available in the nearby town Pori or in Yyteri. There will be some available places for tents and mobile houses in the area of Yyteri Surfcenter and nearby parking area.
24.2 Tourist information and information of the event site Yyteri Surfcenter and the local wind conditions can be seen in and Yyterin Surfkeskus-pages.

See additional information for travelling to Yyteri, Pori in the web-page of this area

26.1 Each competitor shall personally register and sign the registration form and pay the entry fee at the Regatta Office in Yyteri Surfcenter before 11.00 AM on Friday, July 25th, 2008. The entry fee for the Windsurfing Baltic Cup in Yyteri is 50€, for Youth and Junior 25€.
Late entry fee, after 11.00 AM on July 25th, 2008 may be accepted. Late fee will be 60€ for Men and Woman and 30€ for Youth and Junior.
26.2 Competitors will be required to produce the following registration formalities:
● Original Entry Form.
● Evidence of valid third party insurance.
● Parental/legal Guardian Assent (Generic Form 2)- for those under age of 18
● Medical Treatment Permission (Generic Form 3)- for those under age of 18 or on their parents medical insurance policy
● Proof of age.

Daily news, pictures and results: in Finnish Boardsailing Association home pages and, and

Events official website –, and
Information of the event and accommodation:
E-mail: and phone +358 44 710 3471 or +358 50 5121366

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