Posted : 29th of May 2008

2008 Italian Open FW Championships

Italy, Lido York (York Beach) , 05-08 June '08
1. EVENT: 2008 Italian Open FW Championships

2. ORGANISATION: The event is organized by Crazy Club Lecce for and on behalf of Italian Sailing Federation and Italian Formula Windsurfing Class Association

San Cataldo, VIII Zona, giovedì 5-domenica 8 giugno 2008 - Crazy Club Lecce – info: Luciano Treggiari – tel, 335.6079819 – email:

3.1 The headquarters of the event is Lido York (York Beach) in San Cataldo about 10 km. From the town of Lecce,

4.1 Italian National Championships is an Open event.
4.2 All entries shall meet the requirements of the ISAF Regulation 19- Eligibility Code.
4.3 Competitors shall possess valid third party liability insurance for the amount of Euro 1.000.000 as for Italian Sailing Federation Rules.
4.4 Competitors shall be members of their national class association. National Associations shall be paid up members of the IWA.

5.1 The regatta is governed by:
5.1.1 The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008 [RRS] Windsurfing Edition and the alterations made by The Italian Sailing Federation, especially concerning Appendix B;
5.1.2 The IFWC Class Rules;
5.1.3 This Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions.
5.2 Alterations to the SI’s must be announced during skippers’ meetings.
5.3 IFWC regattas are “Category C” as set out in ISAF Regulation 20-Advertising Code.

6.1 The regatta is a single discipline “open entry” event for male & female competitors.
6.2 Women and men may race together. If there are ten or more women they may race
6.3 The divisions [ Youth, Masters, Grand Masters etc.] race with main fleet.

7.1 Fleet [Gender]: Men (A); Women(B)
7.2 Age:
7.2.1 A Junior/Youth [U17] shall be under the age of 20; (born in or after 1989 till 1996).
7.2.3 A Master is a competitor who has reached the age of 35 (1972>)or a woman of 30 1977>).
7.2.4 A Grand Master is a competitor who has reached the age of 45 (1962>) or for a woman of 40 (1967>).
7.2.5 A competitor must have reached the minimum age limit in the relevant division by Dec 31st. in the year preceding the date of competition.
7.2.6 A competitor must not be older than the maximum age limit in the relevant division by Dec 31st of the year of competition.
7.3 Weight:
7.3.1 Lightweight – a sailor who weighs less than 75kg.
7.4 A minimum of 3 entries is required to constitute a division within a fleet.

8.1 All competitors may bring their own equipment.
8.2 The equipment has to conform with the relevant Class Rules.

9.1 It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that his/her board and equipment conforms with its Class Rules.
9.2 Equipment checks may be made throughout the event in order to check if equipment suits what declared on the entry form. No official measurement is scheduled. In case of protests a measurer may be called and the costs of his note of fees will be charged to the protest looser.

10.1 National letters & sail numbers shall be black in a colour that contrasts strongly with the body of the sail; placed immediately above the event advertising and positioned according to RRS Appendix G. Letters and numbers are required on both sides of the sails 10.2 Alternatively sail insignias may be placed back to back on a white background.

11.1 Personal buoyancy is compulsory. Each competitor shall wear above the waist a jacket, a harness, or a vest with a minimum buoyancy of 4kg, un-inflated, in fresh water. The buoyancy shall be tested with a metal weight of 4kg which shall remain supported for a minimum of 5 minutes.

12.1 Competitors take part in all races at their own risk. The Organiser, FIV, Italian FW Class or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment, which may result.

13.1 The course[s] shall be described during the skippers’ meetings and published on the ONB at least 30 minutes prior to the start of a competition.

14.1 The RRS low points scoring system will apply (alternative scoring system).

16.1 The ‘SIs’ will be available at registration.

16.1 Coach boats may support competitors. Competitors intending to bring their own, shall advise the local organiser in advance.
16.2 Coaches shall wear buoyancy aids when the “Y” flag is flown.

17.1 Schedule:
Wednesday, June 4th
Arrive of competitors

Thursday, June 5th
09:00 - 11:00 registration
Follows: skippers’ meeting

June 6th to 8th

Sunday, June 8th
17.00 Last possible start, if not announced an extension during a skippers’ meeting within noon
Follows: Prize giving & Closing Ceremony, Derigging, Departure

17.2 At the discretion of the Organizing Committee, the program could be changed, in which case an Official Notice which will be posted on the ONB by 8.00 p.m. of the previous day.
17.3 No more than 4 races can be sailed every day. For a valid championship 3 races have to be sailed.

18.1 Registering for the event, competitors automatically grant the Organizing Authority the right to make, use and show any motion pictures, still pictures and taped or filmed television and other reproductions of them taken during the event as defined in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instruction in which they participates without any compensation.

19.1 During racing, competitors may be required by the organisers to wear bibs/vests carrying the event sponsors’ branding and sail stickers above the boom.

20.1 As pre-registration all competitors have to send an email to Italian Windsurfing Classes National Coordinator Marco Rossi (email: The cut-off date for pre-entries by email is Monday June 2nd, 2008.
20.2 Entries must be confirmed in the Regatta Office at San Cataldo Lido York on Thursday June 5th form 9.00 to 11.00 a.m. paying the entry fee of Euros 100.00. Youth born from 1989 to 1996 pay Euros 80.00.
20.3 Entry fees paid on site shall be made in cash in Euros only.

21.1 Till June 4th it’s possible to contact Italian Windsurfing Classes Main Office, sending email to or a fax to 003902460986. From June 5th to 8th the mobile phone of local organizer Luciano Treggiari is 00393356079819.

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