Posted : 26th of May 2008

2008 European Formula Windsurfing Festival

France, Bandol, 26-31 August '08

2008 Formula Windsurfing Youth European Championship
2008 Formula Windsurfing Masters European Championship
2008 Formula Experience European Championship

1.1 The 2008 European Formula Windsurfing Festival (EFWF) will be held from August 26th to August 31st 2008 in Bandol, France.
1.2 The Festival includes European Championships for Formula Windsurfing Youth & Masters; and Formula Experience.

2.1 The Championships will be organised by the club Societe Nautique de Bandol for and on behalf of, and under specified conditions laid down by, the International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC), the Formula Experience Class (FEC) and the FFV.

3.1 The event will be based on the Bay of Bandol, located on the Cote D’Azur in Southern France.
3.2 The average conditions that can be expected are: Water temperature: 20°C. Air temperature 23°C Wind speed/range: 15 knots.

4.1 This event is governed by:
4.1.1 The 2005/2008 ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing –Windsurfing Competition Rules (WCR);
4.1.2 The IFWC Class Rules & Championship Rules;
4.1.3 The FEC Class Rules & Championship Rules;
4.1.4 This Notice of Race ("NoR") & the Sailing Instructions (SIs);
4.1.5 Alterations to the SIs must be approved by the Class’s Race Supervisor.
4.2 A minimum of 3 races is required for a valid Championship. There shall be a maximum of 15 races in the series.
4.3 Competitors shall attend the opening & closing ceremonies inc. the prize giving.
4.4 The IFWC and FEC are category 'C' classes as set out in ISAF Regulation 20 - Advertising Code.

5.1 All entries shall meet the requirements of ISAF Regulation 19-Eligibility Code.
5.2 Each championship shall be a single discipline event, with a maximum of 4 races per day.
5.3 A competitors shall possess valid third party liability insurance.
5.4 A competitors shall be a member of a National Windsurfing Association (NWA), or club affiliated to its NWA, or of the IFWC or FEC. National Associations shall be paid up members of IWA, which is empowered by the class to collect any fees due.
5.5 Membership formalities can be completed on site.

6.1 Formula Windsurfing Youth European Championship ( FWYEC)
6.1.1 The series shall be “open entry” for Men and Women in Division C.
6.1.2 There may be a prize for the highest placed junior –limited to sails with maximum size 10.0sq.m.
6.2 Formula Windsurfing Masters European Championship (FWMEC)
6.2.1 The series shall be ”open entry” for Men and Women in Division G.
6.2.2 There may be a prize for the highest placed Grand Master (division H) competitor.
6.3 Formula Experience European Championship (FEEC)
6.3.1 The series shall be “open entry” for Boys and Girls in Division D.
6.3.2 There may be prizes for the highest placed Junior 7.5, Youth, Senior, Masters, Women and Grand Masters competitor category.

7.1 Gender: Men/Boys; Women/Girls;
7.2 Age:
7.2.1 A Youth (C) is a man or woman who is less than 20 years of age.
7.2.2 A Junior (D) is a boy or girl who is less than 17 years of age.
7.2.3 An FE Junior 7.5 (E) is a boy or girl who is less than 15 years of age.
7.2.4 A Senior is a man (A) or a woman (B) who has reached the age of 19.
7.2.5 A Master (G) is a man who has reached the age of 35 or a woman who has reached the age of 30.
7.2.6 A Grand Master (H) is a man who has reached the age of 45 or a woman who has reached the age of 40.
7.2.7 A competitor must have reached the minimum age limit, in the relevant division, by Dec. 31st 2007.
7.2.8 A competitor must not be older than the maximum age limit, in the relevant division, by Dec. 31st 2008.
7.3 General:
7.3.1 A minimum of 10 entries is required to constitute a 'class' or 3 entries as a division within a class.

8.1 All competitors shall bring their own equipment.
8.2 An Equipment Registration Form shall be completed before the close of registration.
8.3 There may be a limited number of FE charter boards.

9.1 It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that his/her board and equipment conforms to its Class Rules.
9.2 The Equipment Inspectors will pay special attention to sail identification rule compliance.
9.3 Equipment checks may be made throughout the event.

10.1 National letters & sail numbers shall be in a colour that contrasts strongly with the body of the sail; placed immediately above the event advertising; and positioned according to RRS Appendix G. Alternatively they may be placed back to back on a white background. All sails shall otherwise comply with the national letter system according to RRS 77 and Appendix G.

11.1 If personal buoyancy is prescribed Class Rules shall apply.

12.1 Competitors take part in all races at their own risk. The Organiser, IFWC, FEC, or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment, which may result. Participation in this event, supporting events and in each race in them is at the sole discretion of the sailor and at his/her own risk. Notice is drawn to RRS 4.

13.1 Courses shall be as prescribed in the Sailing Instructions. The course to be raced on any day will be posted on the official notice board not later than 30 minutes before the start of racing.
14. SCORING 14.1 Scoring shall comply with RRS Windsurfing Competition Rules; the low points scoring system shall apply.

15.1 An International Jury may be appointed in accordance with the RRSs 70.4. Their decisions shall be final and cannot be appealed.

16.1 The 'Championship SIs' will be available at registration as will the Event Programme scheduling social events.

17.1 Coaches are required to register in advance by filling in Form 4
17.2 Coaches and support personnel shall pay a registration fee of Euro 25.
17.3 Coachboats may support competitors. If you propose to bring your own, please advise the local organisers in advance

Tuesday 26th Aug 10.00hrs-18.00hrs Registration & Inspection
Wed>Sun 27th –31st 10.00hrs Skippers Meeting
11.00hrs First possible start
Sunday 31st Aug 17.00hrs Last possible start
19.00hrs Prize Giving Ceremony

19.1 Medals or trophies may be awarded up to the first three competitors in each Class Championship depending on entry numbers. Prize categories and the actual number of prizes to be awarded in each properly constituted division will be posted on the official notice board after the close of registration and before the first race.
19.2 The first man or woman in the FWYEC shall be known as the Formula Youth European Champion.
19.3 The first man or woman in the FWMEC shall be known as the Formula Masters European Champion.
19.4 The first junior boy or girl in the FEEC shall be known as the Formula Experience European Champion.

20.1 Competitors are reminded of the ISAF rules and regulations concerning the use of banned methods and substances. Drug testing may take place during the event.

21.1 In registering for the event, competitors automatically grant to the Organising Authority the right in perpetuity to make, use and show from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of them, taken during the period of the event, for the said Championship as defined in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions in which he/she participates without compensation.

22.1 During racing, competitors may be required by the organisers to wear bibs/vests carrying the event sponsors' branding; and carry the event sponsor's advertising on their sails in accordance with IFWC Championship Rule #8. The stickers shall not be cut or trimmed in any way.

23.1 Smart casual clothes shall be worn for the Opening Ceremony and Prize Giving Ceremony. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone whose standard of attire is not commensurate with the occasion.

24.1 …Tourism Office AllĂŠe Vivien 83150 Bandol
Tel ; 00 33(0)4 94 29 41 35, fax; 00 33 (0)4 94 32 50 39 e-mail

25.1 By road – Motor Way A50 Exit n°12.
25.2 By Air – …At 50mn from Marseille Provence International Airport or at 30mn from Toulon Hyeres
International Airport.

26.1 The registration office during the regatta will be at the Societe Nautique de Bandol. For more local Information before the regatta and to make enquiries please check: or contact:
26.2 Competitors will be required to produce the following prior to completing registration formalities on site:
- Original Regatta Entry Form (Form 1)
- Evidence of valid third party insurance
- Parental/legal Guardian Assent (Form 2) - for those under age of 18
- Medical Treatment Permission (Form 3) - for those under age of 18 or on their parents medical insurance policy
- Original Bank Transfer/Draft details
- Proof of age
- Equipment Registration Form signed by the Official Inspectors.

27.1 The entry fees are as stated on the attached entry form (Form 1) and shall be paid at the time of entry by MasterCard, Visa Card or bank transfer only. The cut-off date for pre-entries is JULY 31st, 2008.
27.2 Competitors may enter in advance electronically through the IWA website at or by faxing : +44 2392 468831 or mailing an official entry form (Form 1) with their entry fees. The Entry Forms may be downloaded from the Formula Class website (attached to this NOR).

27.3 Money Transfers shall be in the name of: The International Windsurfing Association and be sent to:

Account Name: The International Windsurfing Association
Euro Account #: 52977299
Sort Code: 20-08-44
Bank Details: Barclays Bank Plc, Birmingham, UK (Bank charges to your account)
SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22 (Bank Identifier Code)
IBAN: GB93 BARC 2008 4452 9772 99
Bank Detail: Barclays Bank Plc, Birmingham, UK

27.4 or by Cheque /Bankers Draft, drawn on a British Bank to:
International Windsurfing Association
Mengham Cottage, Mengham Lane, Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 9JX, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 2392 468831 Fax: +44 (0) 2392 468831
27.5 Entry fees paid on site shall be made in cash in Euros only. Late entries may incur a late entry surcharge.

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Sebastian KORNUM | 30th June 2008 (08:46:46)

I entered my son Sebastian to the Bandol Youth FW event via the pay now site just a minute ago but I got stock in the payment. Could you please let me know if you received the entry and the payment? Thanks in advance.
Torben Kornum

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