Posted : 25th of May 2006


Korea Republic, Gangneung City, 03-10 September '06
1.1 The Gangneung 2006 Formula Windsurfing World Championships will be held from Friday September 1st to Sunday September 10th 2006 in Gangneung City, South Korea.
1.2 Official event website

2.1 The Championships will be organised by the Korean Windsurfing Association for and on behalf of, and
under specified conditions laid down by, the IFWC and the ISAF.
2.1 The Championships will be financially supported by the Gangneung City and the Gangwon Province.

3.1 The event will be based at Gyeongpodae Beach, Gangneung City, Gangwon Province , South Korea.
3.2 During september the average conditions are: wind 8~15knots, water temp15~17c, air temp 18~26c.

4.1 This is an ISAF sanctioned event governed by:
4.1.1 The 2005/2008 Racing Rules of Sailing -RRS;
4.1.2 The IFWC Class Rules & Championship Rules;
4.1.3 This Notice of Race ("NoR") & the Sailing Instructions (SIs).
4.2 Alterations to the SIs must be approved by the Class's Race Supervisor.
4.3 Competitors shall attend the opening & closing ceremonies inc. the dinner, prize giving.
4.4 The IFWC is a category 'C' class as set out in ISAF Regulation 20 - Advertising Code.

5.1 All entries shall meet the requirements of ISAF Regulation 19 - Eligibility Code.
5.2 A minimum of 3 races is required for a valid Championship.
5.3 Competitors shall possess valid third party liability insurance. Competitors may purchase valid third party
liability insurance on site for 30 Euro.
5.4 Competitors shall be a member of a National FW Association, or of the IFWC. National Associations shall be paid up members of the IWA, which is empowered by the class to collect any fees due.
5.5 Membership formalities can be completed on site. .

6.1 The Championships shall be a single discipline event for Divisions A and B.
6.2 Entry is accepted as described in the Qualification System, published on the Class website, and
attached to this Notice of Race.
6.3 Women may race separately from the Men.
6.4 There shall be a maximum of 4 races per day. The maximum number of races in the series is 15.

7.1 Gender : Men (A); Women (B).
7.2 Age Divisions. Prizes may be awarded in the following age divisions:
7.2.1 Youth (C) - a man or woman who is less than 20 years of age;
7.2.2 Master (G) - a man who has reached the age of 35 or a woman who has reached the age of 30.
7.2.3 A sailor must have reached the minimum age limit, in the relevant division, by Dec. 31st 2005.
A sailor must not be older than the maximum age limit, in the relevant division, by Dec. 31st 2006.
7.3 Weight Divisions (men) : prizes may be awarded in the following divisions:
7.3.1 Lightweight - a sailor who weighs less than 75kg.
7.3.2 Heavyweight - a sailor who weighs more than 75kg.
7.4 A minimum of 5 entries is required to constitute a division within a fleet.
8.1 All competitors shall bring their own equipment.

9.1 It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that his/her board and equipment conforms to the Class Rules.
9.2 The Equipment Inspectors will pay special attention to sail identification rule compliance.
9.3 Equipment checks may be made throughout the event.

10.1 National letters & sail numbers shall be placed immediately above the event advertising; and positioned according to RRS App. G 1.3.
10.2 Championship Rule # 7 also applies. All Sails shall otherwise comply with the national letter system according to the RRS 77 and App. G

11.1 If personal buoyancy is prescribed, each competitor & support boat crewmember shall wear, above the waist, a jacket, harness, or vest with a minimum buoyancy of 4kg uninflated, in fresh water. The buoyancy shall be tested with a ferrous metal weight of 4kg, which shall remain supported for a minimum of 5 minutes.
11.2 Competitors who are entered as a Youth shall wear personal buoyancy.

12.1 Competitors take part in all races at their own risk. The LOA, IFWC or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment, which may result. Participation in this event, supporting events and in each race in them is at the sole discretion of the sailor and at his/her own risk.

13.1 Courses shall be as prescribed in the IFWC Championship Rules or in the Sailing Instructions.

14.1 The RRS low points scoring system shall apply.

15.1 An International Jury shall be appointed in accordance with the RRS 70.4. Their decisions will be final and cannot be appealed.

16.1 The 'Championship SIs' will be available at registration as will the Event Programme scheduling social events.

17.1 Coaches are required to register in advance by filling in Form 4.
17.2 Coach boats may support competitors. If you propose to bring your own boat, or wish to hire a boat , please advise the local organisers in advance (Form 5)
17.3 Coaches shall wear buoyancy aids when the "Y" flag is flown.
17.4 The organiser will provide a free Coach boat (A-bone) for each country. Coach shall pay for gasoline.

Fri>Sun Sept. 1st >3rd 1000hrs >1800hrs Arrival, Registration & Measurement
Sunday Sept. 3rd 1800hrs Opening Ceremony
Monday Sept.4th 1000hrs>1300hrs Late registration
1500hrs Practice Race
Tue>Sat Sept.5th>9th 1100hrs Racing
Sunday Sept.10th 1100hrs Racing
1400hrs Last possible start
1800hrs Prize giving & Closing Ceremony
Monday Sept. 11th Departure

19.1 Trophies/Medals may be awarded up to the first five competitors in each Division depending on entry
19.2 The first man in the FWWC shall be known as the Formula Windsurfing World Champion - Men.
19.3 The first woman in the FWWC shall be known as the Formula Windsurfing World Champion - Women.
19.4 These Championships carry a prize fund of US$ 40,000 (net of taxes)

20.1 Competitors are reminded of the ISAF rules and regulations concerning the use of banned methods and
substances. Drug testing may take place during the event.

21.1 In registering for the event, competitors automatically grant to the Organising Authority the right in perpetuity to make, use and show from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of them, taken during the period of the event, for the said Championship as defined in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions in which he/she participates without compensation.

22.1 During racing, competitors may be required by the organisers to wear bibs/vests carrying the event sponsors' branding; and carry the event sponsor's advertising on their sails. The maximum size of one event-advertising sticker is 600mmX1000mm. The sticker may not be cut or trimmed in any way.

23.1 Smart casual clothes shall be worn for the Opening Ceremony and Prize Giving Ceremony.
23.2 The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone whose standard of attire is not commensurate
with the occasion.

24.1 The FREE accommodation will be offered in nearby designated motel, within 5 minutes walk of
the race site, on the basis of 2 person sharing a twin room with lunch only.
24.2 Hyundai hotel ( offer special price for sailors, officials, parents and supporters in 55 Euro a day per person on the basis of 2 person sharing a twin room with breakfast only. Hyundai hotel is located within 10 minutes walk of the race site. Please contact KWSA for reservation. If one person want to stay alone price is 90 Euro with breakfast only.
24.3 The organisers will assist hotel and guest house accommodation for parents and supporters.
Please contact KWSA for details.

25.1 The Organisers will arrange free transportation from the Incheon Int'l Airport to venue for equipment,
competitors and support personnel.
Please contact KWSA for reservation at:
25.2 It will take less than 3 hours to get to the venue via the express highway. The distance from
Incheon Int'l Airport to venue is approximately 250 Km.
25.3 Sailors will be permitted to check in an additional 50kgs of sailing equipment, on top of the
standard 20kg with KOREAN AIR and ASIANA AIRLINES.
But only purchasing flight ticket through the 'Goldengate air travel'. Please contact to Ms. Kim Min Kyeong for reservation - Tel: #82-2-735-7307, #82-11-9076-0201 Fax: #82-2-735-7308

26.1 The registration office during the regatta will be at the Race Office situated at the beach.
For more local Information before the regatta and to make enquiries please contact:
GangwonDo GangneungSi Anhyun-dong san 1 # 82-33-640-4455 # 82-11-9236-3096
26.2 Competitors shall be required to produce the following prior to completing registration formalities on site:
- Original Regatta Entry Form (Form 1)
- Evidence of valid third party insurance
- Parental/legal Guardian Assent (Form 2)- for those under age of 18
- Medical Treatment Permission (Form 3) - for those under age of 18
- Original Bank Transfer/Draft details
- Proof of age
- Equipment Form signed by the Official Equipment Inspector

27.1 The entry fees are as stated on the attached entry form (Form 1) and shall be paid at the time of entry by
MasterCard, Visa Card or bank transfer only.
27.2 Competitors may enter in advance by paying by credit card on-line through the IWA website at
Refunds (with the approval of the IFWC) are subject to up to 10% deduction. Requests for refunds
should be made to, not your card issuer or World Pay.
Alternatively, fax +44 2392 468831 or mail an official entry form (Form 1) with entry fees by 13th August.
27.3 Money Transfers shall be in the name of: The International Windsurfing Association and be sent to:
Account Name: The International Windsurfing Association
Euro Account #: 52977299
Sort Code: 20-08-44
Bank Details: Barclays Bank Plc, Birmingham, UK (Bank charges to your account)
IBAN: GB93 BARC 2008 4452 9772 99
SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22 (Bank Identifier Code)
27.4 or by Cheque /Bankers Draft, drawn on a British Bank to:
International Windsurfing Association
Mengham Cottage, Mengham Lane, Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 9JX, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0) 2392 468831 Fax: +44 (0) 2392 468831
27.5 Entry fees paid on site shall be made in cash in Euros only.

28.1 This Championship is an "open" entry event.
28.2 Entry in the Mens Division is limited to 120 competitors; if more than 120 "pre-entries" are received by the pre entry deadline, places will be allocated to the highest placed 120 sailors on the Formula Ranking list.
28.3 PRE-ENTRY must be made on line, or by faxing a completed entry form, by: 23rd July 2006.

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MARCUS OTHNIEL MAMAHIT | 17th July 2006 (10:25:35)

Well Informed in details.

sarah | 17th August 2006 (19:17:17)

is anyone else having problems getting their tickets to Korea with Golden Gate travel? I have been emailing them since Easter but I have still not been able to get a flight reservation from them? What are we supposed to do now - 10 days to go until we are supposed to travel..!

guido | 17th August 2006 (20:03:44)


You have to contact the national office from Korean Air ( Paris for France etc... ). Ask them if they know about the 50 kg extra. If so, book your ticket in a travel agency ( you will receive a booking number and than contact Korean air again to communicate the bookingnumber. Normally that will be enough. It was so in ouer case ( travelling from Amsterdam)

For the transfert from Seoul to the spot I have the same problem ( no answer )

ceri | 17th August 2006 (22:12:37)

Sarah , email me and i will forward direct to the organiser ;i am in daily contact with them .
Guido- i will also ask them to confirm transfer to event site

Kyoung-Eun, Kim | 18th August 2006 (03:16:40)

Dear Sailors

I'm Kyoung-Eun, Kim working for organiser.
As you seen in NoR, Organiser provide free transportation from Incheon Airport to the Venue(NoR 25.1).
Please email us your travel schedule then we will arrange transportation for you.
( )

Grace Lee | 20th August 2006 (10:55:09)

Dear Sarah,,

My name is Grace of Organizing committee
Your flight ticket has been booked by Golden Gate Travel, I was informed your schedule from Golden Gate. Golden Gate emailed your flight schedule to you on 18th Aug. 2006, please check your email.
I hope you will arrive in Korea without th least
inconvenience, If you need my assistance, Please let me know.
Looking forward to seeing you at our Event.
Thank you~~

Grace Lee | 21st August 2006 (10:26:48)

Important Notice ~~~~


The organizer has prepared "Information Desk" at Incheon International Airport, If you need assistance, please contact;Ms.Grace (Cell Phone : 010-3094-2337) Mr. Lee(Cell Phone : 010-2558-0666)

Looking forward to seeing you very soon.
Korean Winsurfing Association(KWSA)

Anonym | 22nd August 2006 (03:07:27)

Brazilian Nationals, who can give comments?

SeanAUS120 | 3rd September 2006 (08:21:42)

Still a few days out from the racing, but I'm doing a daily report on my new website if anyone's interested to check it out:


Dave K | 3rd September 2006 (11:39:39)

Excellent report! Thanks and good luck.

Anonym | 5th September 2006 (19:22:51)

Keep the rules constant!
Adding 5 cm to a 70 cm gets the aspect ratio up ~ 15% It makes the fin more likely to break or the board to break, Twist and flex will be harder to control.

It makes it harder to beach start and return in breaking waves

It will not likely really increase planing threshold significantly

Better Engineering to a 70 cm fin can help just as much.

ON BIG sails - Keep the rules the same. Big Guys use big sails and will get out of the game if the limit goes smaller! Big sails work, this is already well proven, small guys just use 9.8 or 10.7 and big use 11.9 and 12.5...

james | 7th September 2006 (11:38:13)

I am looking for a european race schedule for the rest of this year and in 2007 so I can start booking flights.. anyone know where this is.

Is there a colgate cup in Germany.. I saw it posted on only one website..?


pamela | 2nd May 2007 (03:07:34)

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