Posted : 23rd of November 2017

2018 Formula & Raceboard Oceanic & Australian Championships

Australia, Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, 17-20 January '18
1.1. The regatta will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing.
1.2. RRS Appendix B: the Windsurfing Competition Rules (WCR) shall apply.
1.3. Class Championship Rules shall apply.
1.4. The Class rules of the International Raceboard Association will apply.
1.5. The Class rules of the International Formula Windsurfing Class Association will apply.

All advertising will be in accordance with World Sailing Regulation.

3.1. The participating classes shall be Formula and Raceboard.
3.2. The participating divisions shall be
3.2.1. For Raceboard Class – Men, Women, Youth, Senior, Master, Grand Master, Veteran, 7.8m.
3.2.2. For Formula Class – Men, Women, Youth, Grand Master, Veteran, Legend, Free Formula
3.3. Age Divisions
3.3.1. A Youth shall be under the age 20 (born in 1999 or after).
3.3.2. A Senior shall be a man or woman over the age of 19 (born in 1998 or earlier).
3.3.3. A Master shall be a man over the age of 35 (men born 1982 or earlier) or a woman over the age of 30 (women born 1987 or earlier).
3.3.4. A Grand Master shall be a man aged 45 or older (born in 1972 or earlier) or a woman aged 40 or older (born in 1977 or earlier).
3.3.5. A Veteran shall be a man aged 55 or older (born in 1962 or earlier) or a woman aged 50 or older (born in 1967 or earlier).
3.3.6. A Legend shall be a man aged 65 or older (born in 1952 or earlier) or a woman aged 60 or older (born in 1957 or earlier).
3.4. Weight Divisions (Raceboard)
3.4.1. Light weight - 69.9 kilo and below;
3.4.2. Medium weight - 70 to 85 kilo;
3.4.3. Heavy weight - 85.1 kilo and above.
3.4.4. Competitors weighing in close to or within + - 2 kg to the next weight division may choose in which division to participate.
3.5. 7.8 Sail Division (Raceboard)
3.5.1. For competitors registering 7.8m2 maximum sail size.
3.5.2. Competitors in this division will sail a shortened course.
3.6. Free Formula Division (Formula)
3.6.1. Competitors in this division will sail a shortened course.
3.6.2. All Youth will sail in the Free Formula division.
3.7. A minimum of 5 competitors is required to constitute a class and/or division.

4.1. Entry is open to all boards of the Raceboard and Formula Board classes, with no restrictions on gender.
4.2. Competitors shall be financial members of a National Class Association which is a paid-up member of the relevant international class association, or of the IWA. All competitors shall comply with World Sailing Eligibility Rules. Notice of Race: 2018 Formula & Raceboard Oceanic & Australian Windsurfer Championships
4.3. Australian competitors shall be financial members of AS and a club affiliated with AS through their
relevant state MNA.
4.4. Eligible boards may Enter Online.
4.5. Entries close at 2359 hours Wednesday 20 December 2017.
4.6. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the OA upon payment of the late entry fee, up until
1000 hours Wednesday 17 January 2018.

5.1. The required fees are as follows:
Regatta Entry $260.00
(INSERT) Regatta Youth Entry $160.00
Late entry additional $60.00
Non-sailors Tickets Welcome Night $40.00
Non-sailors Tickets Presentation $20.00

6.1. Championship shall be a single discipline, course racing, “open entry” event.
6.2. Formula and Raceboard classes will sail as fleets with separate starts.
6.3. All divisions in each class shall race together.
6.4. For Raceboard, there shall race a maximum 4 races per day, in a maximum 15 race series.
6.5. For Formula, there shall be a maximum of 5 races per day, in a maximum 15 race series.
6.6. Three races are required to validate the championship for each class.

7.1. The proposed schedule is as per below:
7.2. The start times for the second and succeeding races on each day will be as soon as practical after the
conclusion of the preceding race.
7.3. On Saturday 20 January 2018 there will be no warning signal made after 1500hrs 1600hrs.
Tuesday 16 January 2018
Registration 1400 – 1700

Wednesday 17 January 2018
Registration 0800 - 0900
Competitors Briefing @ Windsurfing Centre of Excellence 0900 - 1030
Raceboard: 4 Races Formula: up to 5 Races - 1100

Thursday 18 January 2018
Raceboard: 4 Races,Formula: up to 5 Races - 1100
Class Meetings - 1730

Friday 19 January 2018
Raceboard: 4 Races, Formula: up to 5 Races - 1100

Saturday 20 January 2018
Formula: up to 5 Races, Raceboard: 4 Races - 1100
Presentation/Closing Ceremony 1700 1800

The format for measurement will be as follows:
8.1. Please read the Raceboard and Formula class rules on the respective class websites.
8.2. Equipment shall only be replaced with the written permission of the Race Committee in consultation with the class measurer, which the entrant is only eligible for after submitting an Equipment Substitution Form (available at the RQYS Sailing Office).

The Organising Authority (OA) will be the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, in conjunction with the Australian Windsurfing Association.

The sailing instructions will be available via the Regatta Website prior to the first day of the regatta and at Registration.
11.1. The regatta will be hosted by the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.
11.1.1. Attachment 1 shows the regatta harbor
11.1.2. Attachment 2 shows the racing area
Courses will be Windward/Leeward configurations, as per the course diagrams details in the Sailing Instructions.

12.1. Scoring will be according to the WCR B8, and using the Low Points Scoring System. For the Formula Class, WCR B8. A2.1 shall be replaced by: “Each board’s series score shall be the total of her race scores with the number of her worst scores excluded as follows: 1-3 races, 0 excluded; 4-6 races, 1 excluded; 7-10 races, 2 excluded; 11-15 races, 3 excluded.”
12.2. An overall ranking will be published. The finishing positions for the Women, Youth, Master, Grandmaster, Veteran 7.8m, and Weight Divisions will be determined by their respective finishing position in the overall ranking.
12.3. Each class shall be scored separately.
12.4. The Oceanic and Australian Raceboard titles results will be scored together.

13.1. If called upon support boats will be required to act as rescue boats. Support boats shall register here.
13.2. Coaches supporting athletes at the Championship shall register with the OA prior to the commencement of racing.
13.3. Support and spectator boats that do not register will not be permitted to berth at RQYS; the OA reserves the right to remove such vessels from their premises.
13.4. (INSERT) Support and coach boats are required to have a VHF Radio with the capability of using VHF72.

14.1. Medals and or prizes will be awarded to the first three competitors of each properly constituted class.
14.2. The following titles shall be bestowed:
Oceanic Raceboard Champion (Male and Female)
Oceanic Formula Windsurfing Champion (Male and Female)
Australian Raceboard Champion (Male and Female)
Australian Formula Windsurfing Champion (Male and Female)
14.3. Other awards may be made at the discretion of the Organising Authority.

Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.

16.1. It is the competitor’s sole decision to enter this event and to start and or to continue to compete. By way of entering, competitors acknowledge and agree that participation in this event can be dangerous and accept that their participation is at their exclusive risk in every respect. In addition, by way of entering competitors shall hold harmless the organising authority, its officers, members, servants and agents and all other competitors in respect of all liability for injury to their person and or loss or damage to their property howsoever arising from their participation or intended participation in this event and acknowledge and accept that the organising authority, its officers, members, servants, agents and other competitors accept no responsibility in respect to loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage to property which may be sustained by reason of a competitor’s participation or intended participation in this event or arising for whatever reason in connection with this event.
16.2. By participating in the Championship competitors automatically grant to the Organising Authority, the Class Associations and their sponsors, the right in perpetuity to make, use and show, from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproductions of the athlete during the period of competition without compensation.
16.3. Boats may be required to carry cameras, sound equipment or positioning equipment as specified by
the Organising Authority.
16.4. Competitors may be required for interviews and press conferences at the Championship.

17.1. Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of $10m per event or equivalent. Members of AWA through their respective state class association automatically have their coverage.
17.2. AWA Membership of competitors will be checked at Registration.

18.1 Contact Us
• The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Sailing Office - 07 3396 8666 or
18.2 Accommodation is available on site at RQYS
• Manly Marina Cove Motel – 07 3348 1000 or see the Website
• Yachting Queensland Dorms – 07 3393 6788 or see the Website
• Camping – 07 3396 8666 or email us on



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