Posted : 14th of September 2017


Italy, Gallipoli, 18-21 October '17
1.1 The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing – Windsurfing Competition Rules (WCR).
1.2 The International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC) Championship Rules & European Series General Rules shall apply.
1.3 The prescriptions of the Italian Sailing Federation will apply as stated in NoR 4.2.
1.4 If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.

2.1 Sailors may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organising authority. World Sailing Regulation 20 ‘Advertising Code’ shall apply.
2.2 Event branding shall be worn at all times when afloat, and as requested by the organisers during media interviews and during the prize giving.

3.1 Gender Division: Men and Women.
3.2 Age Divisions for European Championship titles: Youth (men) and Masters (men):
3.2.1 A Youth shall be under the age of 20 (born 1998 or later).
3.2.2 A Master shall be a man over the age of 35 (born 1981 or earlier).
3.3 Age sub-divisions, for prizes not titles:
3.3.1 A Junior shall be under the age of 17 (born in or after 2001).
3.3.2 A Grand Master shall be a man over the age of 45 (born 1971 or earlier).
3.3.3 A Veteran shall be a man over the age of 55 (born 1961 or earlier).
3.4 A minimum of 5 competitors is required to constitute a division or sub division.

4.1 Entries shall meet the requirements of World Sailing Regulation 19-Eligibility Code.
4.2 FIV Prescriptions 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 11 will apply. All the Italian competitors shall be FIV members and have a valid medical certificate. Italian competitors who are under 12 years of age at the start of the Event are not eligible to compete.
4.3 Competitors shall be members of a National Class Association which is a paid up member of the relevant international class association, or of the IWA. Membership formalities can be completed on site.
4.4 Eligible competitors may enter online (payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer required). Online entry will close on 13th October 2017.
4.5 An entry is not valid until the entry fee is paid.
4.6 The following shall be presented upon registration:
Evidence of valid third party insurance
Proof of age
Parental Permission Form - for those under age of 18

5.1 The required entry fee: is 160 euro; except Youth entry fee is 130 euro.
5.2 A 30 euro discount will be deducted for entries received by 28th September 2017.
5.3 Entry fees paid at registration shall be paid in cash (euro).
5.4 Entry fees for the Championship paid by bank transfer to:
Account Name: The International Windsurfing Association
Bank Details: Barclays Bank Plc, GB
IBAN: GB93 BARC 2008 4452 9772 99
Please include "FWECITA" in your payment advice and e-mail confirmation of payment to:

6.1 The Championship shall be a racing, “open entry”, event.
6.2 Men and women may race separately.
6.3 Competitors shall race a maximum 5 races per day, in a maximum 15 race series.
6.4 Three races are required to validate the event.

7.1 Tuesday 17 Oct
1600-1800 Registration & Training (all day)

Wednesday 18 Oct
0900-1100 Late Registration
1200 Skippers Meeting
1300 Racing

Thursday 19 Oct to Saturday 21 Oct
1000 Skippers Meeting 
1100 Racing

Saturday 21 Oct
1700 Last possible warning signal
1900 Prize giving

7.2 The first possible warning signal will be made each day at 1100hrs, except on 18th October when first possible warning signal will be made at 1300hrs.

8.1 An Equipment Inspection Form, which will also be available at registration, shall be returned to the Event Equipment Inspector by the close of registration.
8.2 Equipment inspections may be made at any time during the event.
8.3 Unless otherwise directed by the organising authority, boards and equipment shall be launched and retrieved from the designated area at the event site. 
The sailing instructions (SI’s) will be available upon registration. Any changes to the SI’s shall be approved by the Class Representative at the event.

Courses will be as described in the sailing instructions.

A Protest Committee will be appointed.

Event scoring will be according to the WCR Appendix A, except for discards which shall be according to IFWC Championship Rules. Series scoring – see General Rules (NoR #1.2).

Coaches and support boats shall be registered with the organiser. Support boat drivers shall have a valid boat licence and third party liability insurance.

Support boat crew and, if required, competitors shall wear a personal flotation device that shall conform to the minimum standard ISO 12402-5 (level 50).

Prizes may be awarded to the first three competitors of each properly constituted division or sub division.

Competitors are requested to attend the event’s social functions; however, the organising authority may refuse entry to those whose standard of attire is not commensurate with the occasion. Prize winners may forfeit prizes for non attendance at the prize giving ceremony.

Competitors participate in the event entirely at their own risk, see WCR 4 - Decision to Race. The organising authority or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the event.

Each participating competitor/support boat driver shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 300,000 euro per event or the equivalent.

Competitors automatically grant to the organizing authority without payment the right in perpetuity to make, use and show any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television of or relating to the event.

Registration will be in the race office at the club.
For further information contact:
+39 (0) 833 202536 •

The following information is not part of the rules for the Event.

A wide range of scheduled and charter flights are available from all over Europe. The nearest international Airports are:
• Airport of Bari “Karol Wojtyla”, about 180 kilometres from Gallipoli
• Airport of Brindisi “Papola Casale”, about 70 kilometres from Gallipoli
The Event Organizer can arrange, on request, shuttle service to and from the Airports and the Ecoresort Le Sirenè (Official Event Venue & Race Headquarter) and the other Caroli Hotels for people and race equipment.
For enquiries regarding travel, transportation or accommodation assistance, contact
+39 (0) 833 202536 •

Club Velico Ecoresort Le Sirenè proposes to all the competitors and their staff and supporters the following special offer valid in all the Caroli Hotels of Gallipoli: Ecoresort Le Sirenè (EVENT VENUE & RACE HEADQUARTER), and in the other two affiliated facilities as Bellavista Club and Joli Park Hotel in Gallipoli.
Note this is still medium-high tourist season in October, so book your accommodation in advance.
FULL BOARD TREATMENT IN ***S HOTEL • € 45,00 per person per night
Ecoresort Le Sirenè in Gallipoli will be the Official EVENT VENUE & RACE HEADQUARTER.
For any of the following hotels, please contact Caroli Hotels Booking Centre at:
+39 (0) 833 202536 •

Caroli Hotels - Ecoresort Le Sirenè ***S, Gallipoli • EVENT VENUE & RACE HEADQUARTER
Surrounded by the Natural Park “Isola di Sant’Andrea – Litorale di Punta Pizzo” in Gallipoli, south-east of Italy along the Ionian coast, 4 km from the centre of Gallipoli, Ecoresort Le Sirenè is the perfect place to host the guests of the Formula Windsurfing European Championships. It can accomodate up to about 350 people.
Website, Ecoresort Le Sirenè – Caroli Hotels •
Caroli Hotels - Bellavista Club ***S and Joli Park Hotel ***S, Gallipoli centre
In the centre of Gallipoli, the two of the Caroli Hotels are at a walking distance one from another: both on Corso Roma, the main road of Gallipoli, the two hotels can accomodate up to about 550 people. All of Gallipoli facilities are accessible at walking distances: Corso Roma with its shopping venues, the Old Town and its museums, the port and the two promenades.
Website, Bellavista Club – Caroli Hotels •
Website, Joli Park Hotel – Caroli Hotels •
Photogallery of Caroli Hotels’ Ecoresort Le Sirenè, Joli Park Hotel and Bellavista Club:

Wind: 10 to 20 knots; onshore or offshore. Air temp: 200C. Water temp: 150C.

Ecoresort Le Sirenè ***S, Gallipoli • EVENT VENUE •
Surrounded by the Natural Park “Isola di Sant’Andrea – Litorale di Punta Pizzo” in Gallipoli, south-east of Italy along the Ionian coast, 4 km from the centre of Gallipoli, Ecoresort Le Sirenè is the perfect place to host the guests of the European Quidditch Cup 2018. It can accomodate up to about 350 people.
Website, Ecoresort Le Sirenè – Caroli Hotels

Photogallery of Ecoresort Le Sirenè – Caroli Hotels:

14th of July 2017FORMULA WORLDS 2017 Youth & Masters highlights

1st of July 2017Ennio Dal Pont and Janis Preiss are crowned 2017 Formula Windsurfing World Champions

Ennio Dal Point the local boy here - from The Netherlands - wins the Youth division and Janis Preiss from Latvia the Masters after 5 days of great racing conditions in the Lake of Santa Croce.

19th of June 2017Agenda for 2017 AGM of the IWA Class

Will be held on Thursday 29th June 2017, after racing. Venue and Time: TBC (posted on the ONB), Santa Croce, Italy.

15th of June 2017Wojciech Brzozowski wins the ERGO Hestia European Championships

POL 10 is one step closer to claiming the title after winning in Sopot.

5th of June 2017Vincent Langer becomes Formula Windsurfing World Champion 2017

14 races on five event days is the result of the 2017 Formula Windsurfing World Championships that took place during the Multivan Summer Opening on Sylt.

2nd of June 2017Notice of 2017 AGM in Santa Croce, Italy

The meeting is scheduled for the evening of Thursday 29th June - but it will be confirmed when the Agenda is published on or around 15th June.

2nd of June 2017An Interview with Steve Allen

Steve Allen (AUS-0) who has been one of the worldwide top windsurfers for over 20 years.

24th of May 2017AICW withdrew the number of ITA 872

Roberto Boschetti "Bosco" died 16th September 2015 during a short ride in MTB.

24th of May 20172017 Youth & Masters World Championships remainder

A reminder to all Formula racers regarding the 2017 Youth & Masters World Championships.

24th of May 2017ERGO Hestia Championships - press conference

ERGO Hestia Championships is the first in a series of three events of the Formula Windsurfing European Championships.

18th of April 2017Sopot ready to welcome Formula Windsurfers

Formula Windsurfing is coming back to Poland for the Europeans.

3rd of April 2017ERGO Hestia Formula Windsurfing European Championships – Poland

In the upcoming season of 2017, Sopot Sailing Club ERGO Hestia will once again host a European-level event. This time the Europeans, which are set to take place from the 11th to 15th of June 2017.

3rd of March 2017Carmim Lago Alqueva FW 2017

Once again the CARMIM LAGO ALQUEVA FW 201, was a amazing success on land, because for the second time in a row, as we didn't have a lot of wind in the 4 days of competition.

27th of February 2017First day of Carmim Lago Alqueva FW 2017

14th of February 2017 Formula Windsurfing World Championships in Germany. Enter online now!

The event will take place from May 29th to June 05th in Westerland on Sylt.

8th of February 2017General Meeting approves change to Production Board Rule

The committee approved a change from 50 boards to 25 boards required to commit to producing by brand registering a design with World Sailing.

17th of January 2017Alqueva - the lands of the great lake. Venue of Iberian Inland Championship

The Alqueva dam in Portugal is the largest dam in Western Europe.

19th of December 2016Formula Windsurfing World Championships 2017 in Germany

The Formula Windsurfing World Championships 2017 will take place on Sylt (Germany). From May 30th to June 5th the worlds best racers will travel to the island of Sylt to fight for the world title.

19th of December 2016IFWC General Meeting - notice and agenda

A General Meeting of representatives of IFWC Member National Associations will be held during the 2017 Dusseldorf Boat Show.

21st of November 2016Alexandre Cousin is the 2016 Formula Windsurfing World Champion

There is a new name on the plaque of champions – Alexandre Cousin from France.