Posted : 8th of July 2014

Volvo Surf Cup - International German Championships

Germany, Sylt, 23-27 July '14
1 Rules:
1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing and the rules and regulations for special sailing disciplines of the german sailing federation and the class regulations.
1.2 RWC Reglement 2014
1.3 If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence. For the German national prescriptions and the RWC Reglement 2014 the German text will take precedence.

2 Advertising:
2.1 Competitor advertising is restricted to stickers in the sails below the boom or above the sail number.
2.2 Comptitors are required to apply the sponsor stickers in the area between the boom and the sail number on both sides of the sail. Competitors shall wear wear the sponsor bib at any time when they are afloat, during competition or for training. Sponsor stickers and bibs (deposit of €20,-) will be provided at the inscription. Competitors may be charged a fee of € 50,- if they are sailing without correct stickers or bibs after they have received a warning.

3 Eligibility and Entry:
3.1 The regatta is open for all competitors that are qualified in accordance with SMO 8.
3.2 The person in charge shall either have a valid surfing license of the DSV or a valid official license prescribed or recommended for the sailing area, issued by the DSV by order of the government department for traffic, construction and home development. Members of other national federations shall have an adequate surfing license of their national authority.
3.3 Competitors need to be a member of a club affiliated to his national sailing federation. If a competitor doesn’t possess a membership, he can sign a membership at the inscription. Each member of a club affiliated to the DSV shall be registered at the web-site of the DSV.
3.4 The entry date is July 9th 2014.
Late entries are possible but will be charged an additional fee of € 30,-.
3.5 Will not apply

4 Fees:
4.1 The entry fee is € 60,- or € 30,- (Women, Youth-U20).
The entry fee shall be paid after entering, even if the entry is cancelled later on or the boat does not show up. Entry fees will only refunded if the entry is rejected. The fee shall be transferred on the following account:
acount: Meldegeldkonto
owner: Choppy Water GmbH
IBAN: DE 71 21050170 00 92020163
bank: FĂśrde Sparkasse
4.2 A deposit of € 20,- is necessary to receive the sponsor bib at the inscription. The deposit will be refunded after the prize giving when the bib is returned in a clean and undamaged state.
4.3 The entry registration shall be made by the online-form on the official website:

5 Qualifying Series and Final Series
Will not apply

6 Schedule:
6.1 Schedule:
Tuesday, July 22nd:
Arrival, Rigging, Inscription (18:00 – 19:00), free training

Wednesday, July 23rd:
Arrival, rigging, late inscription (08:00 – 09:00), skippers meeting 10:00, competition (first possible start 10:45)

Thursday, July 28th to Saturday, July 26th:
Skippers meeting (09:00), competition (first possible start 09:45)

Sunday, July 27th:
Skippers meeting (09:00), competition (first possible start 09:45, last possible start 15:00), prize giving (17:00), de-rigging, departure

6.2 The program may be changed at the descretion of the race committee. A change of the time for the skippers meeting or the first possible start needs to be published on the ONB until 20:00 on the day before. The timings of the skippers meeting and the first possibe start on the opening day shall not be changed.

7 Measurement & Equipment:
7.1 The equipment has to comply with the IFCA Class Rules resp. IFWC Class Rules.

8 Segelanweisung & Mitteilungen an die Teilnehmer:
8.1 Die Segelanweisung ist bei der Einschreibung erhältlich.
8.2 Mitteilungen an die Teilnehmer werden am Official Notice Board verĂśffentlicht.
8 Sailing instruction & Notice to competitors
8.1 The sailing instruction is availlable at the inscription.
8.2 Notices to competitors shall be posted on the ONB.

9 Venue:
9.1 The Volvo Surf Cup takes place at the Brandenburger Beach in Westerland on the island Sylt.
9.2 The postal address is:
Volvo Surf Cup presented by Flens
c/o Insel Sylt Tourismus Service
Strandstraße 35
25980 Sylt / Westerland

10 Courses, Scoring & disciplines:
10.1 The courses / competition area will be published on the Official Notice Board.
10.2 The number of scheduled races is not fixed.
10.3 A result is valid if there is a valid result in one discipline.
10.4 The regatta offers the following disciplines: Racing, Slalom, Waveriding
10.5 The race committee decides if the conditions are suitable and what discipline will be run. It is the target to achieve results in all the disciplines.

11 Penalty System, Jury, Protest Committee:
11.1 Rule 44.1 is changed according to Appendix B4 so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.
11.2 An independent protest committee will handle any protests.

12 Measurement & Equipment:
12.1 According SMO 10 and 11

13 Support boats:
13.1 Support boats shall be registered and marked.

14 Prizes:
14.1 At the International German Championships the following Places will be honored at the prize giving: Single disciplines (Racing, Slalom, Wave): Place 1 to 6 Overallresult: Place 1 to 6, Youth-U20 (1.), Junior-U17 (1.), Women (1.), Rookie (1.), Master (1.), Grandmaster (1.), Rookie (1.)
14.2 The winners in the single disciplines and the overall result are honored with the title: „German Champion 2014“ (Racing, Slalom, Wave and Overall)
14.3 If the best windsurfer in a result list is coming from a foreign country, the affected title will receive the addition „International“. In this case the best German windsurfer will be honored with the title mentioned in 14.2.
14.4 Categories will only be honored if at least 5 participants are inscribed in the affected category.

15 Liability:
15.1 The responsibility for the decision of the competitor to participate in a race or to continue with it is solely with him. The competitor is responsible for the qualification and the correct nautical conduct as well as for the suitability and the transport-safe condition of the registered boards.
15.2 In cases of Force Majeure or on grounds of administrative orders or for safety reasons the organizer is entitled to make changes in the realisation of the event or to cancel the event. In these cases there does not exist any liability for compensation of the organizer to the participant.
15.3 In case of a violation of obligations that do not constitute primary respectively material contractual duties (cardinal obligations), the liability of the organizer, no matter because of which cause in law, for material and property damages of all kinds and their consequences that arise to the participant during or in connection with the participation in the event resulting from a conduct of the organizer, his representatives, servants or agents, is restricted to damages that were caused wilfully or grossly negligent. When a violation of cardinal obligations occurs, in cases of simple negligence the liability of the organizer is limited to foreseeable, typically occurring damages. To the extent that the liability for damages of the organizer is excluded or restricted, the participant also relieves the staff – employees and representatives, agents, servants, sponsors and individuals who provide or drive salvage, safety or rescue vessels or assist with their use - from the individual liability for damages, as well as also all other individuals who were instructed to act in connection with the realisation of the event. This is valid for the organizer, the club, the Choppy Water GmbH, the DSV, ISAF, IWA, IFWC, IFCA and/or all of the officials and representatives.
15.4 The effective racing rules of the ISAF, the rules and regulations for special sailing disciplines of the german sailing federation, the class rules as well as the regulations of the DWC Reglement 2014, the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions are to be complied with and are expressly recognised. The German law apply.

16 Insurance:
16.1 Each participant shall be insured with a valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of €1.000.000,-.
16.2 If necessary it is possible to sign a suitable insurance at the inscription for about € 35,- per year.

17 Further Information:
17.1 Daily news, photos and results can be found on the official website and as well as on the official facebook page .
17.2 contact address:
Choppy Water GmbH
Brammersoll 2
24235 Stein
Phone: +49 (0) 4343 / 49464-0
FAX: +49 (0) 4343 / 49464-10
Internet:,,, www.surfcupsylt.

18 Doping tests:
18.1 Doping tests may take place during the event.

19 Media:
19.1 The competitor grants the unlimited, including commercial, use, presentation and duplication of all photos, audio- and video recordings that have been made of him during the event. This includes modifications and the forwarding of the rights to others. The personal rights of the competitor in these medias as well as the right to forward these to others shall not be restricted by this regulation.