Posted : 23rd of June 2014

Formula Windsurfing European Championships

Croatia, Viganj, 02-07 September '14
1.1 The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing – Windsurfing Competition Rules (WCR).
1.2 The International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC) Championship Rules shall apply.
1.3 No national prescriptions will apply.
1.4 If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.
1.5 This championship is also a round in the 2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup.
1.6 Details of the Viganj Slalom Super Cup will be published separately and may run over to the 8th and 9th September.

2.1 Sailors may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organising authority. ISAF Regulation 20 ‘Advertising Code’ shall apply.
2.2 Event branding shall be worn at all times when afloat, and as requested by the organizers during media interviews and during the prize giving.

3.1 Gender Divisions: Men and Women.
3.2 Age Divisions for Men:
3.2.1 A Youth shall be under the age 20 (born in or after 1995 and not later than 2000).
3.2.2 A Master shall be a man over the age of 35 (born 1978 or earlier).
3.2.3 A Grand Master shall be a man over the age of 45 (born 1968 or earlier).
3.2.4 A Veteran shall be a man over the age of 55 (born 1958 or earlier).
3.3 Weight Division: Lightweight (man) is a competitor who weighs less than 75kg.
3.4 A minimum of 5 competitors is required to constitute a division.

4.1 All entries shall meet the requirements of ISAF Regulation 19 - Eligibility Code.
4.2 Competitors shall be members of a National Class Association which is a paid up member of the relevant international class association, or of the IWA. Membership formalities can be completed on site.
4.3 Eligible competitors may enter online - credit/debit card or bank transfer payment required.
4.4 The following shall be presented upon registration:
Evidence of valid third party insurance
Proof of age
Emergency Contact and Health Information Form - for those under age of 18

5.1 The required entry fee: is 190 euro; except Youth entry fee is 160 euro.
5.2 A 30 euro discount will be deducted for entries received by 9th August 2014.
5.3 Entry fees paid at registration shall be paid in cash (euro).
5.4 Late entries received at registration may be surcharged 20 euro.

6.1 The Championship shall be a single discipline, course racing, “open entry” event.
6.2 Men and women may race separately.
6.3 Competitors shall race a maximum 5 races per day, in a maximum 15 race series.
6.4 Three races are required to validate the Championship.

7 SCHEDULE – Formula Europeans
7.1 Monday 1 Sept 10:00-18:00 Arrival and training
Tuesday 2 Sept 12:00-17:00 Registration
Wednesday 3 Sept 10:00-12:00 Late registration
14:00 First possible warning signal
Thursday 4 Sept
to Sunday 7 Sept 10:00 Racing
Sunday 7 Sept 17:00 Last possible warning signal
19:00 Prize giving ceremony

7.2 There shall be a daily skippers meeting one hour before the scheduled start of racing.

8.1 An Equipment Inspection Form, which will be available at registration, shall be returned to the Event Equipment Inspector before the end of registration.
8.2 Equipment inspections may be made at any time during the event.
8.3 Sail Numbers. WCR Appendix G applies; alternatively national letters and sail numbers, in a colour contrasting with the body of the sail, may be placed on both sides of the sail, with those on the starboard side uppermost.
8.4 Unless otherwise directed by the organising authority, boards and equipment shall be launched and retrieved from the designated area at the event site.      
The sailing instructions (SI’s) will be available upon registration. Any changes to the SI’s shall be approved by the Class Representative at the event.

Courses will be as described in the sailing instructions.

A Protest Committee will be appointed in accordance with WCR 91(a). An International Jury may be appointed.

Scoring will be according to the WCR Appendix A, and using the Low Points Scoring System, except discards which shall be according to IFWC Rules.

Coaches and support boats shall be registered with the organiser and have insurance.

Support boat crewmember, and, if conditions require it, competitors, shall wear a personal flotation device that shall conform to the minimum standard of ISO 12402-5 (level 50).

15.1 Prizes may be awarded to the first three competitors of each properly constituted division.
15.2 The first man and woman will be declared - “2014 Formula Windsurfing European Champion”.
15.3 The first youth man and first master will be declared – “2014 Formula Windsurfing (division) European Champion.”
15.4 There shall be a prize fund of a minimum 10,000 euro (net of taxes) which shall be distributed according to the latest IFWC Rules.

Competitors are requested to attend the event’s social functions; however, the organising authority may refuse entry to those whose standard of attire is not commensurate with the occasion. Prize winners may forfeit prizes for non attendance at the prize giving ceremony.

Competitors participate in the event entirely at their own risk, see WCR 4 - Decision to Race. The organising authority or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the event.

Each participating competitor/support boat driver shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 300,000 euro per event or the equivalent.

In registering for the event, competitors automatically grant to the Organising Authority the right in perpetuity to make, use and show from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of them, taken during the period of the event, for the said Event as defined in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions in which he/she participates without compensation.

Registration will be in the race office at the beach. For all further information:
Mario Roso Tel: +385 098 970 6996 Email:


HTP Orebic – The Orebic Tourist Company has two hotels about 7 km from Viganj:

Hotel Orsan

- Open from April to November.
- Category: 3 stars
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- The beach near hotel – gravel, sport/recreational programs, playground for children
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Hotel Komodor with Autocamp

The Camping Perna is situated in the resort Perna next to the Hotel Komodor. In the hotel there is a cocktail bar, TV room, supermarket, gift shop, parking and grill restaurant on the beach with live music in the evening. The camp is in deep shade and equipped with modern sanitary facilities (shower, toilet). Only about 100 m from the plots is a 600 meter long gravel beach which is particularly suitable for children and windsurfing. You can also rent canoes and small boats. For information and online booking on website:
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Liberan Autocamp
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Private accommodation:
Apartmani Ruzica
Villa Klara
Apartmani Alma
Apartmani Grego
More information for camper vans, accommodation, gear storage etc will be posted at club BOFOR website -

The organizer will endeavor to provide assistance for accommodation and gear storage.

The nearest international airports are Dubrovnik (2 hours from Viganj ) and Split ( about 3.5 hours from Viganj by land or 2.5 hours by catamaran from harbor to Korcula) .

You can fly to Zagreb - Airport Pleso, there you have free shuttle bus to the main bus station in Zagreb. On the main bus station you have a bus every day at 19:30 and it arrives in Orebic at 06:00 next day.

You can also take a flight to Split, from there you can travel to Viganj with a bus or ferry boat. From airport there is a regular bus connection to city bus station, and from bus station there are daily bus connections to Orebic, every day going at 01:00 in the morning and arrives in Orebic at 06:00.
If you want to go by ferry from Split - take a regular bus from the airport to the ferry harbor.
Take the fast ferry which is going every day at 17:00 to near island of Korcula .
You will arrive in Korcula at 19:45. From Korcula we can pick you up with our boat or you can go to Orebic with passenger boat and we can pick you up from there. If you take flight to Dubrovnik airport- there is a regular connection to city bus station, and from bus station there are daily connections to Orebic.
The bus is going every day at 15:00 and Sundays at 18:00. It arrives in Orebic at 17:00 or Sundays at 19:00
We can provide transportation from Orebic or Korcula.
Also in every airport there is a possibility of car rental.
For enquiries about travel, transportation or accommodation assistance, contact:

Mario Roso
Tel: +385 098 970 6996 Email:
+385 091 254 0954

Wind: 7 to 30 knots; side shore and onshore.
Air temperature: +15 - 350C. Water temperature: 22-260C.

Latitude 42° 58'44"N; Longitude 17°06'12"W

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