Posted : 20th of August 2013


Italy, Domaso, Como, 07-08 September '13
Stage 4 Formula Windsurfing Italian Cup 2013, European Cup
and Swiss Cup.

7-8 September 2013 – Via case sparse,252 – 22013 Domaso (CO) e-mail: mobile: 0039-328-3512999

3. ADMISSION, DISCIPLINES AND MEMBERSHIP 3.1 The event is ‘open’ to competitors from any country, and there is no limit to the number of inscriptions.
3.2 All Italian competitors must hold valid AICW 2013 membership (which includes insurance for the solar year as is requested by the Federal Rules), FIV 2013 membership and medical certificate type B.
3.3 For the Italian athletes admission to the regattas will not be allowed on the presentation of a valid medical certificate at the time of inscription. Competitors MUST have the memberships at least 48 hrs before the regatta. No inscriptions to the FIV-AICW will be accepted on site.
3.4 Non Italian athletes must have their National Memberships in order, where the nation of affiliation does not require it, a medical certificate must be provided and at the inscription.
3.5 Non Italian athletes must hold valid third party liability insurance with a maximum sum payable by insurers of one million euro.

4.1 Rankings will be compiled for the following categories: *Male & *Female; *Masters (born1977 or earlier), extracted from the overall; *Grandmasters (born 1967 or earlier), extracted from overall; *Youth (born 1994 or later), extracted from the overall;
*Light weights (less than 75Kg) extracted from the overall. Master, Grandmaster, Youth and light are divisions of the Male Category.
4.2 A minimum of 3 competitors is required to constitute a valid category.
4.3 One race is required to validate the event.
4.4 The regatta is the last one of four that will award the title for the Italian Cup. The Italian ranking will be extracted from the overall ranking.
4.5 The final overall ranking will be final stage of the 2013 European cup.

5. RULES Racing will be conducted under:
*ISAF RRS 2013-2016 including Appendix B;
* the Provisions of the FIV;
*Regulations of ‘Formula Windsurfing International Class’;
*This Notice of Race;
* The Sailing Instruction’s and any approved changes to SI’s..

Regarding equipment, the Class Rules apply. The equipment registered may be subjected to stamping. The race committee may make equipment checks at any time during the regatta.

Wind speed for the FW must not drop below 7 knots during the starting procedure; after which the Race Committee will have complete discretion as to suitable racing conditions.

Competitors are required to wear personal buoyancy. This requirement cannot be a subject of a protest between competitors.

There will be a maximum of four races per day, depending on local conditions, at discretion of the race committee.

10.1 Registration from - 9,30 to 11:30
Skipper’s meeting - 12:30
10.2 During the daily skipper’s meeting an indicative program will be given for the day.
10.3 No racing can take place after 19:30 on the last day.
10.4 All competitors are obliged to be present at the skipper’s meeting to receive any variation in the sailing instruction.

The WCR Appendix A applies except regarding discards: from 1 to 3 races 0 discard, from 4 to 6 races 1 discard, from7 to 8 races 2 discards.

SI’s will be available at registration..

13.1 It is mandatory to send a pre-inscription email before 23:59 of 1 September 2013, after which time a penalty of 10,00 euro will be applied. The inscription fee is of 40,00 euro.
13.2 Oral and telephonic communications are not accepted.
13.3 Competitors who, for any reason, wish to cancel their participation must send a communication to the organizing club, the e-mail address is available at NoR #2, before 23.59 hrs of the 6 September 2013. The inscription fee will not be refunded.
13.4 All the inscriptions must be confirmed, unless otherwise advised by the organizers, at the race office on event site before 11:30 of the first day of the event (NoR #10.1).
13.5 At 11:30, unless otherwise stated by the organization, the
inscriptions will be considered closed and no other athlete will
be admitted to the regatta, independent of the cause of the delay,
personal or of consequence out of personal control, or to the fact
that they were immediately communicated. Competitors can take
part, paying the inscription fee, in only one day of the regatta,
accepting the DNS results in the trials they are not in.
13.6 It is prohibited to ratify the regatta inscription by colleagues, friends or third parties.
13.7 It is mandatory to apply the sticker of the AICW and relative sponsors.

ISAF Regulation 20 –Advertising Code – applies.

With the inscription to the regatta every competitor automatically grants the right to the organization to made audio registrations, photographs, footage, video recording and television live or recorded taking during the regatta for no fee. The presence of boats for the media as for the trainers and team managers must be authorized by the race committee.

The club organization decline any responsibility for any eventual damage caused by people or things both in sea and land.

All close to the spot, few minutes walking (some of them 20 m from the lake). camping+bungalow+apartment +39 0344 96163 camping+apartement +39 0344 96122 camping +39 0344 96247 camping+apartement +39 0344 965049 Gardenia camping+apartement +39 0344 96262 camping+bungalow +39 0344 83470 camping camping+apartement +39 0344 97418

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ceri | 29th August 2013 (14:56:46)

check out the latest accommodation info for Como Euro Cup

ceri | 31st August 2013 (09:51:50)

more info about accomodation options have just been sent to me by the organiser - email me if you want more details - ceri

ceri | 8th September 2013 (10:32:07)

3 races yesterday - leading at the moment is - SUI31, SUI63, POL555, LAT13, ITA92 ..

ceri | 8th September 2013 (10:33:24)

dnf's affecting results of a few racers - including cup series leader - FRA823

ceri | 8th September 2013 (10:34:56)

plans moving ahead for the 2014 European Cup, maybe a couple more events will join the tour

ceri | 8th September 2013 (10:38:11)

Como has a good international entry - 45 racers from 13 countries and 4 continents ...

Anonym | 9th September 2013 (10:08:59)

Results ?

ceri | 9th September 2013 (18:10:31)

no change after 3 races in last Euro Cup - top 5 unchanged - full results and report soon

Bel 9 | 12th September 2013 (21:58:34)

What are the possible locations for the europeans in 2014 ?

ceri | 13th September 2013 (11:14:32)

hi, working on the 2014 calendar now - will try to publish a provisional calendar by the end of september

ceri | 16th September 2013 (12:45:59)

two events confirmed - POR Open March 1>4; and LTU Baltic Cup 23>25 May.

ceri | 29th September 2013 (14:14:44)

Youth and Masters Worlds confirmed for Gallipoli, Italy, from 30th June to 5th July; hoping to include the event in the European Cup

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