Posted : 24th of July 2013

Windsurfing US National Championship 2013

USA, San Pedro, California, 05-09 August '13
The Organizing Authority (OA) for this regatta is Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club (CBYC) for and on behalf of, and under specified conditions laid down by the International Formula Windsurfing Association (IFWA) and the United States Windsurfing (USW). The Regatta is recognized and sanctioned by USW as the 2013 National Championship.

2.1 This is a USW sanctioned event governed by:
2.1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and Appendix B.
2.1.2 For Formula Boards, the IFWA Class Rules and Championship Rules.
2.2 If there is a conflict between the Notice of Race (NOR) and Sailing Instructions (SI), the SI shall take precedence.
2.3 If there is a conflict between languages, the English text will take precedence.

3.1 The regatta is open to Formula, One Design/Long Board, (OD/LB), Slalom and Freestyle Classes of Windsurfing. At least five entries signed up by July 15, 2013 are required to establish a class and trophies.
3.2 The US competitors shall be a current member of USW and their relevant National Association, if applicable. Foreign competitors must be members of their International Class Association. National Associations shall be paid up members of the IWFC, which is empowered by the International Class to collect any fees due. Membership formalities may be completed at site.
3.3 All competitors shall meet ISAF regulation 19 – Eligibility Code.
3.4 Entries may be made at, by mail sent to CBYC at 211 W. 22nd St, San Pedro, CA 90731, emailed to, or in person during the registration periods listed in the schedule.
3.5 An entry will be considered complete only when the Entry Form (or online equivalent) is submitted, competitor membership in USW is verified, regatta entry fees paid.
3.6 Entries will close at 1000 hours PDT on Monday August 5, 2013.

4.1 Advertising shall be permitted in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20,
4.2 Competitors may be required to carry advertising for event sponsors on their sails, and/or on a lycra vest if supplied by the organizer

5.1 The entry fee is $140.00 for adults and $100 youths under the age of 20 for the first class. Each additional class shall be an additional $50. If a class is not established, that fee will be refunded. There will be a $40 late fee for entries received after July 15, 2013.
5.2 The entry fee provides one (1) dinner ticket to the Trophy Presentation Dinner and complimentary hors d’oeuvres at the prize giving. In addition, one complimentary keg of beer will be provided after each day of racing at the CBYC bar.
5.3 Additional dinner tickets for the trophy presentation may be purchased for $15.00.
5.4 Competitors may dine at the CBYC dinning room with charges to be paid separately whenever the dining room is open.
Windsurfing US National Championship 2013 NOR.doc 2

6.1 For determination of the US National Windsurfing Championship the disciplines shall be Formula, One-Design/Long Board, Slalom and Freestyle. A champion will be declared for each gender and age division of each class in accordance with the respective Championship Class rules:
6.1.1 A Junior for all classes is a boy or girls who is less than 17 years old.
6.1.2 A Youth for all classes is a man or women who is less than 20 years old.
6.1.3 Men for all classes are 20-34 years.
6.1.4 Women for all classes are 20-29 years.
6.1.5 Masters for all classes is a man who has reached the age of 35 years or a woman who has reached the age of 30 years.
6.1.6 Grand Masters for all classes is a man who has reached the age of 45 years or a woman who has reached the age of 40 years.
6.1.7 In case of discrepancy between class rules and as stated herein, class rules shall govern.
6.2 General:
6.2.1 Men and women, and age classes, may race together depending on the entry numbers.
6.2.2 Classes shall race a maximum of 3 races per day, in a series of a maximum of 15 races.
6.2.3 A minimum of 3 races shall be completed for a valid Championship.
6.2.4 If age classes are not established the age groups may be combined.
6.3 AGE Classes:
6.3.1 A competitor must have reached the minimum age limit, in the relevant division, by December 31, 2012
6.3.2 A competitor must not be older than the maximum age limit in the relevant division, by December 31, 2013.

7.1 The schedule of events is as follows:
Sunday August 4, 2013
0900 to 1500 Registration
1600 Welcoming Ceremony

Monday August 5, 2013
0900 to 1000 Late registration
1100 Competitors meeting
1300 First Warning Signal

Tuesday August 6, 2013
1100 Competitors meeting
1300 1st Warning Signal

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
1100 Competitors meeting
1300 1st Warning Signal

Thursday, August 8, 2013
1100 Competitors meeting
1300 1st Warning Signal

Friday, August 9, 2013
1100 Competitors meeting
1300 1st Warning Signal
1900 Closing Ceremony and Trophy Presentation
1930 Dinner

8.1 It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that his/her board and equipment conforms to the Class Rules, and an Equipment Inspection Form is returned to the Event Equipment Inspector before registration is complete.
8.2 Formula Class competitors must register equipment at check in, (by 10 AM on Monday Aug 5), in accordance with the Formula Class Rules. This includes (1) Formula Class board, (3) Sails and (3) Fins.
8.3 No measurement will be performed by CBYC.
8.4 Equipment checks may be made throughout the event by the Executive Committee designated official.
8.5 Competitors shall bring their own equipment.
Windsurfing US National Championship 2013 NOR.doc 3

9.1 Sailing instructions will be available at the CBYC Race Office during the registration periods listed in the schedule.
9.2 The CBYC Race Office is situated at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club and will be open from 0900 PDT daily.

The races will be conducted in the Pacific Ocean adjacent to San Pedro, California, outside the breakwater.

11.1 Scoring will be in accordance with Appendix B and using the “Low Point Scoring System” except that for the Formula Class, up to three (3) discards are permitted in accordance with Item 13.5 of the International Formula Windsurfing Championship Rules.
11.2 Three (3) races shall be completed to constitute a series.
11.3 The distance race shall count as (2) short course races.

12.1 Prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries.
12.2 The top racer in each class will be crowned National Champion in that Class.
12.3 A minimum of (5) competitors are required in each class to validate the title.

Competitors entering the regatta accept that they may be photographed and/or video taped participating in the race and/or using Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club’s facilities and they consent to the taking of such images and to the use, reuse, publication and republication of such images in any media, in conjunction with the competitors name or not without compensation and without the competitors approval of such images or any use thereof.

14.1 All boats and coaches intending to be near the racecourse must register with the OA at Registration.
14.2 All boats and coaches must be capable of communicating with the Race Committee on VHF channels 16, 68, 69, 71 and 73.

For further information, please contact:
CBYC Race Chairman: Dixon Hall (310) 344-3891 (C)
Windsurfing Class Representative Peter Bonello (714) 573-1211 (O)