9th of June 2005, Greece, IFWC European Championships

...hot comments

Sarah Hebert, FRA 61
It was a good race, the wind was strong, but if you don’t do any mistakes, you are on the front. I understand now girls are not doing this sport, and why we are so few. But when you done such a race, you want to do this sport all your life.

Devon Boulon, ISV-1
That was really, really windy today, so I made a lot of excitement. We had really exciting races, a lot of crashes on the water. It was pretty fine day. I’ve been using 10.7 all the day.

Wojtek Brzozowski, POL 10
It was quite lucky day for me, because I’ve won all 3 races, so it’s good, but unfortunately we have still 2 fleet, so I didn’t race with some of the guys. In the last race I was really unlucky, because exactly 7 min before the start I’ve broke my mast, but thanks god, 15 people from the beach help me and I’ve managed to change it and my board was blown away by the wind and I had to chase it at the same moment but finally I was on time – it was really big mess but finally I’ve won this race, so it was very nice and exciting. I was racing on my 9.0 Neil Pryde RS:5 sail with a starboard formula and it was working perfectly all day, so it’s a good setup.

Antoine Albeau, FRA 192
Today I was using 10.7 and the wind was pretty strong. We had only fleet races today, Wojtek has won every 3 races, and I have won 3 also, so maybe tomorrow if we are in the same fleet we will see what will happened – it’ s going to be a good fight on the water.

Przemek Miarczyński, POL 126
The things are not going very well, because I wasn’t prepared properly with my set, I had 10.8 sail and the wind was reaching up to over 26 knots – so it was too tough for me. I was trying to use my 10.0 sail, but suprisingly it wasn’t better. My main problem is, that I am changing my equipment all the time. Last season I was using Fanatic and now I’m racing on F2, so I have to tune it in.

Patrik Diethelm, ITA 120
It was very nice because we had wind, and all the marks. I have been using 10.0 sail, but if I were heavier I would take even 11.0 in this condition.