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If you have some questions or any other cases you can e-mail us.

Whats new on 2006?

Thinking of a new board for the coming season ?

5 modified designs from leading brands in formula :

Exocet WARP Formula 100

Fanatic FALCON Formula TT 06

F2 FX 100 IV

Mikes Lab L6

Starboard Formula 160

5th January '06

8th January 2006 (16:50:42) - Anonym, wrote :
FAnatic..... buhahaha

11th January 2006 (09:32:34) - Anonym, wrote :

16th January 2006 (00:11:02) - Anonym, wrote :
Mikes Lab Rules!

2nd February 2006 (19:41:15) - chris (chris194_72 at hotmail dot com), wrote :
Got the new 160. quality board

4th February 2006 (12:43:06) - jeff, wrote :
F2 will be the best board.fanatic,huuhuhauhhauhuh,the worst certainly.

6th February 2006 (03:47:56) - Pieter Bijl, wrote :
Mhhh. Since when if mike lab a leading brand in formula?
With all the respect to the way he builts the boards and how the board go.
Couldn't say there is a huge availability on them.

Also have you tried the new Falcon Formula. The board point higher than any board I have tried. Fly's down wind and is easy to sail.
I think you shouldn't be writing like this. Formula is a small world and we need to make it grow all together and not try and talk each other down. The starboard looks like a nice board, so does the F2 but nothing to special, it seems like Exocet together with Fanatic looks most interesting and seem to have the balls to do something different. I'm confidant in my new Falcon 2006 and time will tell if I'm wrong, but unfortunatly for all the other brands out there I doubt they will be sure proving me wrong!
Fanatic will crush them all.

Regards Pieter

6th February 2006 (20:24:48) - jeff, wrote :

Last year you say the same thing and YOU SEE THE RESULTS !!!!!You can be right but in my opnion you are completely wrong.But itīs ok.Iīm waitting the results.

jeff "mixento" Richard

6th February 2006 (20:38:13) - Mudboy, wrote :
I have to say I agree with Jeff... You are talking about support for the sport and that we shouldn't be talking like this and all... But right after, you come in total defense of the Falcon TT, while deminishing other brands boards. Last year you stated that you would use the horrendous Falcon TT05 to all competitions you entered for 2005. I remeber seeing you in all of the competitions you entered in 2005 with the Falcon04. I was one of the sad souls stuck with the TT05 until today because no one wanted that trash... If you guys are the only ones with balls, I don't really know, but if the results in 06 looks anything like 2005 we all know you can arrange a TT04 for you again.
I will certainly buy an F2 board and I know that the SB will also be fantastic board, as far as Fanatic Formula Program... Now that Steve Allen is no longer involved, I can not trust once more the Falcon TT...
So I agree with Jeff...
Take care and good sailing.

7th February 2006 (12:07:50) - Crab, wrote :
Mr. Pieter Bjil,

With all respect to your time in windsurfing and some races I saw on the GPS program I will write here my opinion about your words regarding the Falcon 06.

1-You said out loud that the TT05 was the best board and that you would stick to it no matter what.

1-What happened - It was all bullshit and the whole world knows it by now;

2-Formula is a small world indeed, so what makes you think that people will believe you at this point ? Are you sending boards around for testing ? (My TT05 STILL in my garage waiting for some begginer to get it for U$ 600,00 IF I am lucky)

You can fool some people some times, but you can't fool all the people all the time. Please respect other peoples inteligence. We know the truth.

IF the Falcon 06 gets to be a good board....Well done !!! congrats !!! BUT I just don't believe it...

You know, this posts are the risk you had to take when you put your name attached to sales. You signed an approval on Fanatic for many people in internet Forums(Fanatic's Forum is available with the evidence) and they where all unhappy;

I Agree with jeff...
Good sailing and good luck.

7th February 2006 (12:38:49) - Justin, wrote :
Brand is all about trust.

Fanatic took a beating last year with TT 05 for sure but rest of their gear is spot on & always gets best write ups - Freewaves, Hawks, slalom boards.

I've just ordered a TT 06 for the UK. I hope my trust is justified.

Best of luck to Pieter, Arnon, Dan

Justin UK

7th February 2006 (13:02:29) - Cabradapeste, wrote :
I just one thing to say:
F2 - NP

7th February 2006 (13:16:59) - Crab, wrote :

Please remember to post your results here later on. We are all waiting to see these board performace;

good LUCK

7th February 2006 (18:54:24) - Jeff "mixento" Richard, wrote :
Where are you Pieter????Say something please.

7th February 2006 (20:40:04) - nassesim, wrote :
piter mixento bjil

7th February 2006 (21:42:03) - Pieter Saiu, wrote :
Probably testing the falcon 06 like crazy to turn the table!
Go for it man!

8th February 2006 (00:21:25) - kevin hofman BEL 92 (hofman_kevin at hotmail dot com), wrote :
Brands are all about trust, it's true... People don't buy new boards without a the conviction that the brand there pointing at did not make progress in there developments. People don't buy new boards whitout the feeling that the new boards, whatever the brand is, are build on the achievements and also the mistakes made in the past. Brands do learn from there achievements but certain from the possible mistakes they made. Also Fanatic... Who can generally tell us that the TT 04 from fanatic was a bad board??? My opinion is that Fanatic, whatever the mistake was the past year, is a company that has a very stable range of quiver, that is constructed on a very wide base of research en development. Give the brand a chance to prove theirselfs and let us wait to add bad comments who are only build on the mistaken ideas about the board they brought us in 2005.

@ Pieter: good luck, veel geluk

ps: People who are now thinking that I'm a fanatic rider, you're wrong. I ride a SB FW 186 from 2002...



8th February 2006 (12:59:10) - Crab, wrote :
I agree with you Kevin. But we need to clarify some things here:

1- The board we where upset about it was the 2005. The 2004 was one of best boards I have EVER seen;
2- What made us mad is the fact that Fanatic KNEW about its lack of performance on the 2005 and insisted to say to the customers that the board was great and WE where the problem using the wrong fins.
I Received 3 boards fomr me and friends in the beggining of the season and for my surprise the Fanatic ProRider P.Bjil was with the 2004 on the 1st event, the calema midwinters 2005 !!!!!

We posted all this at Fanatic Forum and they still insisted on this until the european races started and than you know... no arguments against facts.

So you can understand that we HAD to BUY another boards IF we wanted to race during last year.

Once again, I am sorry for my sincerity but I have the right to tell the truth... this is all we can do about it, nothing more;

Good sailing

8th February 2006 (13:35:28) - Mudboy, wrote :
Words Of Wisdom...

8th February 2006 (16:56:12) - surfman, wrote :
hi crab, mudboy at all

i certainly remember the tt05 saga... i still have one in my garage...

however, i'm not convinced that people at fanatic 'knew' about the board's inconsistent performance. i do agree, however, that they *should have known*.

so, someone somewhere down the road (from development to final production) made a mistake. was it someone at fanatic? or did cobra have some joint responsibility in this? we will never know.

also, mistakes happen. to everybody. and they will happen again in the future.

therefore, the real mistake for which fanatic can be blamed is that that it poorly reacted to its initial mistake. it would have cost them some money then, but it would have re-established confidence, thereby saving them from further damage in the future.

they choose not to do so, and this is the result: continuing lack of confidence.

making mistakes is not stupid. not learning from them is.


8th February 2006 (18:41:03) - Mudboy, wrote :
Again I have to say... Words of Wisdom...
But I'm still buying another board... F2
Total lack of confidence in my case...

9th February 2006 (23:18:19) - The Question, wrote :
who sold the board? Cobra or Fanatic ?

10th February 2006 (15:04:11) - craig gertenbach, wrote :
Hi Everyone,

as you well pointed out, the Falcon 05 issue is well documented on our forum (Fanatic) without any editing whatsoever - we approached the issue as openely and honestly as we could. I will once again point out that up until the first EuroCup and even thereafter, we had very little doubts that the board was working well, as rider input from our main team was good at that stage....anyway, you can refer to the older threads on the issue to check for yourself.

As to the various posts above, everyone is indeed entitled to their own opinions - however Pieter Bijl might just be a bit more qualified than most, I seem to remember him winning a race in the recent Worlds, therefore I would say his comments can be taken seriously. Which I canīt say about some of the posters here who seem not to want to reveal their names...hidden agendas?

To Crab and Mudboy and others who feel that we let them down, indeed, itīs true that at the very highest level, the 04 board was chosen by our top riders to be as competitive as possible. On the other hand, this is not the first or the last time in FW that a rider has chosen older boards, fins, sails, booms, masts etc to use, despite having newer versions available - or do you want to say that Fanatic is the only company who might have had this happen....surely you will then also complain to the dominating sail brands that some of their FW sizes might have been better last year...or did you maybe not test that?

My point is not so much that there are mistakes happening in the industry, itīs more that the differences between the 04/5/6 equipment in FW is extremely small, especially if the board, sail, mast, fin etcetc trim is not perfect. This means that a racer who buys his equipment has the chance to still win races with a 2yr old board as Pieter that bad for the sport, I would rather so no. Is it good for the industry?....probably not since it means you donīt neccessarily have to buy a new board each year - you can argue either way that this will have a good/bad impact on the FW sport.....on the other hand you have also to see there are not really too many brands coming into FW, rather fewer and fewer...ever wonder why?

One of the reasons is that compeition between the brands is intense, but another is lower and lower participation on certain levels. Anyway, that opens also lots of seperate discussions too. At the end of the day, if the FW riders and racers want to see more companies attracted to the discipline, I would say brand bashing and demanding that your FW board wins the race for you is not going to push the sport forward...I think careful testing of available options is the best way. If Fanatic has lost the trust, well then I guess we are going to try and win it back again, we are not known for having less than top products, so lets see what the racing season brings.

Finally coming back to Pieterīs comments - he is respectful of the other brands, his last line that Fanatic will crush the rest is of course pure competition spirit and he has proven in the past he is capable, so have Arnon and other Fanatic riders, heīs entitled to his opinion and I think if read it you can see it is more of a joke than anything else...

Anyway, I have to get back to work here and Iīm sure the rest of you racers need to get back in the gym, on your boards etc, Iīd love to say Iīm going to answer all or any posts below here, but I think Fanaticīs position is pretty clear, weīll see what the TT06 can do in contests, after all that is where the real action happens, not in forums... :-)

Good racing,

Craig Gertenbach

Fanatic Windsurf Line Manager

10th February 2006 (15:23:26) - Herman, wrote :
Right from the heart Craig...
I'm with you all the way.

By the way, wasn't it so that in the beginning of the season Ron Ruiter won the first event of the Dutch Nationals Serie on this shitty 2005 board !
But maybe this was only because he gave the board and the trim of it some time to make it work.

Can't wait for the season to start.

Herman van den Berg

11th February 2006 (21:54:53) - Anonym, wrote :
Everybody needs to lighten up. I'm glad Pieter is talking smack. Bring it on.

11th February 2006 (22:59:00) - Crab, wrote :
Mr. Craig G.

Thank you for your participation on this forum. We are not here to put the sport down and play around with people. We know everybody can make mistakes and it 100% normal. what made your customers (that where really "fanatic" for fanatic) up set was just the way the whole issue was taken care of... No one beleieved us... we where not taken seriously(I say for me an mudboy) .... Ok, we are not professional high level rides like P.Bjil(You can be sure we respect him) but we (and about 5-6 more racers)go out every single day to race and we can establish some consistent conclusions.

Please note that I did not say a word after Fanatic's forum, that was clear enough for me and there is absolutely no necessity to bring this subject on again. No one will win anythink with it. The reason I posted a comment about P.Bjil's post was just to remind him that this very guy he is e encouraging to buy the Falcon 06 because it is the "best board!!!!" can be the same guy that will see him with -another- board during races... so this time please GO AND WIN WITH THE TT06 !! this would be the best thing to happen, no one wants less brands on the market just like you said. Totaly the oposite, the greatest winner with brand competition is always the customers!

Good luck on the new designs and I hope you all from Fanatic are looking at this moment trough the positive side - This is a great challenge to go for it and turn the world upside down with results!

Good sailing, good racing and all the best

12th February 2006 (02:48:24) - Mudboy, wrote :
My first reponse to post on this forum, was because I felt in Pieter's words some kind of sarcasm not typical to the Top Racers towards public commentary about equipment. Pieter could have used better words to describe how he felt about other brand's shapes and 05/06 evolutions instead of this commment:" it seems like Exocet together with Fanatic looks most interesting and seem to have the balls to do something different."
Hope you understand my view on this...
On 05 Pieter was very eager to advertise the innovative features of the TT05 and that did not pay off. So the same kind of attitude at this stage of the year where no one can predict anything about the performances just got me interested in the issue again, therefore resulting in my posts.
Craig, I have stated my name before in the Fanatic Forum and as you know we are willing to try Fanatic boards again, just they don't get around here very often, specially before we have to make a buying order.
And as a final commentary I would like to add that I very much respect the work and the sailing done my Pieter Bijl. He is a professional that has proven on and off the water his skill level and continues to deliver... However, having your name attached and representing companies which market products to customers worldwide demands some skills which are very important. People skills are still a main part of Brand Loyalty, Pieter should react once more to his own commentaries and let us know his own thoughts on the matter, for I'm sure his following this... Once more I would like to thank you for your honesty and say that I think we all learn a lot from such discussions. As a amateur racers we feel that some how other people like us will benefit from all this.
Take care and good sailing.

12th February 2006 (18:02:18) - KARL VANDEHOVEN, wrote :

12th February 2006 (18:02:44) - KARL VANDEHOVEN, wrote :

13th February 2006 (11:53:21) - The Question, wrote :
Can you do better then Fanatic ?
Did Fanatic go into this situation before ?
Get a life. :-)

13th February 2006 (16:50:53) - BEL 7 (info at pascalsomers dot com), wrote :
Last year I was on TT05. The board was bad, but comunication from Fanatic to customer was ZERO!

This TT05 story was a big laugh. I'm only 18 but I learned a lot from this TT05 shit. It was a costly lesson but I learned it very well. :-)

Unhappy customers are like Cancer. very small in the beginning... you even can't feel it... and you think they will not cause any trouble... but when you do nothing... there getting bigger, they start to multiply... and we all know what happens after that...

so fanatic, I hope your TT06 is a killer!

(in belgium there will be ZERO racers on fanatics in 2006... compared to 2005 when we had 4)

good luck to everyone!

Pascal Somers
AHD Teamrider Benelux

13th February 2006 (19:40:21) - Mudboy, wrote :
indeed you are a young man, so am I. However, I remember very well that at the beginning of the whole TT05xTT04 forum saga YOU were the first one to deffend the TT05 against Crab's and my testimonials on the Forum. This is well recorded and every one can see. Not only in one instance you were saying that you were sailing faster and better then the year before which I'm sure you were on Star-Board. You only started criticism about the board when you went to Rhodes for the European Cup and saw with your own eyes Steve Allen and many other Fanatic sponsored riders with the TT04. This happened about 2 months after Crab and I posted our findings on the Forum.
I remeber this very well... Your next post was completely different from what we saw before. Attacking the company the way you did and still do, is not the way to go. To be unsatisfied with something is ok, but as amateur riders we have to base our oppinions on our own feelings and tests on the water. Something which Crab and I did from the beginning and chose to post our results, ONLY AND I REPEAT ONLY after we were completely sure of our findings.
I have to completely disagree with you towards Fanatic and the Fanatic personnnel. They got involved in the issue from the very begininning firstly defending the TT05.
However, Craig demonstrated from the very beginning interest in our oppinions and still does.
He delt with us very honestly and with education.
Although we did not receive any formal explanation from Fanatic nor financial gesture for the episode, it became very clear that our voices can be heard if we use them carefully and respectfully. Craig delt with the problem and tried to restore trust in the Company once more.
I respect the work done by Fanatic and the whole personnel involved in producing their boards.
I'm still willing to test Fanatic TT boards in the future as long as I don't have to buy them before hand.
So to conclude my thoughts we have to test everything very well on the water before we can make assumpitons and BASH other people openly on the net.
I obviously was not happy with what happened as you were, however there are better ways to deal with this matter then to be only wanting to resolve your own personal situation.
Sail more and find your own conclusions, so you can stand by what you say...
Take care and good sailing.

13th February 2006 (20:49:09) - crab, wrote :
Thats a true story. Made it very clear MB. Now, I believe we should all go for some training out there. Races are coming up and there is nothing else to clarify at this moment... we can just keep sailing and hope that Fanatic will fix it all..

14th February 2006 (11:00:28) - Ron Ruiter, wrote :
How bat was it.

Wile reading all the reactions the last few weeks I do have the feeling that a lot of you guys are a little to hard on Fanatic. I do sail for 8 years on Fanatic. Sponsored the Dutch importer ( thanks Herman) Last year was the first year that there where problems where a lot of racers where unhappy with the product. So at least I think Fanatic has to get the change to prove that they can do better, and please do not say anything bat about the board before you personal have sailed it. About yelling that other brands boards are better, look at previous lets say 8 years and judge after that.

Although I think there have been some mistakes on Fanatic I think A lot of sailors on the Fanatic TT05 where very early with there judgement about this board. witch had for sure his strong points. I was one of the first national racers on the TT05 and the first 3 to 4 sessions with 7 to 9 knots of wind. And what happened, I was flying no F2 or TT04 or what so ever could keep up with me. I was planning in conditions where no on could think of it. Especially downwind and in the lulls this board was amazing. The problems started later when after a few weeks with choppy and gusty 12 to 16 knots conditions where there.

After working 3 months of working my ass of building fins till late in the evening and testing all days with wind over 7 knots. I did get it going. Not in all conditions but in 70 % of it.

After seeing the international team on the Europeans on TT04 I was mentally broken. I can really say that if this was not happened I was still on the TT05. Thanks to Herman who gave me an old TT04 to finish season I did get myself together and started racing with new motivation. But till today I’m still convinced that in certain conditions the TT05 is better as the 04. Even when I look at the results of the Dutch open I can not see much difference on the races between the two boards. For who want to see your self, the first 9 races of the du6tch open I was on the TT05.

Muidezand, grevelingen wher on the TT05. Hargen, Medemblik and Vlieland where on the TT04

I did write this because I see some very young racers on this forum complaining how bat the materials are and give up way to easy. And for those , believe me from hard work and by fighting to win, you only get better.

Best regard, Ron Ruiter

14th February 2006 (13:09:38) - Mudboy, wrote :
Well said Ron,
as you remember we were the first ones to actually discuss the things we thought were wrong with the board. However, as mentioned before we were COMPLETELY SURE about the problem before we posted on the Fanatic Forum. I agree with you in many things, specially regarding Fanatic as a competitive brand.
In Formula however it was impossible to be competitive with the TT05. Performance on the board was only found in the wind range you mentioned... So how were going to win races if the wind got over 12knots... That's a very limited range of use. We sailed a lot with many different fins before making our own judgments.
We also worked very hard to get performance out of the board, but ended up disappointed...
You are lucky to be sponsored by such brand, and we know that if Fanatic really took this instance with the kind of mind setting that Craig has demonstrated, we will see you and many riders win with Fanatic again.
I hope I could test one very soon...
Take care and good winds.

14th February 2006 (15:08:47) - crab, wrote :
I must say I agree with Ron and Mudboy. This is all about ups and downs and now it is time to Fanatic and all its team rides go up again as it was on the past decade like Ron said!
Anyways, will be great to see the news boards beeing tested pretty soon... I hope the opportunity to test gets to be given to us...


14th February 2006 (15:37:58) - dm, wrote :
crab, mudboy

don't forget that you guys could test the TT05 in more varied conditions more early in the season than guys up north like ron and pascal. by the time first races started, the ice was only just melted... hence, not so unusual that they find out about the board's weak spot only later in the season. the same was true btw with arnon and steve, who were still screwing the straps on their boards in Portugal... wondering how many tow they spent on the TT05 before they started their season.

also, I know that pascal actually did do a lot to make the board work, even "testing the limits" of fw rules so to speak, and not unsuccesfully.

i agree with crab, let's get back on the water and train our asses off, with whichever board we're on.

good luck to all


14th February 2006 (17:43:09) - BEL 7 (info at pascalsomers dot com), wrote :
As Ron said, by training and testing on the TT05 I learned a lot, it certainly made me a better windsurfer. Compared to the SB I had the year before, where you just get on and go.. easy, the fanatic really needed to be trimmed and you had to work hard.

After half a season I still not managed to get the board work, simply because my windsurfing knowledge and skills are not even 1/10 from what guys like Ron know.

>>So at the Europeans when I saw fanatic teamriders on TT04 all my hope dissapeared. I got angry, ... I felt "betrayed"... (!)

Last race off the season I changed some simpel and very logical things to my TT05 board. And gues what... I was back on the podium...

Yeah really... it was that simpel... As even I could do it.
To Crab and Mudboy:
My first comment about TT05 was maybe a little to early since I only sailed the board for a couple of times... I agree with you... my fault.
When I wrote that comment I still believeD in fanatics support
All the best! and Good luck!!

Pascal Somers BEL 7

14th February 2006 (19:09:36) - Mudboy, wrote :
Pascal and dm,
exactly on the spot guys... FOR SURE WE WERE the first ones to aknowledge the problem for the reason you guys brought up. We had a lot of traning with the TT05 before every one else because of where we live. Therefore I remind that we were completely sure about what we were saying.
However dm, I understand Pascal's anger and frustration for this simple reason...
I don't understand however... and please correct me if I'm wrong... How could Arnon and Steve not have noticed this before?
1- Either they were not involved in the development phase of the TT05, which for me is already wrong since they are probably 2 of the best sailors in the world.
2- Or the development of the TT05 was not done in the most varied conditions like it should've been; which is also wrong... In my oppinion.
To conclude... Mistakes happen, as it did with Fanatic in the past. Let's wait for I'm sure that they are coming with a fast and winning board.
So let's note start talking smack before anything else like Pieter did in the beginning of this discussion.
It all comes back to his comment about a board that yet again know one knows how it will perform...
So I agree with Crab. Let's all get back to the water and talk SMACK later in the season.
Good sailing.

15th February 2006 (13:57:23) - crab, wrote :
Ron, Pascal,dm and all that are following this subject:

I was really surprised with the idea that we were the first ones to figure this out. We know Arnon was with the TT 05 in Florida Last year(This was the time we received the boards). But anyways, to get this conclusion it was not easy since Fanatic has always been a top brand in Formula and we are not pro riders (taking apart the fact that I have my doubts about people that train more the us here hehehe) So to afirm such a declaration was a big responsibilty.

After this discussion, we got pretty confident that we are on one of the best if not the best spot on the planet to formula. It is important to metion that we had PLENTY of time to test many fins, water and wind conditions.... And it seems that we did before every one.... (even the fantic pros ???!!! weard, strange....) Maybe it's time to CONSIDER this place as a test center BEFORE season starts... Why go over Maui if you are only 6 hrs from europe and Miami on straight flights ??

Here follows some data about the saga so you can all be sure that we NEEDED time to go trough all this:

1 - Fins I have today after this - R 13, 16, 17, 18; They go from S - - to M and rake foward from 6 to 8(these are only mine, friends have more also);
2 - We tried ALL footstraps and mast base spots possible;
3 - We sailed with the TT05 for about 2 moths in a roll with no interruption regarding conditions = 60 days of wind after we started training - Range from 7 to 25 knots, averange - 14 to 18;
4 - We tried NP sails(my personal preference), Gaastra Sails, Severne Sails on it(Imagine how desperate we were!!);
5 - We had an experienced more than 5 times national champ on one(25 years windsurfing), myself which were the fastest on the fleet with the TT04 and mudboy, that had experienced only SB's before. We have diferent skills and phisical conditions that go from 70 kg to 95 kg;
6 - We could compare our perfomace with another seven good level races (including ANOTHER national champ. like 8 times) that OF COURSE had diferent boards than the TT05;
7 - During this 2 months of war with the board and a lot of blood spill after many battles... We decided to get our old boards some days and gess what - We all came back straight to our correct places on the fleet.

Well, for those that are curious about this place, we are talking about Fortaleza, Brazil = Warm water, 24hr course marks placed for many wind directions, 300 windy days per year(even more), and a dedicated, very competitive fleet that trains EVERY day at our yacht club.

The downside of it ? We don't have acess to equipment that easy.... we have to BUY everything upfront and take the risk....wait for even 6 moths to get warranties and fix what ever we can by ourselves since we sail so much and the equipment gets very consumed... just to have an Idea I broke last year 5 Deboichet (the best fins I know personally)Fins while sailing ! (they are very serious with warranty) People started to believe I was the problem again, until friends started to have similar problems... I was just the heavier so it came first to me...

Well, I should get back to the water before the loanshark that provided me the money for all this equipemnt finds me hehehee - That's a joke;

Regard's to all, good racing and fell welcome to came and sail with us!

15th February 2006 (15:16:49) - crab, wrote :

MudBoy had experienced SB AND MikesLab;

Sorry for that dude.

16th February 2006 (03:07:37) - Tinho Dornellas (tinho at calema dot com), wrote :

we have have decided on a solution to the big starts at our Calema Midwinters.
Please read the thread:

16th February 2006 (07:45:42) - Ron Ruiter, wrote :

You do'nt have to defend yourself, on this anymore. Offious the board was not good otherwise I would have sailed it the whole season.
With wind over 15 knots and chop I never could keep up with my friends. What I did want to say with my earlyer comment, is that from a season of hard work you don't get any worse, even you learned something out of this i'm sure. And you must agree that on the wind limit untill 12 knots.
the board was amazing. If I had the oputurnity to register 2 board on competition, I would for sure take the TT05 on the low winds.

You lucky guys in Fortaleza.

Best regards, from 5 degrees Holland

Ron Ruiter

16th February 2006 (13:29:10) - crab, wrote :

I was just saying that we had the condition and we spent some time (specially time) and effort to get a conclusion... I must say I agree with you when it regards to marginal conditions. I just wrote all this because we have a great interest on making formula greater here and for that, we need support from international brands... Brazil is a continental country and has a very few windsurfers... Our potential on the sport is huge since we have more 150.000.000 people and more than 8.000 km of ocean front.... So I was really not interested in expose Fanatic anylonger... We just felt that could be a good oportunity to any windsurf brand to use this conditions here before season starts and than... avoid further unpleasant surprises...

Some top pros know already that it is a good place to test.

You know there are a lot of europeans coming here to kite and windsurf (FreeStyle and wave).... but Formula... no one. Just locals. This could change.... Would be great to have different people sailing from time to time..

Yes I agree, WE ARE LUCKY.

Best Regards, from 28 degrees

Lucas Fiuza

16th February 2006 (16:41:55) - chris, wrote :
hi crab

fortaleza is known to fw racers - remember the worlds in 2001

since you guys have so much opportunity to test early on in the season: any feedback on 2006 boards?



16th February 2006 (21:41:54) - crab, wrote :
Hi Chris,

I have paid (Like ALL my friends)for my SB(others ordered F2) 160 since last year and still didn't get it... actualy no one here got 2006 boards yet...(If we paid in advance and had the board in advance would be great)

That's exacly what I am saying this hole time... If we had acess or some body who does come here or make it possible to the boards to come earlier we would be with an opinion report on each board we could test.... We had the wind conditions for it...

I got the TT05 earlier because I got into an airplane myself and wnet over Miami. It was a special case.

Take care and good sailing

6th March 2006 (19:31:32) - Mudboy, wrote :
"The starboard looks like a nice board, so does the F2 but nothing to special, it seems like Exocet together with Fanatic looks most interesting and seem to have the balls to do something different. I'm confidant in my new Falcon 2006 and time will tell if I'm wrong, but unfortunatly for all the other brands out there I doubt they will be sure proving me wrong!
Fanatic will crush them all. "
If you guys can remeber, these were the words of Pieter Bijl regarding the new TT06. The same thing was said in the beginning of 2005 by the same rider. We all know what happenned in 05, so I have to admit that I was anxious about the results of the Calema Midwinters. It just seems that the saga will in fact continue in 2006. A lot of talk and no results!!! Starboard and F2 delivered with no smack talk...
How can 2 of the best riders in the world such as Pieter and Arnon not win races again?
Simple, they are riding TT06.
I had hoped that this was not the case for Fanatic, but to talk and not do the homework does not work anymore in a professional windsurfing scene where performance is vital.
Again, the lesson comes down to respecting others and their work, respecting the oppinions of local dedicated amateur racers and talking after delivering. There is still time to turn things around, but once again Pieter's overearly words did not help the companie's already fragile image in the Formula scene.
Take care and good sailing.

6th March 2006 (19:39:13) - naftacit, wrote :
Dear mudboy

I wasn't at the MW, maybe you were but I doubt it.

Anyway, I think it's a bit unfair on Fanatic and on Pieter to 'mud' them after only one event. Respect, indeed...

BTW, Craig noted Pieter was injured.

Enjoy your sailing too


7th March 2006 (05:36:43) - frank, wrote :
I saw the results from calema and it there are 3 sailors tied in 6th, just one poit behind Jimmy Diaz, who actualy stayes with the 6th?

7th March 2006 (05:46:25) - Poland, wrote :
who ever has the best discard, by the new rules.
6th Shurman, 7th Atkinson 8th Phil

7th March 2006 (19:22:11) - crab, wrote :
well, well, well.... seems like "naftacit" bought a TT 06 this year... too late pal.

There is nothing to say at this moment really. We just know that for sure P.Bjil remembers our friends (from our fleet) that were there and just as amatour sailors having fun.

Good sailing for all

9th March 2006 (14:59:11) - Mudboy, wrote :
Indeed I was not there, but a good number of Brazilian Racers from our fleet (all amateurs) were there and saw with their own eyes the lack of performance of the TT06. The board works well in very low winds, but as soon as the wind increases it seemed uncontrollable. Remember that this is not my testimonial, but I trust the oppinions of my friends and the results on the end of the regattas.
Last year Pieter raced with the TT04 in Calema and stated in the Fanatic Forum that he was not using the TT05 because his board was broken. Although there was a brazilian racer last year at the Midwinters with 3 brand new boards he was bringing to us here that he could have borrowed to Pieter if that was the case... But anyway Pieter chose to ride the TT04 the rest of the entire 05 season as we all know. This year we hear that he was injured... That might be the case...
But what about Arnon?
Everyone who follows Formula knows Arnon Dagan is one of the fastest sailors ever... Last year he was passing Bjorn Dunckerbeck at Sylt to win regattas... So we know that Fanatic is a good company, their slalom and wave boards have always been top quality, however the problem we are focusing is on their Formula program which is advertised well in advance by Pieter as beeing the best board ever, but we all know what happens after a few competitions.
I respect a lot Craig, Arnon, Fanatic and Pieter, but Forums have been used for these discussions and everyone benefits from them.
Things were said early again, so I'm just collecting facts and stating them in the best manner i see fit.
Hope you understand my view.
I heard that in the day it was really windy they even tried a 50cm fin on the board(TT06) and that did not help much...
Take care and good sailing.

9th March 2006 (15:20:51) - naftacit, wrote :

Thanks for the additional info. Says much more than your previous post.

Also I just read the results at Calema site. Not good for F indeed. 10th & 12th place for Arnon and Pieter (in a fleet of 13 pro's)...

I am very curious to see how this will turn out. In the end I'm afraid it will be a loose-loose situation for all of us who are passionate about FW.

take care


9th March 2006 (19:22:42) - Mudboy, wrote :
Indeed Nafta,
although I think that we (amateur sailors) benefit as we are not going to spend money, time and effort on a board that will not take us to victories or better sailing for that matter. For F it's another story, for the reason that we can all make mistakes and learn from our mistakes so we don't make the same error twice, but up until this moment it seems they made the same mistake again, and in my oppinion early advertisement about a board's performance before they are really put up to the test in competition regattas only brings problems...
So tke care and good sailing.

10th March 2006 (10:23:40) - craig (craig dot gertenbach at boards-and-more dot de), wrote :
Hi Mudboy,

First off just let me say I respect your/Crabīs comments and understand why you wrote the above, although I canīt agree on some of your statements.

I have to say I think you are jumping the gun a little with judging a board on one event with strong wind and flat water. If I would do the same, Iīd have to say no other board has a chance except the *board which seemed to work very well in the MW? or? So why donīt we wait and see what happens in your own backyard this weekend and next week at the South Americans. Arnon is there and weīll see how he does then - in fairness to him, he has been FW sailing very little over the winter-time, so MW with new sails and new board was maybe a little too much at once.

Re Pieterīs comments - I have no problem with his comments, as he is a competitive person - thatīs why he is on our pro team, we want winners and people who are confidant. If he is proven wrong and our board is not as competitive as the rest, then we just did not make a competitive enough board, happened before in FW and happens all the time in the other boards in any WS companies line too.

Re early advertising? We invested heavily in R&D to make the new TT06- prototypes, team costs etc. Of course we advertise that our board is a top performer, thatīs what our testing showed compared to the TT04 last June when it was finalised. Should we write in our catalogue - "uhmm, maybe donīt buy this board, cause we are not sure if it really works or not"? Donīt confuse Pieterīs competitive talk with our ads or catalogues.

We believe, as we did with the TT05 that the board is competitive. If it is not as competitive as the rest, then we just have to try harder, but that remains to be seen. I guess with recent mag test results of the other 26 boards in our line and one of the top 3 brands worldwide, we are not doing too badly. Especially with one shaper...

Funnily enough I didnīt see too many racers using the same board that won the Europeans and Worlds last year? Surely that must be the best board, acc to the way you are rating top rider performance to actual board performance? And I guess also you canīt fault Pieterīs work on the RS-6, so I have no doubt in his abilities, or Sebastianīs. FW is a very, very competitive business, clearly Pieter winning a race on a board in December 2005 which was finalised in June 2003 shows that?

Why didnīt we just make the same board as the TT04 - for sure we used it as a basis, but tried to improve it in all areas possible, that was the harder choice, but the right one. We want to be a leader, not a follower. Success is based on learning from mistakes, there is no brand out there which has made no mistakes over the years.

Quitting FW last year would have been the easy out, itīs not really a big margin earner or image maker for a brand - but we believe in it and have been one of the brands pushing it in media the last years as much as possible. So lets see if that was the right choice or not.

Lastly I really think looking 100% at the performance of top riders is perhaps not going to give the most accurate impression for choosing a FW board, most of the very small buying public in FW, or should I say tiny, are sailing mainly in one spot with specific conditions, so perhaps a more balanced choice based on local conditions, with a look at competitiveness on a National/Int level makes more sense...

Iīm on a trip next days to Cobra,Thailand, so I will not be able to comment right away on any replies, although I think I made it pretty clear what we think? I think you all prefer to see an answer from Fanatic, rather than just leaving some open comments hanging on a forum, even if you donīt agree with all my statements.

Good sailing,



10th March 2006 (14:19:04) - Mudboy, wrote :
once more your honesty and clear thoughts have come through. I realize that we may be making early judgements about the board. But you know that we were not the ones to start the comments about a board before we actually saw any regatta results. I still think Pieter's words are sarcastic and overearly even if he is the competitive rider we all know he is. I say this because of the immense impact the whole TT05 issue brought up, I would take the instance seriously and keep quiet until I had actually won an event on the board I was advertising as beeing the best. However I also understand you guys do have to advertise the board in order to sell it.
I had plans to go the South Americans, but my plans did not realize. We down here were seriously hoping to get a feel for the TT06, but still did not get the chance. So my commments are based on the early results we have from the MW, plus the impression of many local riders from our fleet who were there but did not test the board. It might be somewhat unfair at this moment to again start bashing the board, so for now I will also rest my case for I think my point has come across. I agree for a fact that Fanatic's entire range of boards is TOP quality, so I would again like to make it very clear that my comments are only directed towards the TT06 as I admire Fanatic's work as a WS company and have no reason to deminish the company's image.
Hope that your hard work is justified by soon to come results from the TT06. You have 2 of the best riders in the world to represent the company at regattas and I truly hope they deliver. We all know mistakes happen but we can always come back from them.
I like to thank you for the time to comment on our thoughts and apoligize if things that were said here were not the truth.
Your commitment to Fanatic is well appreciated and I'm sure it will pay back on a near future.
Take care and good sailing.

10th March 2006 (15:13:04) - crab, wrote :
I have to salute mudboy for his position and clarifications. Fair engough.


Thank you for your respect. I it is with out a doubt reciprocal.

This subject(tt05 and 06) is very clear in the present days. Our objective is to help. Please, we really do not inttend to teach the priest how to pray, but just to suggest to open his eyes. I believe he did already.

Good decision in going to cobra.

We understand you guys need to advertise, but honesty is something that has no price. (We believe you are not frontline selling) If somebody says the board is the "best" without making the proper testing, two times in a roll(06 and 05) and fools some unawere sailors... they have to understand consequences will come up. doesn't matter in what instance... if people feel cheated... they get upset and keep that in their minds....

We hope Fanatic fix this lack of perfomace in another conditions or maybe change someting on the board. We all know the riders are not the problem.

I will be at the South Americans to see how Arnon does.... It would be great to see him at the heads, I admire him a lot as a sailor and had the opportunity to see him flying once... the guy is FAST.

My best regards and good sailing

12th March 2006 (21:39:43) - Anonym, wrote :
If someone can ask Arnon to let them have a go on his board during this contest, after racing in the afternoons of course. Then let the rest of us know how it goes. From someone who is not paid to say how it is. I am very surprised not to see at least one very good result in just one race from Arnon at the midwinters. The conditions there are normally great for the Fanatic style FW boards.

14th March 2006 (22:57:53) - david, wrote :
i noted on the gaastra forum Steve Allen was asked to comment about the TT06 and he replied he had only riden the proto and only in light wind. It's always a difficult one and you just do the best you can within the time restraint you have but maybe Fanatic needs to have a more varied testing program...maybe they should do some testing at Fortaleza as suggested above. 300 days of wind a year..that should be good

19th March 2006 (23:31:16) - juan, wrote :
Fanatic did not good in patagonia.(formula)

only one guy with it.

but in slalom with 30 knots.... fu*** fast.

20th March 2006 (15:11:34) - Anonym, wrote :
Crab was there and he did pretty well. Im not completely sure but it seems that he finished 9th overall or somewhere around there.
The fleet had great FW racers such as: Gonzalo, Jesper, Jimmy, Arnon, Ben Van, and many other local and international racers.
Crab will arrive from Argentina in a couple of days with his impressions, but from what we have seen it was not good for Fanatic again. It shows that if you are an amateur racer who only trains in one certain spot for a whole year or more then comes to international PRO level championships, you can still do very well, as long as you have good gear and are very well trained.
Crab will for sure bring some good thoughts and insights about all the gear at the South Americans as well as some fresh news. Let's wait for that...
Take care and good sailing.

23rd March 2006 (20:23:05) - crab, wrote :

The South american event was very nice. We could have done more formula races but itīs ok.

"anonym", Thank you for your support. I was 11 over all and 7th south american. For my 1st south american event i tought i could have been a little better... some bad starts messed me up. Any ways... I am happy.

The rs6 sails looked just fantastic!! but Jesper proved that the rs5 is still going well. The north guys were also very fast and constant. It is amazing how the north masts resist to the sun.

No more coments on Fanatic. I am just very happy with my SB160.

The pros were flying !! Hopefully the next year event is held in Brasil! Lets see...

take care and good sailing

24th March 2006 (04:56:25) - T100, wrote :
The South Americans once again was a great event with a impressive organization.
Sailors from, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguai, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Israel, Nederland, USA, and Denmark all came to Puerto Madryn, in the South of Argentina and where received with incredible hospitality. The place is a popular destination for tourist whishing to see whales, seals, penguins and if you get lucky, the orcas feeding on the seals. All this happens within 200 km around the peninsula of Valdes. The accommodation was really cheap and so was the food which was delicious. Party wise it’s pretty quiet during the week but on the weekends it goes of as most of the sailors found out.
The event ran for 4 days but the gods of wind only produced 2 days of sailing. The first day with wind, 3 formula races where completed in which Gonzalo, Schurmann and Jesper all took a bullet. The next day, gusty winds of up to 35 knots came through producing some exiting 35 men slalom heats. Gonzalo took all the races winning the slalom followed by Ben, Jimmy, Schurmann and Jesper. After a short rest all sailors went to the water for one formula race to guarantee 4 formula races and get one discard, much needed by some sailors. The winds where strong (30 knots) up to 3 minutes before the start, and then it just dropped down between 10 to 16 knots during the race. Gonzalo took the race and behind him came Paulo dos Reis and Seth Bess.
Formula results:
1. Jesper
2. Gonzalo Costa Hovel (south American champion)
3. Jimmy Diaz (master champion)
4. Wilhelm Schurmann (second South American) (Light weight champion)
5. Seth Bess

1. Gonzalo (south American champion)
2. Ben Vandersten
3. Jimmy Diaz (master champion)
4. Wilhelm Schurmann (second south American)
5. Jesper

24th March 2006 (09:37:54) - sailor boy, wrote :
How did Ben get on with his new board and naish sails in formula?

24th March 2006 (10:47:18) - Adri, wrote :
Does anybody has a list of sail and boards used? Perhaps someone could produce this. We all know Gonzalo is on Pryde, but with some sailors there is a variation in boards/sails. Anybody on old material? I searched for images, but there nothing!

27th March 2006 (15:23:41) - Mantas (mantas_no_spam_ at higeja dot lt), wrote :
Hi crab,

Great result in South Americans!. Till last season Fanatic was the only one brand i used in FW.In this season i go for F160. I do not need bad info about tt06. Can you say some words about F160 I'm interested where you put the footstraps, what fin you used, mastrack position, high/low winds.
Thanks in advance

28th March 2006 (23:04:15) - Jesper, wrote :
Jesper: Neilpryde/Starboard
Gonza: Neilpryde/F2
Jimmy: North/F2
Arnon: Neilpryde/Fanatic

29th March 2006 (19:05:15) - crab, wrote :
Hi Mantas,

First thank you for the enthusiasm with my result (I though could be better :-/)and really, I don't have any "bad info" about Fanatic.... I just have "info" that as I said before, not gona coment anymore...

About the 160, I got it 12hrs before flying to the SAW... The board is just great... my coment is for a heavier guy (i am 93kg). I believe the volume has a better distribution compared to the 159... I feel the board much easyer to jibe and tak! Down wind is also improved a step ahead no doubt.

You made a good choice for sure. Send me an email at so I can give you more info if you like.

Thanks again,

Good sailing

30th March 2006 (12:58:17) - Anonym, wrote :
hey guys its Arnon, dose anyone have Alberto Menegattis
E mail adress?

30th March 2006 (17:31:09) - luis M. (luis dot m56 at alice dot it), wrote :
hei Arnon,
how are you?
this is the mail from Bambino;
when you come to the lake?
ciao Luis

30th March 2006 (22:32:42) - mini gonza (cabezabenitez at hotmail dot com), wrote :
hola happy clown , give me ur email and i give you the blond bartender one...

1st April 2006 (05:35:30) - T1000, wrote :
Bad news for all windsurfers... IMPORTANT.
As of today, no windsurfers are aloud to sail on any beach in europe unless they take out the SML (sailing marine licence) this came through today from the ISAF European Council, after 5 windsurfers aperently crashed on a tanker that caused a oil spill that will soon reach the shores of europe.
Please contact your sailing associations for more info.
Model T1000 cybernetic

2nd April 2006 (06:12:12) - bry (sailing314 at yahoo dot com), wrote :
april 1 is april fools day, right?

2nd April 2006 (16:37:36) - T1000, wrote :
YOU ARE CORRECT april 1= fools day

3rd April 2006 (02:35:55) - Allison (allison at aus911 dot com), wrote :
I noticed that people seem to be only interested in how the men went in South America. If anyone wants to know I came 10th in Slalom, 11th in RS:X and 18th in Formula out of the mens fleets. I'm just wondering if any women will be coming to the Formula Europeans and Worlds because based on the events so far this year it doesn't look good!
I also want to say that anyone that can sail and RS:X is completely capable to sail a Formula board because it is much easier. I hope we have a fleet this year, it would be a shame if there isn't.

3rd April 2006 (03:40:02) - roberto, wrote :
si, tienes razón, sorry, sometimes we (men) are too much primitive.

3rd April 2006 (13:44:09) - Mike, ISV-2 (wsurfmike at viaccess dot net), wrote :
Hey Allision!
Nice Job in S.A.'s! Dont worry so much about the other women for now; right now you have the lead and they'll follow your example soon enough (Just as Dorota did before YOU) Formula Kit must be easier to Transfer to events (9kg. board vs. 17 kgs. + maybe a couple of extra sails...) this is only a moment in time, the pendulum always swings again...hang in there! Roberto is partialy right; we are "beasts" on tour... but some of us are "enlightened beasts" I don't write much on these forums because we spend too much time "roasting" each other's ( and the manufacturer's!) Asses in print! (stupidly funny sometimes though...!) Rather than focusing on what will make us faster sailors and make the professional aspect of the sport better for the spectators and bring more money into the game...! Speaking only for myself (the only safe thing to do!) when you show up at an event and you're the only "chica", you're one of "da boyz", as you always seem to place well and can be just as dangerous (someone to watch!) as any lightwieght pro sailor on the course... Don't worry about the other shit, we can't control how, or what other people think! Just focus... and sail as fast as you can, the other chix will come and do the same when they're ready...! See you in Portugal...!

Mike, ISV-2

3rd April 2006 (23:53:45) - ???, wrote :
Mike's full of great advice - not bad for a guy who is a pro by the simple fact that he buys airfare and equipment...

4th April 2006 (15:43:19) - !!!, wrote :
So what ? He CAN be a pro than....
Money talks and Bulshit walks...
Go make some money "???" and kill you envy

4th April 2006 (23:43:07) - Anonym, wrote :
Thats correct. At least Mike is supporting the windsurfing scene and the tour by being on it and having a go! He is more supportive of windsurfing by encouraging others with his infectious positivness than you seem to be with your resentful attitude.

6th April 2006 (02:10:08) - NEILPRYYYYYYYDE, wrote :
Mike is one of the most better guys on the tour. He is unique, easy going and a good friend.
An example to be following for his attitude, and passion for Windsurf, as Anonym well said.

6th April 2006 (15:35:27) - NEILPRYDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, wrote :
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - The Difference

23rd February 2007 (11:13:24) - Max, wrote :
So, 2006 is over. How was Fanatic TT?

23rd February 2007 (15:07:52) - mudboy, wrote :
What was said at the beginning of the year is again true.
Fanatic Formula boards are a joke!!!!!!!!!!!

23rd February 2007 (18:43:12) - Max, wrote :
Heh. Then following question. I'm a recreational sailor, I have freeride 114l board. And now I'm looking for a Formula board which I can sail in 4-7 m/s (8-14knots) instead of waiting on a beach for a proper winds (they are not so regular here in Finland).

As I understood the only problem of Fanatic TT '05 is chop and winds more than 12 knots... then seems like this board is perfect for me. Because now it has quite low price as result of it's failure as a formula machine.

What do you think?

23rd February 2007 (19:11:29) - mudboy, wrote :
If you only intend to use the TT05 for recreational purposes it will work perfect for you. In the light winds you mentioned it works great, but only if you are never going to drag race with anyone.
No way to be at least competitive. Here in Brazil there are a few to spare which no one wants to buy. It's a long way from Finland but I'm sure you will be able to find one in Europe or over there for a very reasonable price.
Take care and good sailing.

24th February 2007 (10:34:32) - Max, wrote :
It will be approx $380 + Maui Fin Formula Race 70cm $85. + delivery 100$. Sound reasonable?
Also I'm going to buy Gaastra GTX 10.5 2005 rig. How do you think, will it make me happy?

Thanx, and good winds!

26th February 2007 (14:49:54) - mudboy, wrote :
Great deal I think...
Enjoy and good sailing.

22nd March 2007 (18:46:47) - Chris (grassmann at stankiewicz dot de), wrote :
Hey Pieter,

the last year blames you for your big mouth. Hope you have lessons learned.


22nd March 2007 (22:26:32) - greek fan, wrote :
formula is cool ! but here in my country there
are only 30 guys who race in national level,
unofficially as well...

23rd March 2007 (16:36:55) - , wrote :
that sounds bigger than your greek rsx fleet

23rd March 2007 (19:29:01) - gre-969 (frey at acci dot gr), wrote :
Comment to the post from 23rd March 2007 (16:36:55) wrote by :

in greece we are a nice group of formula racers and very happy about our racing program for Ļ07.
we have 5 weekends competitions in different beautiful locations + 1 week official national race in august, it would be intresting if some of you want to compeed as guest competitor with us, in case some of you like to join us let me know so i give you more informations..........
yes, we are bigger than the rsx fleet and have much more harmonie and fun in our relationships

gre -969

23rd March 2007 (21:46:38) - ceri (fw at internationalwindsurfing dot com), wrote :
good to hear that FW is alive and doing well in GRE.
Please send us more info about your events - national tours are very important to the survival of the class

26th March 2007 (00:16:51) - GR67, wrote :
Actually more and more people start to
join formula during the recent years here in
Greece. There are many
formula athletes in the region, who if they
join the events all together, we can form even
busier activities. There are
several nice beaches with the right
wind for formula. First event mid of May if Im not wrong, can't wait!

5th May 2007 (09:23:59) - Anonym, wrote :
Chris quoted: Hey Pieter,

the last year blames you for your big mouth. Hope you have lessons learned.


Interesting english spelling and grammar!

Perhaps a little less time on the forums and a little more trying to learn english??

19th November 2007 (15:23:27) - careybagsbon (1 at careyblogautoblog dot org), wrote :
Greetings to all.

Prompt the best online shop on sale of Books.

1st January 2008 (11:33:22) - Kostas, wrote :
I broke a second hand R13 M last May while racing in Greek formula Championship (conditions around 22-25knots with a 11.0 sail). I've never heard of anyone else experiencing something similar, at least here in Greece with a Formula fin...By the way, I'm around 98kg...

4th January 2008 (01:28:36) - Anonym, wrote :
Your breakdown is not uncommon,
Formula fins experience fatigue in addition to construction irregularities.
Carbon is a fragile material

20th June 2008 (04:23:05) - N, wrote :
Sometime the fin manufacturer gets it wrong

my brand new R13 M, broke after 12 uses (3 months).

16th August 2012 (03:54:02) - yAran (dsdnb at comcast dot org), wrote :
It’s exhausting to find educated folks on this subject, but you sound like you already know what you’re talking about! Thanks