Posted : 16th of January 2010

2010 South American Formula Windsurfing Championships

Uruguay, Puerto del Buceo, Montevideo,, 11-16 February '10

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Blue Water regatta | 17th January 2010 (03:34:02)

Alex Caviglia Blue water regatta started today and will run until monday.
Two races today, winds around 20 knots on the first one and 10 knots on the second race.
good fleet out there.
Paulo dos Reis, Micah Buzianis, Schurmann, Bodner, Ron Kern, Fernando, just to name a few. Schurmann came first on both races followed by Paulo in second on both races as well. Micah took a third on the first race and won the second race, but was ocs.
more races tomorrow.

Anonym | 17th January 2010 (09:55:57)

where we can see some pic?

Anonym | 17th January 2010 (12:37:44)

Schurmann was one fire winning both races, In the first Dos Reis was 5 meters behind after 28 minutes on the course. Followed by Micah then Bodner in the fist. In the second Micah had a nice lead when he finished, but as stated above he was OCS and then it was Schurman again winning and followed by Dos Reis

Anonym | 18th January 2010 (05:31:32)

Two races today, first one Micah went alone the the left side of the course and took the lead on the first upwind mark, second was Schurman, and Dos Reis.
In the end Paulo manage to edge out Micah and took the win, Micah second and Schurman in third but OCS.
Second race, light winds, Micah and Schurmann started to the left, but they did not get the wind shift they where hopping with the rain, in the end they had to fight back from almost last. Paulo took the win followed by Schurmann and Micah.
With only 4 races, Paulo is leading with Fernando in second and probably Steve in third. Schurmann and Micah have each a OCS which will only be discarted after the 5th race.

Anonym | 18th January 2010 (13:21:22)

was Micah sailing his new proto when he took the bullet?
Is it a 12?

Anonym | 18th January 2010 (14:23:16)

Micah never took a Bullet yet... 2 Times Paulo, and 2 times Schurman...

Anonym | 18th January 2010 (14:32:35)

oh yes,he took it.Just was ocs!
...but,when you have still 25 min to race,you can better figurate out if his sail worked...

Bob | 18th January 2010 (14:32:51)

No Proto,

it's the 2012 RS:Vapor:R

Cooperation Edition

Jason | 18th January 2010 (15:06:30)

Why is shurman on the old board? I thought he would be one of the first one to receive it.

POL555 | 18th January 2010 (15:54:15)

Comment to the post from 18th January 2010 (14:32:51) wrote by Bob :

can you tell some more about it?

Anonym | 18th January 2010 (22:25:00)

Guys if you are Over early you are over...You don't get a Bullet!!!
Plus he just discover it for sure at the end of the race...

Will be interesting to see all the FW guys at the Worlds in Argentina, and look if Antoine and Micah will come strong or will get blown away from all the new FW guys...

What you guys say, who will be the Top 5 contenders for the FW Worlds??

Anonym | 19th January 2010 (01:56:12)

Last day of the Blue water regatta today and they manage to do one race.
It was very light. and after the first round, most of the sailors half planned and half floated, including the top guys. In the end, Dos Reis won the race and the event, Fernando finished second on the race followed by Bodner, Shurman and Micah, who were chatting as they floated down to the finish.
So the results for the regatta was:
1. Dos reis
2. Shurman
3. Micah
4. Fernando
5. Bodner

Anonym | 20th January 2010 (00:09:39)

where's the official results?

Anonym | 20th January 2010 (20:38:13)

results @ dot pdf

Anonym | 21st January 2010 (00:06:19)

what was sailing Peter Ifju?
There was someone with new Exocet?
Who was with the second North proto?

Anonym | 21st January 2010 (20:41:12)

What about the JP??? Seems like Micah wasn´t going so good with his custom NPS and his new JP. Same as Ron Kern who normally is higher in the ranks..someone has some imfo of the performance of the new board JP??? I have to decide what to get!!

Anonym | 22nd January 2010 (17:17:42)

I would not read too much into the results as far as equipment is concerned. The wind strength varied considerably between the time we left the dock and the time we raced. The racecourse was so far from the launch that it was impossible to go back and change fins or sails between races. The course was very large and affected by offshore winds swirling around a cluster of highrises, as well as a very large mooring field of yachts that many of us raced through. Skill in picking the right side of the course and playing the shifts mattered way more than the design of the boom cutout. I am pretty sure that Peter Ifju was on a L8, with North sails. Dos Reis and non-pro Fernando Martinez were going very good on PD formula boards, but so was Schurmann, on a SB 160, and Bodner, on a L8. One of the locals tried using the new Exocet on Monday but I don't think he finished (it was a super long race with winds decreasing further after the pros finished). My impression was that the gear was pretty evenly matched. If there were anything about the gear that mattered at the regatta, I would say it was having a good, big, cutdown fin on the light air races.

Pawel Hlavaty | 23rd January 2010 (08:40:21)

don't think- get starboard

Anonym | 24th January 2010 (15:34:19)

polish pragmatism.
did anybody test new gaastra ?

Marco | 24th January 2010 (22:43:23)

did anybody test the new DROPS KRANZ 100?

Anonym | 25th January 2010 (00:31:51)

Hi Pawel,
I noted in Santa Pola you've both registered the rsr 11,8 and rs6 11,6.What's for?Aren't them similar size?Would you please tell me the difference of the 2 models (apart cams)?
Is it one more power and other more more speed?

Miami | 30th January 2010 (00:39:46)

Don't read too much into the gear? North PD setup at Caviglia DOMINATED THE EVENT! You had one good pro and one good non-pro who could clearly plane in less wind than the other setups...very, very fast in up and down stuff, and they did very good when the wind was up also. New Warp is very good, a radical departure from the old sails and anything else out there. PD is a top shape this year for sure.

Anonym | 30th January 2010 (10:10:32)

from what I know in Miami the race committee was bad.They set up the worst possible
courses on two of the three days.There was plenty of wind, but only five races were done.Could it be called a complete stuff test?
Anyway Paulo and Fernando were always at the top.
What's "the radical departure" from old North's?
Just 7 battens will be enough to keep sail stability when the things get rougher?
Has the sail got more "back hand"or is it still the "classic" North model with the draft loocked down below the boom and forward?
What's changed in new PD respect the Z?
Keep comment,that's gonna help a big amount of Europeans to better figurate out during their (cold) winter!

Anonym | 30th January 2010 (14:10:37)

With 7 battens, if you remove cambers leaving only 3, is this sail Formula Experience legal?

Dave Kashy | 1st February 2010 (04:10:16)

Anders Loken Please contact me.


Anonym | 1st February 2010 (13:42:00)

news about Europeans Formula?

Anonym | 2nd February 2010 (15:59:30)

I'm searching a NP rsr 11,8 (only good condition) to buy.

Fort Lauderdal | 4th February 2010 (01:03:36)

If you pick up a new North and and old North, the difference in weight is dramatic, you will see. Also, rig the two sails and look at them, you will see it is a completely new animal, compare them directly. The sail has a lot of power and the results were obvious. New board is excellent, there maybe other good ones, but that is a top board for sure.

Anonym | 4th February 2010 (01:15:25)

For sure the new North 12 is really powerful.

Anonym | 4th February 2010 (14:40:02)

Is this new Warp 2010 with only 7 battens legal under the Formula Experience rules if you take one camber off?

neric | 4th February 2010 (18:23:40)

Not allowed to take of cam in FE

Anonym | 5th February 2010 (10:25:11)

I thought the rules are: 7 battens, 3 cams, just that and if you take off one cam to have 3 cams that would be allowed.

neric | 5th February 2010 (21:46:48)

If your sail is with "one cam removal" by construction brand (like ram F9 ou Pryde MK1) ok. if not :you can't !

Anonym | 5th February 2010 (21:58:41)

Only Freerace sails are allowed in FE.

FE Rider | 5th February 2010 (23:09:10)

Words from Remi in Starboard Free Forum:
"No chance for this sail became a sail for Formula Experience, we choose only from Free Race sails market to make this class as cheap as posible and also only the ones who are built for 3 cams not 4 cams."

All the best

Anonym | 6th February 2010 (10:26:22)

Warp 2010 is labeled as a 3 or 4 cam sail in the NS site. Sooo.....

SWE73 | 6th February 2010 (11:14:26)

Any websites up for the new finbrands? I´m thinking of Boss and Z-fins

Or is there any contactinformation?

FE Rider | 6th February 2010 (12:36:58)

Warp 2010 is NOT a freerace sail, sooo ....

FE Rider | 6th February 2010 (12:43:35)

And why allow race sails with a high cost, when we have a class with cheaper sails that satisfied most of the sailors? If you want to use Warp 2010, go race in FW class!!! What do you want from FE, racing with a top end, high cost sail?

Anonym | 6th February 2010 (23:15:44)

regardless of the cost of the sail, can you use the 2010 north warp with only 3 cams in the FE class?

Anonym | 7th February 2010 (02:06:21)

Don´t you saw post with comments from Remi Villa (president of FE Class Association)? No chance for this sail became a sail for Formula Experience class.

Anonym | 7th February 2010 (11:50:05)

So, if you red the rules, there's NOTHING written there that says "freerace" sail, just 7 batten and 3 cams.

Anonym | 7th February 2010 (12:41:04)

The main rule in FE Class is the GOOD SENSE. You want to race with a Top End race sail in a class that the main focus is stop the high cost increase. If the class is trying to give equality to the racers with a standard sail, why are you trying to modify this? Another time, Good Sense!!!

wilhelm schurmann BRA999 | 13th February 2010 (00:25:54)

Tomorrow we start the south americans.
Most sailors have been training here for a few days.
strong winds predicted for Sunday and Monday.

Anonym | 13th February 2010 (00:39:03)

If the sail is not forbidden, why not???

Anonym | 13th February 2010 (09:37:31)

hallo Willy,you think will be possible post here a sailors/equipments here?

wilhelm schurmann BRA999 | 14th February 2010 (02:40:19)

No wind on the first day of the south americans. Tomorrow forecast is for very strong winds.

wilhelm schurmann BRA999 | 14th February 2010 (22:31:59)

report from today should be up soon.
3 races in super choppy conditions and 15 - 18 knots.

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Anonym | 20th January 2011 (06:44:04)

isnt formula windsurf dead

Vincent | 20th January 2011 (18:03:03)

When and where is the world championship?

Anonym | 20th January 2011 (23:02:05)

It could be great if the World FW will be around the 12-17 July , because in the beguining of July(1ft to 8th) they have some person who have examens or things like that..

ceri | 21st January 2011 (11:59:52)

hi - the US Nationals are over those dates - it has to be early july

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