Posted : 26th of May 2012

2012 Italian National Championship 2012 European Cup & Davide Beverino Memorial Trophy

Italy, Chiessi, Elba Island, 13-16 June '12
1.1 Formula Windsurfing National Championship 2012, incorporating an event of the 2012 European Cup and the Davide Beverino Memorial Trophy.
1.2 The regatta will assign the title of National Champion to the first Italian competitor in the overall ranking.
1.3 The event is part of the European Cup circuit 2012, for details see:

Chiessi, Elba Island.
Wednesday 13 – Saturday 16 June
Elbani Sailing Club
At the Marciana Marina sailing club tel.0039056599027

3.1 Entry to the regatta is “open”, and there is no limit to the number of inscriptions.
3.2 All Italian competitors must have their AICW 2012 membership (which includes insurance for the year as is requested by the Federal Rules) and FIV 2012 membership, medical cedrtificate type A.
3.3 For the Italian competitors entry to the regatta will only be allowed on the presentation of a valid medical certificate at the time of inscription. Members MUST have memberships in order 48 hrs prior to the regatta. No inscriptions to the FIV-AICW will be issued on site.
3.4 The non-Italian competitors will have to have their National Memberships in order; where the nation of affiliation does not require a medical certificate, the competitor must provide and exhibit one at the time of inscription.
3.5 The non-Italian competitors must provide evidence of a valid insurance cover for third party liability, with maximum sum payable by insurers of one million euro.

4.1 Classifications will be compiled for the following divisions:
*Masters (born from 1967 to 1976);
*Grandmasters (born in 1966 and previous years);
*Male light weight - up to 75Kg.
4.2 The divisions are valid with the participation of at least 3 competitors in the division in question.
4.3 The title of ‘Italian National Champion’ will be assigned to the Italian Classified first in the overall event ranking.
4.4 The event overall ranking will be valid for the European Cup Series.
4.4 One race is required to validate the regatta.

The regatta will be conducted according to:
*ISAF 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing, including Appendix B;
*the Prescriptions of the FIV;
*Class Rules of ‘Formula Windsurfing International Class’;
*The Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions.

6.1 Competitors may be required to complete an Equipment Registration Form.
6.2 The declared material may be subjected to stamping.
6.3 Equipment Inspections may be made at any time by the Race Committee.
6.4 Disputes over the validity of equipment may involve a cost to the competitor if it requires the inspection by an official measurer.

The minimum wind speed for the start of a race shall not be less than 7 knots during the procedure; during the race the Race Committee will have complete discretion as to suitable racing conditions.

All competitors are obliged to wear suitable buoyancy aids. This requirement cannot be the subject of protest by a competitor against another competitor. The Race Committee may penalize a competitor without a Protest Committee hearing.

There will be a maximum of four races per day.

10.1 The competitors have to register in the morning of the first day – from 9.30 to 12, followed by the skipper’s meeting at12,30.
10.2 During the skipper’s meeting an indicative programme will be given for the day.
10.3 The last possible race will be at 19,30 of the last day of the regatta.
10.4 All competitors are obliged to be present at the skipper’s meeting due to the fact that that any variations in the regatta’s instructions could be communicated orally.

The current ISAF regulations will be applied ie low points scoring system. However, discards will be according to FW Championship Rules : from 1 to 3 races 0 discards, from 4 to 6 races 1 discard, from7 to 10 races 2 discards, from 11 to 15 races 3 discards.

These will be available to all competitors at the time of inscription.

13.1 It is obligatory to pay a “pre-inscription”. All must pay (unless agreed otherwise) the inscription fee of 100.00 euro for seniors and masters; 85.00 euro for youth and juniors. The payment shall be made by bank transfer to:
IBAN: IT 15 P 07048 00000000211
Made out to Cicoli velici Elbani,
For: inscription.ita Formula Windsurfing e European cup.
Communications by mail to: Late entries after 5 June 2012 incur a penalty of 20.00 euro.
13.2 For no reason are oral or telephonic communications accepted.
13.3 The racers who for any reason wish to cancel their participation must send a communication to the organizing club before, and not after, midnight (24.00hrs) on the day preceding the start of the competition. The inscription fee will not be refunded.
13.4 All the inscriptions must be ratified, unless otherwise advised to the organizers at the Race Office on site of the regatta.
13.5 At 12.00, unless otherwise stated by the organizers, the inscriptions will be considered closed and no other competitor will be admitted to the regatta.
13.6 It is obligatory to apply the “sticker” of the AICW and relative sponsors.

ISAF Regulation 20 –Advertising Code – applies.

With the inscription to the regatta every competitor automatically grants the right to the organizer to audio registration, photographs, footage, video recording and television live or recorded taking during the regatta for no fee . The presence of boats for the media as for the trainers and team managers must be authorized by the Race Committee.

The club organizers decline any responsability for any eventual damage caused by persons or things both in sea and land.

For any further information:

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Anonym | 30th May 2012 (10:24:24)

Which is the best way to fly there?

ceri | 30th May 2012 (13:07:40)

The island is connected to the mainland via the three ferry companies, Toremar, Moby Lines and Blunavy, all offering routes between Piombino and Portoferraio, the capital located in the north, Cavo, Rio Marina and Porto Azzurro, on the east coast of the island.
There is an airport on the island, Marina di Campo Airport. It is served by Intersky, with flights to Friedrichshafen, Munich and ZĂźrich, and ElbaFly by internal flights.

Anonym | 30th May 2012 (15:32:46)

OK, thanks Ceri for info.

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