3rd of October 2016, Russia, Russian Formula Windsurfing European Cup

Warm Black sea, tricky wind, short and smooth waves from different directions...

From September 21st till September 25th the swan song of 2016 Russian windsurfing season took place in Sevastopol.

Warm Black sea, tricky wind, short and smooth waves from different directions – all that occurred within the last days of September. Competitors were represented by Latvia, Lithuania and Russia

After great opening ceremony it was decided to hold 2 races back to back. North east wind with gusts up to 22 knots by short high wave presented to athletes all the variety of skills appliance. At the end of the day first was Janis Preiss (Latvia, Riga) followed by Vlad Burmistrenko and Dmitriy Davidenko (both Sevastopol, Crimea)

Second day the wind was beyond the limit and despite several attempts to start - the race day has been closed without racing.

Expecting the light wind in the middle day of regatta, race committee measured 14 knots and increasing, so the full throttle day gave us 3 plus 2 back to back races with good stable strong wind and smooth wave. Overall layout slightly changed and by the end of the day the first three places have been captured by Janis Preiss, Dmitriy Davidenko and Artem Murashev (Novosibirsk, Russia).

Unfortunately there was not enough wind for the last two days and final standing was the same.

All the competitors are mentioning the excellent venue disposition and high level of racing organization.

We are expecting more sailors next September! See you in Sevastopol!

Final results