22nd of September 2002, Germany, FW Worlds 2002

FW Worlds 2002 - Sylt
Day one

on-line from Sylt
...some more photos
Results after 2 races (revised) ...men
Only three girls finished the first race!
1. Lucy Horwood
2. Dorota Staszewska
3. Christine Jonston

The winds pick up to more then 30 knots. No more racing today! Maybe time for wave!!!
Race #2:
Finish: F-192,POL-10,KV-11,GBR-83,US-34,AUS-0,US-3
Second upwind: F-192,POl-10,KV-11,GBR-83
Downwind mark:F-192,KV-11
Upwind mark: F-192,AUS-0
Start for the men race#2!
Red flag for men race #2 in 5 minutes! Windspeed 28 knots!!
Wind speed 20 to 24 knots. Start for the men in 15 minutes.
The start for the race #2 for ladies is canceled.
12:25 Next start for the girls in 8 minutes
MEN: Finish: F-192,US-34,AUS-7,US-3,POL-10
WOMEN: Finish: GBR-95, POL-1
MEN: Downwind mark: F-192,KC-1,US-34,?,POL-10
MEN: Upwind mark: KC-1,F-192
13:50Start for the men fleet!
Women: Down wind mark: GBR-95, POL-1, FRA-316,GBR-93
General recall! for the men. G-16 BFD
Start for the ladies fleet!
Some ladies lost their sails on the shore break! One minute to the start

Wind speed on the course area 15 to 22! knots!
Z flag is up! 20 minut to the starf for the ladies fleet!

We see wind and waves coming from the north. Wind is picking up! We are waiting for the wind to stabilise. ... stay tuned!
12 knots on the course area. We are waiting for AP go down. Stay on line...
So far look at the photos from yesterday's ...opening ceremony

Race director Klaus Michel has held the first skippersmeeting of the FW Worlds at 10:00. At the moment the conditions are not sufficiant with only 6 to 10 knots. But the forecast looks pretty spectacular. The wind should pick up in the afternoon to 7 or 8 Bft with gusts of 9 to 10. As the direction will be offshor there seems to be no chance for Waveriding. So we will probably have some extreme racing in the afternoon. At the moment the course is set up. So stay online...
...first race course diagram
...more photos
...some photos
We waked up with a heavy rain. Now at 8:45 it is sunny with a 12 knots wind from North-East. The competitors preparing their equipement for the first possible start at about 11:00. Skippers meeting at 10:00. Stay tuned.