2nd of June 2012, Italy, ITA Open FW National Championships

ITALIAN OPEN - Introduction and Event Schedule .....

From June 13 to 16 in the beautiful and windy waters of Chiessi (Elba Island), will take place the Italian Formula Windsurfing Championship and Memorial Cup to Davide Beverino. The event this year will have a greater focus, as it is a ‘tour stop’ of the European Cup, the new european circuit for formula windsurfing.
So with the best Italian athletes will also compete, in our waters, the best European athletes.
Chiessi is now one of the most famous and well known areas for practicing windsurfing, especially of formula, thanks to its thermal winds of moderate strength.
This wonderful location is home for over 15 years to formula and slalom races, of all levels, including the Italy Cup & Italian Championships including, unforgettably, the last edition of 2004, with nearly 70 athletes competing.
We are particularly honored to commemorate on this occasion, our dear friend Davide Beverino, who was very fond of this spot, and for many years trained and competed right here with us all. His memory still strong and indelible in our hearts.

Notice of Race
Event poster

Competitors are also reminded about a special accommodation and ferry deal .

Event Schedule:
• Wednesday 13 June
9.30 to 12.00 - Inscriptions
12.30 - Skipper's meeting
13.30 to 19.30 - Races
• Thursday June 14
9.30 - Skipper's Meeting
10.30 to 19.30 - Races
21.00 - Gala Dinner
• Friday June 15
9.30 - Skipper's Meeting
10.30 to19.00 - Races
Aperitif at Bar Garden Beach Marina di Campo, with games (surfing simulator), live music and film projection of previous editions. (Obligation to be for all athletes).

• Saturday, June 16
9.30 - Skipper's Meeting
10.30 to19.30 - Races
22:30 - Buffet and Disco Pub ‘The Den’, awards at Marina di Campo,

the evening continues with games (surfing simulator), live music, DJ sets and video projection of the previous editions. (Obligation to be for all athletes).