29th of November 2009, Brazil, Fortaleza Grand Prix 2009

Gabriel Browne won 2009 Fortaleza Grand Prix

With 2 races on the final day of the Fortaleza Grand Prix it was all to play for. The overnight lead held by Alberto Menegatti (ITA4) all but evaporated with a disastrous first race this morning, when he finished 10th. It was a race that Gabriel Browne (BRA50) led from start to finish. It would take a minor miracle in race 15 for Alberto to regain the overall lead - a reversal of the positions in the previous race would do it ! Alberto led at the start - and "Biel" was down the fleet ; however the young Brasilian fought back to take first place on the last leg of the race. What a finish. Alberto had to be content with second place in the race , and second overall in the event. A consistant performance from Steve Allen (AUS0) and a third place in the final race ensured he had final place on the podium.

An exciting finale to a fantastic Grand Prix which formula enthusiasts could follow live thanks to coverage on TV Uniao.