26th of October 2009, Brazil, Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2009

Ross Williams (GBR83) wins 2009 Sao Paulo Grand Prix.....

Another full days racing at the 2009 Sao Paulo Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix with 4 races completed on the final day, and a total of 12 races in the series. Ross Williams continued where he left off on day 4, with 2 wins to his name, to ensure top position on the podium. However the first race of the day did not go according to plan - uncharacteristically Ross lost the early lead and the result was another fine win for Gabriel Browne (BRA50) - closely followed by DEN111 and BRA999 who were having a private battle to secure the final two positions on the podium.

Ross won races 10 and 11 - but both Jesper and Wilhelm slipped up race 11. A win for Willhelm in the final race meant he overhauled Jesper to finish the series in second place. Full results and photos from the final day are available on both the formula and WindBrasil websites.

For video clips visit - www.morlima.com

Result Summary:
1st - Ross Williams (GBR83) Gaastra/Tabou
2nd - Wilhelm Schurmann (BRA999) Starboard/Pryde
3rd - Jesper Vesterstrom (DEN111) Starboard/Pyde
4th - Alberto Menegatti (ITA4) Starboard /Simmer
5th - Paulo Dos Reis (BRA3333) - North

1st Youth - Igor Ferreira (BRA1811)
1st Master- Mathias Pinheiro (BRA5)
1st Woman - Sarah Hebert (ARM1)

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