7th of July 2009, Spain, World Festival 2009 - FE & FW Junior ,Youth & Masters World Championship

Day two. Ceri reports

20:17 | we also have a fleet of sailors too old for youth and too young for masters (seniors). They start with the masters and we have a combined ranking for information- published as \\\\"OPEN\\\\".
We will also publish a separate ranking for seniors .

19:36 | the leading sail;ors after 6 races: junior- PER 7 on a tie break from BRA767, PER99; youth- FRA41, POL23, NED777; master - EST202, AUT30, NED34

19:34 | last race of today and for masters - EST202,NED34,GBR451, BRA5, AUT30.
full results after 6 races to follow soon

19:03 | apologies to Teade- NED777

18:38 | we have the top finishers from race 6 of the youth - FRA41, DEN777, EST24, POL83, POL23

18:36 | we have finished the last race today for the FE juniors -PER7, PER99, BRA767.
Tonight we have the agm for the FE class - with some important changes proposed.

17:29 | The results of the master fleet; 1st EST 202 (His 4th bullit), 2nd NED 34 and 3rd AUT 30. The junior fleet is send on the water for their last race of today.

17:25 | The wind picks up and we had some nice racing in the 2nd races of to day. One more serie to go. In FE junior the first three PER 7, BRA 767 and PER 99. In the FW youth FRA 540, POL 48 and GER 220. The masters just finished races. We hope the results will be here shortly

15:34 | lots of photos here:http://www.mapdigital.es/

15:31 | the top 3 sailors in each fleet for race 4: junior- PER7,BRA767,ESP161; youth- NED777, POL23, GER220; master- EST202, AUT30, GBR451.

15:10 | Competition at the top of all fleets is as tough as ever, with the possibility of a full regatta of races at this championship. The organisers have done a fantastic job setting up the event site - and with such good beach and wind conditions we look forward to a memorable event

15:08 | sorry for the late start with the report. We have had one race today for all fleets. An earlier start for the juniors was abandoned as the wind was not settled, the conditions are very good now.