31st of December 2008, Peru, World Festival 2008 - FE & FW Junior ,Youth & Masters World Championship

Day 3 - New Year's Eve

It was the 3rd consecutive windless day in Peru.
We were called out on the water but the wind died before we got to the start line.
To be fair, the wind picked up again for about one hour before sunset but the racing had been called off at about 5pm. The race officer said he will wait later on the 1 Jan before calling off the racing.
Today (1 Jan - day 4) at about 1.30pm the wind is still light but the sun is appearing so it might pick up.

The Peruvian hospitality more than made up for the lack of wind last night during the New Year's Eve dinner and party. The Yacht Club Ancon is a beautiful place which is the perfect setting for parties of legend... Tropical rythms went on very very late last night. What a party it was!!!

Xavier Ferlet