8th of August 2008, Poland, Allegro Cup - Formula European Championships

Leszek Rutkowski, POL-1 Łeba event report

The Eueopean's in Leba are over. Allegro, the main sponsor of the event, got everyone used to great organisation, parties and crowds on the beach during the previous years. So all we needed this year was good conditions and as they came we managed to pull of 13 races - what more can one ask for?

For me this was one of the two key events this season(the World's is the other). The goal was to finish top 16 and fight for the podium in lightweight. I started my season with a couple of training sessions in Egypt and Poland tuning up my gear. I was the only person on MauiSails in Poland at the beginning of the season so it took a bit more time to check all the possible settings but I did it and felt strong and ready to compete.

We started the event in split fleets because over 130 competitors turned up. My plan for the first days was to stay consistent and avoid mistakes, collisions and overearlies so I had a stable position before going into the gold fleet. There were 6 qualification races before the final split. I managed to stay top 10 in all of them which made the trick and I entered the final stage on the 13th position. Then came the point to push more and sail a bit more risky, which was the only chance to get any decent places with all the good guys together. I pulled of a few good aggressive starts and all in all it allowed me to hold my lucky 13th place until the end.

In the light weight category I finished 2nd but since Wilhelm Schurmann, who was in front of me, is from Brasil, I got the European’s gold medal. So I met my aims for this event and couldn’t be happier.

Right now I’m already focused on preparations for the World’s in Portugal. There is a month left so I plan to be 120% ready. It’s enough time to check some slight changes that I discussed with the MauiSails and Exocet riders lately. However I don’t plan anything radical and hope to repeat my result in Portimao.

Stay tuned,
Leszek Rutkowski, POL-1