13th of December 2005, Australia, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

Breeze arrives late for Formula Windsurfing Worlds

All were poised for the opening race, due to get underway at 12.00pm, but the weather had other ideas. Sailors spent most of the day ashore, until finally at 5.00pm, the wind kicked in sufficiently for organisers to get racing underway on Port Phillip.

“There wasn’t much wind at the start, but then it came,” one boardsailor was heard to say.

The Men’s event was away first and France’s Julien Quentel made the best of the wind, getting away smartly to take out the first race from Devon Boulon (ISV) in a good 10 knot plus breeze, backing that up with a second in race two, to lead the series from two-time world champion Wojtek Brzozowski (POL), who scored third and fourth places. At 19 though, Quentel is a star on the rise – the current Youth World and European champion is showing the best senior Men’s windsurfers in the world that age is no barrier.

Despite only having his equipment delivered just after lunch time today, Seth Besse (USA) went out and finished his day with a fourth and a fifth for third place overall.

Poland dominated the Women’s event in their only race of the day, in fading breezes and daylight, organisers called off racing for the night – it was a long day for all. Four time world champion Dorota Staszewski won the race from Marta Hlavaty with their countrywoman and Youth champion Zofia Klepacka fourth.

Not a good start for Australia’s main chance, Allison Shreeve. As she made ready to start, a competitor from the Men’s, confused about starting times, collided with her, causing her to capsize and lose around two minutes of precious time, putting paid to her chances of taking out the first race. However, she picked up quickly to come home third in winds that had increased to 14 knots, only to drop away towards the end of Men’s second race.

Whilst most of the ingredients were in place for the Championship early on; sun, blue skies and fairly flat seas, breezes could only wheeze their way to five knots with gusts up to seven and eight at times and were light, patchy and changeable.

Finally, at 5.00pm, enough wind kicked in and the postponement flag came down and the beach was emptied of boards very quickly. Race one got away around 5.15pm

Competitors were not bored though, catching up with fellow competitors, checking out new sails and boards, ringing home to speak with family and some, like Shreeve, updated her website and undertook media interviews. “There’s always something to do while you wait for wind,” she said adding, “it never gets boring.”

For others, like 21 year old American boardsailor, Seth Jesse, the delay was a welcome one. Jesse flew into Australia two days ago, only to find the airline had mislaid all his sailing equipment, including board and sails. He spent the best part of yesterday on the phone trying to track his equipment down, but to no avail. Finally today, following two more phone calls, his package arrived just after midday.

Having not done much racing this year, the San Franciscan was disappointed with his additional problem: “A friend offered me the loan of a board, so I am lucky for that, but it doesn’t feel like my board, you know?”

Racing will continue tomorrow from 12.00pm, with weather forecasters predicting north westerly winds at 10-15 knots tending south to south westerly at around 15 knots – ideal for boardsailing.

Full results will be made available soon.

Further information: Di Pearson, mobile: 0410 792 131

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RĂŠmi | 13th December 2005 (14:30:57)

Super Julien, continue comme ça. Tchinbè raid pà moli.

La Gwada + famile | 13th December 2005 (14:36:32)

tchinbe raid ti mal.
Merde pour la suite ( gwada+ brest)

Anonym | 13th December 2005 (16:13:39)

Mmm I dont think it will last...merde indeed! :;

pierre + Arnaud fra9 | 13th December 2005 (16:51:55)

Allez JUJU, comme aux gorges....
Tu nous fais ĂŠnormĂŠment plaisir.
La Martinique aussi est avec toi.

marissa | 13th December 2005 (18:00:53)

JUJU you are the best!!!!!

Toasty | 13th December 2005 (20:43:17)

Volwater, krijg nou tieten!!! Vol gas, toppertje man!!! Voor alle Nederlanders: If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much!!!!

Sieger | 13th December 2005 (21:02:45)

Waar zijn die Aussies, 5 Nederlanders bij de eerste 13 !!!!
Klasse !!!!!

Geert Hokke | 13th December 2005 (22:17:07)

Comment to the post from 13th December 2005 (20:43:17) wrote by Toasty :

Helemaal mee eens, super, man. Grote klasse!!!
Volhouden en oprollen die hap!

Toasty | 13th December 2005 (23:11:27)

Ja jongens, vanavond maar even op stap daar dan komt het morgen helemaal goed. En neem Bennie ook effe mee want die heeft het gas nog niet gevonden. mzzllll

FRA 433 | 14th December 2005 (01:44:42)

Allez Juju, on est tous avec toi ! on sait que tu vas le faire ce podium, t'es super bien parti,bon courage pour la suite !
Bon courage ĂŠgalement à tous les Frenchies : Antoine, Florent, AurĂŠlien, Johann, Tom et tous les autres...

Anonym | 14th December 2005 (02:18:18)

looks like tony elbow better get used to being smoked by the new fron on the block.

Anonym | 14th December 2005 (02:19:21)

looks like tony elbow better get used to being smoked by the new frog on the block.

Morane et ClĂŠmentine | 14th December 2005 (03:08:07)

au taquet comme d'hab...change rien pour la suite et on te dis un gros : MERDE

Anonym | 14th December 2005 (04:04:42)

Nice list at http://www.formulawindsurfing.org/filez/results/051214_1/competitorlist.pdf
But we want to know who registered what equipment.
Please post it!

kj | 14th December 2005 (05:29:01)

so please send the e-mail to organiser! I can do nothing for you! I am only posting the news!

ceri | 14th December 2005 (07:30:50)

that will follow ...soon

??? | 14th December 2005 (08:40:24)

Ceri! more news please... in last 50 minuts for sure somthing happend

GĂŠraldine et Sylvain | 14th December 2005 (09:31:24)

Wahoo!!! La classe Juju! On est avec toi, continue à t'ĂŠclater comme ça!

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