12th of August 2004

YYTERI FINLAND 30.7.-1.8. 2004

The 3-day event took place in Yyteri shallow water area on the west cost of Finland. Total of 54 competitors participate the event. In Formula Windsurfing there were 49 participants, including 8 in Youths and 9 in Masters Divisions. In Freestyle five participants from Finland tried their best in the weak winds.

In Formula Windsurfing there were participants from Denmark (1), Norway (1), Sweden (4), Estonia (20), Latvia (3) and Finland (20). All participants in Youth Division were from Estonia.

The days before event started had shown that Yyteri can offer high winds even in the middle of the summer, two days over 10m/s from north-west.

In the first day we succeeded to carry out 3 races in conditions that are the worst in Yyteri area. The wind was off-shore (north-east) and fluctuating from 4 m/s-7m/s.
The first two races were carried out along the time table. And in the first race Robert Åberg (Swe-13) was the 1st, Maris Birzulin (Lat-11) the 2nd and Toomas MĂślder (Est-44) the 3rd. The second race won Janis Preiss (Lat-23), the 2nd was Robert Åberg and the 3rd was Heikki Ilvessalo (Fin-211). The third race was sailed after waiting, the 1st was Jesper Vesterstrom (Den-111), 2nd was Heikki Ilvessalo (Fin-211) and 3rd Jon TĂśrnwall (Fin-6).

In Masters Division Sami Mattsson (Fin-7), Anders Smeds (Fin-312) and Stefan Voxby (Swe-212) were evenly competing against each other.
In Youth Division Siim Siirak (Est-723) won two races, Viktor Lissanov (Est-206) one and Tony Mottus (Est-222) was the second in every race.

Freestyle participants and jury were carrying out 2 heats, but could not carry out the final heats.

The wind direction was still north-east and fluctuating 4-5m/s.
In the morning one race (4.) could be carried out. The 1st was Toomas MĂślder (Est-44). 2nd Janis Preiss (Lat-23) and 3rd Robert Åberg (Swe-13).

In Maters Division Anders Smeds (Fin-312) was the best in the fourth race, Sami Mattsson (Fin-7) the second and Stefan Voxby (Swe-212) the third.
In Youth Division Siim Siirak (Est-723) was the 1st, Christofer Kalk (Est-4) the 2nd and Viktor Lissanov (Est-206) the 3rd.

For Freestyle discipline there was not enough wind for carrying out the competition.

Not enough wind for carrying out anymore races.

All together four races could be carried out in Formula Windsurfing

Overall Nordic Champion 2004 is Robert Åberg from Sweden.
2. Janis Preiss, Latvia
3. Toomas MĂślder, Estonia
4. Jon TĂśrnwall, Finland
5. Heikki Ilvessalo, Finland
6. Maris Birluzin, Latvia

In Masters Division the Nordic Champion 2004 is Anders Smeds from Finland.
2. Sami Mattsson, Finland
3. Stefan Voxby, Sweden

In Youth Division the Nordic Champion 2004 is Siim Siirak from Estonia.
2. Tony Mottus, Estonia
3. Viktor Lissanov, Estonia

The Freestyle discipline (unofficial) could not be finished.

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