13th of June 2004

Neil Pryde Baltic Cup Event in Finland

5.-6.6.2004 in Yyteri
Yyteri beach and Yyteri Surfcenter

The event took place at Yyteri beach, the home beach of Finnish Boardsailing Association (FBA) and it’s also the location of Yyteri Surfcenter. Yyteri is on the west coast of Finland, 25 km from Pori town centre and 270 km from Helsinki. Yyteri’s sand beach is 4-5 km long. The race area was situated in The Gulf of Yyteri, this is shallow water area where boat traffic doesn’t disturb the racing. All wind directions are suitable for formula racing, the best for waves increasing would be the south, south-west and west winds. Yyteri Surfcenter and FBA as a host arrange national and international competitions, windsurfing education, equipment renting, equipment storage, shower and sauna for men and women.

Event 2004 in Yyteri, Finland

The amount of competitors was 70 from 4 countries. This year the amount of competitors from Estonia was high, 24, and increase of number in participants from Latvia, 12, had also happened. This year though the number of competitors from Finland had decreased to 24. In women’s fleet there was only one participant, in juniors’ fleet 3 participants and in masters’ fleet 11 participants.
During the two-day event the weather condition was around +15 to + 20oC, and water temperature +12-14°C. The early summer season made the winds stronger in the Yyteri area.

1st race day

During the 1st race day, first start was delayed while the wind dropped just before the start and we had to wait for about 20 minutes for the wind. The first start happened at 13:00; the wind was from south 4.5-4.7m/s during the starting procedure. The start was successful and the wind was enough through the 1st race. The distance between starting line and 1st mark was 2 km to up-wind course. The first ones made this trip in ideal time of less than 12 minutes. The leader was all the time Ansis Dale, Lat-13 (Starboard/Neil Pryde) from the first mark to the finish. Erno Kaasik, Est-2 (Starboard/NP), was second until the last down-wind course where Janis Preiss, Lat-23 (Fanatic/North), took over the second place. The time for the winner was 28:26 and for the second 29:23, and third 29:30. The best Finn was Antti Lipasti, Fin-101 (Staboard, Gaastra). The best junior Johannes Ahun, Est-99, was 21st.
During the 1st race day two more races could be carried out, the winner of the 2nd and 3rd races was Ansis Dale and second in both races was Janis Preiss. Erno Kaasik was the 3rd and 4th in these races. Krisjanis Tutans, Lat-168 (Fanatic, North), was 3rd in the last race of the 1st day. Best Finns were in the 2nd and 3rd races Markus Huhtinen, Fin-10 (Starboard, NP) and Jussi Ohlsson, Fin-93 (Starboard, Gaastra/Gun).

There were three competitors in Freestyle and in the 1st day only one eliminator could be run through. The winner of the 1st eliminator was Vladimir Tsehh, Est-767 (Neil Pryde), second was Timo Westerlund, Fin 212, and third Arsi Leino, Fin-86.

The first race day ended along timetable of the event and the Finnish Sauna and evening meal was waiting for the competitors. During the evening party in Mango Club photos taken during the first race day were shown.

2nd race day

On the second race day the wind was good from 4.7 m/s to 7 m/s in some areas of the course. The wind direction was south-west all day long.
The principal race-officer agreed to sail two races back-to-back and after a break again 2 races back-to-back. This plan was carried out and total of seven races were sailed during the Yyteri Event.
4th race did not alter the leader and Ansis Dale was the first, second was Erno Kaasik and third Janis Preiss. The second day with harder wind was more suitable for a Finn Jani Paju, Fin-12 (Lorch, Gun), who was 4th in this race. And another Finn Markus Huhtinen was 5th.
The 5th race did not alter the leading position, Ansis Dale was the first. And now Janis Preiss took the second position again. And a third place went also to Latvia, to Krisjanis Tutans (Lat-168). And Jani Paju, Fin-12, was the 4th.
Races 6 and 7 did not alter the two first positions. Martin Ervin, Est-202 (Starbord, NP), achieved in both last races the 3rd place. Best Finn in the 6th race was Jon TĂśrnwall, Fin-66 (Starboard, Gaastra) and in the 7th race Jussi Ohlsson, Fin-93.

The wind direction was optimal for carrying out the race in the Gulf of Yyteri just in front the Surfcenter. After two more eliminators the winner was Vladimir Tsehh, second was Timo Westerlund and third Arsi Leino.

Prize giving
In the overall six best in course racing were Ansis Dale (Lat-13), Janis Preiss (Lat-23), Erno Kaasik (Est-2), Kristjanis Tutans (Lat-168) and Martin Ervin (Est-202). In masters division the best was Markus Huhtinen (Fin-10), 2nd was Martinis Grobins (Lat-777) and 3rd Bruno Strauss (Lat134), all competing with Starboard and Neil Pryde.
The juniors participating were all giving prizes; 1st Johannes Ahun (Est-99), 2nd Tony Mottus (Est-222), 3rd Kaspar Aasa (Est-557). The best junior was already 23rd in the overall results.

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