9th of September 2003

Bridge to Bridge Race in San Francisco

by Micah Buzianis (www.buzianis.com)
I just arrived back in Maui after a quick trip over to San Fran for the Ronstan Bridge to Bridge race put on by Alan Prussia and the St. Francis Yacht Club. I went to this race last year and had so much fun, and got beat by a kite that I had to go back this year and man was it worth it!

For those that do not know this race is run from just outside the Golden Gate Bridge where the start line is between a red buoy and a motoring boat, down to the Bay Bridge where the finish line is between the last tower just before the bridge goes into Yerba Buena from the city and a boat. It is open to just about anything wind powered but it was mainly started as a race between Windsurfers and 18foot Skiffs. Last year there were a couple of kites that entered and Chip Wasson took the gold.

This year there were a couple more skiffs that entered and a few more kites as well as windsurfer so it seems to be gaining in popularity. The wind was a bit lighter this year just before the start but then picked up to about the same as last year.

There was a pretty strong flood running so the water was very smooth for most of the course. Last year I choose to go on my 10.9 and was a little underpowered for most of the race so I decided to go with my 11.7 this year, especially since Kevin showed up this year and was going out on his 12 I could not be out done. This was good for most of the race but once i got below the St. Francis it was to big.

The start was delayed for about 20 minutes due to shippng traffic but this seemed to be good as the wind just kept building. With such a strong flood some of the kites were unable to make the start which was probably good as the start was much closer this year than last. Either the skiff level was higher this year or they all learned from last year because they were all right on the start line as the gun went with chutes up and full speed. This made for a very exciting/hair raising start! It was impossible for me on a windsurfer to go below a skiff as they were going deeper and had so much sail area that they would just take my wind. I did try it a couple of times though and got rounded up so hard that I almost slammed into the side of a couple skiffs, one of them had some line trailing in the water that I almost got caught up on. While all of this was going on, which felt like complete chaos, there was a serious amount of current coming off the south tower which caused a lot of chop during the whole start and it was not until we were passed the Golden Gate by a ways until the water completely smoothed out. This was a relief to get into the smooth water and get clean air away from the skiffs.

By the time we had reached the St. Francis and the Startline/Gate that we had to go through downwind the skiff RMW Marine was in the lead followed by local windsurfer Mike Zajicek who I crossed just behind after my gibe out. I went out towards the middle of the bay about half way across Alcatraz and gibed on what I hoped was the lay line to the finish. The water was still very smooth at this point so I was really able to kick it into gear and try to make up some ground. I had a great battle with RMW Marine while they were going deeper than me I was able to go a bit faster and I managed to go just under their bow to pass them and take the lead. It was a pretty hairy pass as the bow sprits on these boats are quite long and I do not think either of us were in much control. When I was down just off Alcatraz the wind picked up and the water got a lot rougher, from this point to the finish I was in and out of the harness and both back footstraps trying to keep everything together and go as fast as possible. In this chop I managed to put a bit more distance between me and the skiff, it seemed we had a bit of an advantage in the chop but RMW had a lot of speed in the smoother stuff!

I was very glad to cross the finish line as it was all I could do to stay on top of my gear with this much power and the confused chop. Right behind me was RMW Marine followed by Anthony Chavez on a kite. It did not feel likeit was a very fast time to me as I was fighting the amount of power I had most of the way but I set the new record. I would say this is partly in thanks to RMW Marine as they were pushing me very hard the whole way down wind and did not give me a chance to let up at all. Even though this race only lasted just over sixteen minutes I was quite tired after I had to sail back to the St. Francis way overpowered!

Just like last year I had a killer time at this race and am planning to go again next year! SF is a great place to sail and there is so much to do there that I love going there. I am sorry that I missed a CalCup on Saturday but after the race and a late night I was to worn out. I have to thank Alan Prussia for getting me to come over and putting on this great event! I also have to take my hat off to the skiffs they were a lot more competitive this year and pushed us all hard from the start to the finish, those guys are a hardcore group to sail those boats in that much chop! Anyone wishing to come next year check out the St. Francis Yacht Club website for the details.

FINAL RESULTS Micah breaks 2002 record by 1:35 secs! & Beats Kites & Skiffs to win the 2003 Ronstan Bridge to Bridge with a time of 16 mins 29 secs!

Sail # Name Craft 1 USA 34 Micah Buzianis Formula Board
2 RMW Marine Robert Greenhalgh 18 Foot Skiff
3 Anthony Chavez Kite Board
4 US 3 Kevin Pritchard Formula Board
5 Total Recall Tony Hannan 18 Foot Skiff
6 ML Mike Zajicek Formula Board
7 US-M9 Bill Weir Formula Board
8 West Marine Howard Hamlin 18 Foot Skiff
9 USA 64 Seth Besse Formula Board
10 Omega Smeg Trevor Barnabas 18 Foot Skiff
11 Twin Wells Patrick Whitmarsh 18 Foot Skiff
12 1H1 Chenda Hertus Formula Board
13 US 14 Alan Prussia Formula Board
14 VYV Mike Percey Formula Board
15 Fisher & Paykel Grant Rollerson 18 Foot Skiff
16 Z Jean Rathle Formula Board
17 A Soheil Zahedi Formula Board
18 US 1 Chris Radkowski Formula Board
19 Flawless Soldano Paolo 18 Foot Skiff
20 Paul Buelow Kite Board
21 Yandoo John Winning 18 Foot Skiff
22 Jk JimKiriakis Formula Board
23 223 or X John Davenport Formula Board
24 Canada 1 Fred Eaton 18 Foot Skiff
DNF UN Chip Wasson Kite Board
Greg Boyington Kite Board
AUS 404 Nick Martin Formula Board
US 24 Cory Roeseler Kite Board
Emery Worldwide Ryan Cox 18 Foot Skiff

© Copyright 2003 (clubessential and The St. Francis Yacht Club)

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jack kemp | 12th November 2006 (06:53:50)

I sail ns14s please email me a few pics

Alex | 14th November 2006 (19:46:29)

That is a lot of formula windsurfing happening in miami. check www.miamiwindsurfing.com

crist | 14th November 2006 (19:48:04)

It looks like there will be a big formula thing in america.

miller | 14th November 2006 (19:49:36)

it was about time that something happen here in the states.

Jim DeSilva | 15th November 2006 (18:40:07)

Online registration for the Alex Caviglia Bluewater Regatta is available at http://www.kintera.org/site/c.lsKZL5PJLtF/b.2187723/k.BDD3/Home.htm

You can read a little more about the concept behind the event here as well.

Anonym | 17th November 2006 (02:58:51)


peter b | 19th November 2006 (18:01:53)

rumors PWA will add formula for 2009 tour

Anonym | 20th November 2006 (02:13:03)

Why would they wait 2 full years?????? Formula RULES now!

y | 25th November 2006 (22:41:21)


test | 25th November 2006 (22:49:28)


wilhelm | 25th November 2006 (22:50:30)

Just quick report from the national grand prix in fortaleza, which counts for the national ranking and is a warm up for the international grandprix due to start next week. Friday 4 races in strong winds gusting up to 30 knots at some points. Wilhelm Schurmann, Paulo dos Reis, Biel Browne and Gonzalo Costa each won one race.

wilhelm | 25th November 2006 (22:51:23)

Today (saturday) aonther 4 races in 15-25 knots winds. Gonzalo took two wins, Paulo took one, and Schurmann another.

wilhelm | 25th November 2006 (22:53:11)

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day with 2 more races planned, incluiding one long distance. for more info go to:

wilhelm | 25th November 2006 (22:54:36)

the event website which is brasilwind.com or acw.org.br for full results.

my name | 26th November 2006 (16:27:55)

According AGM 2006 Minutes
6b - "crosswind racing"
6c - long distance racing.

Have anybody tried such things on formula? How should the course diagrams look?

We've tried "crosswind" "figure 8" slalom this weekend on formula boards. Looks like crosswind races needs the same wind limit:) To say more, slalom style racing needs difficult system to manage races simmilar to what is used in slalom.

What really was meant in AGM under the wod "crosswind"?

daniel | 27th November 2006 (00:58:39)

correction of the wind brasil web site:
www. windbrasil.com

the result of the brazilian national in fortaleza,
wilhelm schurmann 1st
gonzalo costa hoevel 2nd
paulo dos reis 3rd

the complete list is at the events website, news.

R | 27th November 2006 (03:18:06)

Maybe by cross wind, they mean more like downwind slalom. More reaching than absolute upwind/downwind

peter | 27th November 2006 (13:37:42)

this weekend 1st formula race in us for 2007 check www.miamiwindsurfing.com

Jim DeSilva | 27th November 2006 (22:29:36)

This is a good event....long race in open ocean on lots of different points of sail.

Anonym | 28th November 2006 (16:57:46)

you mean upwind and downwind racing or are you proposing crosswind formula racing as the 2006 agm suggest?

marco | 29th November 2006 (20:13:51)

ragazzi fate na telefonata a marco rossi e spiegateie che ce sto´pure io a daje er gas in brasile

Bosco | 29th November 2006 (20:51:42)

Don't worry uncle , we're watching at you. Pope in Turkey, Begalli in Brasil..no VIP at Rome .

Anonym | 29th November 2006 (21:36:09)

Excelente condition for the first day of the brazilian gran prix!!! the forecast looks perfect for the next days.

Ita-100 | 29th November 2006 (21:36:51)

Bosco,bella questa!

Anonym | 30th November 2006 (01:07:27)

the forecast never changes here, wind, wind, wind, everyday.

Anonym | 30th November 2006 (13:52:59)

Course of the day says finish is between blue flag and mark 1 but the picture shows blue flag and mark 2 which is correct?

Bruno | 30th November 2006 (14:36:09)

just checking if somebody is awake out there. Mark 2 = finish

kj | 30th November 2006 (15:18:58)

START – 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – FINISH so mark 2 during the race is a normal mark and then the finish mark...

mik | 1st December 2006 (03:08:59)

Perfect contest!! 7 races!?!? I don´t remimber the last time we had 7 races in two days..

mik | 1st December 2006 (03:11:24)

Where is going to be the FW worlds next year? Does any one have the dates for next year events?

Anonym | 1st December 2006 (03:12:52)

Thanks Bruno!!!!! I am in the site all the time cheking you..

Anonym | 1st December 2006 (03:25:43)

nov in barzil

peter | 1st December 2006 (03:32:10)

miami www.miamiwindsurfing.com

Fabio M | 1st December 2006 (12:51:11)

I think the FW world its gonna be in Fortaleza in Augost, but I am not sure. If its true, bring your 9.0!! :)

marco | 1st December 2006 (13:05:25)

Is equipment being cheked, sail, fins, boards?

Bruno | 1st December 2006 (15:24:56)

FW Worlds 2007 are planned for end november beginning december in Fortaleza Marina Park Hotel.
Equipment is checked and the equipment list is online and published on the Notice Board

Anonym | 1st December 2006 (17:27:45)

What going on NOW, and what time is it? Here on the East Coast of the USA it is Noon and so it should be 14:00 there? How does that relate to the time your postings show?


Anonym | 1st December 2006 (17:41:35)

Please dont worry about the severer time. Just make your own entry as text in your reports...

Like Local time is 15:00 and the AP just went down or

LT 15:00 AP down :)

Anonym | 1st December 2006 (17:51:29)

GREAT JOB with time reporting, now on to the ACTION~!


Anonym | 1st December 2006 (18:00:16)

only a 1 minute delay on that last post!
Good work!

Anonym | 1st December 2006 (18:26:18)

what happened, we lost all that good info

bruno | 1st December 2006 (18:40:35)

the hotel wireless was suddenly down....

Anonym | 2nd December 2006 (13:28:13)

DAY 4 - Tell US

Anonym | 2nd December 2006 (13:33:00)

DAY 4 or 5 course suggestion.
Put a gate at either or both the leward or windward mark. Tactics, tactics, tactics...

ceri | 2nd December 2006 (23:07:12)

thanks to all he sailors who bothered to show

JP | 3rd December 2006 (03:35:15)

Slalon finish!? Nice bruno..

Bruno | 3rd December 2006 (13:31:48)

It's not new...even the OLympic course will have one..see http://www.rsxclass.com/newolympiccourse.htm...
guess who is behind this. 49-R and Tornado are also thinking of a more media-friendly finish for the games and since they are on the same course in Qingdao.....

peter b | 3rd December 2006 (14:10:18)

first race of us racing tour

Anonym | 3rd December 2006 (16:38:14)

GO Gabriel!!!

Anonym | 3rd December 2006 (16:43:46)

Thanks for the GREAT REPORTING!

Anonym | 3rd December 2006 (16:56:51)

Marco had more firsts, and also beat Wilhelm in the last race. These should take precident over the worst throwout... IHMO

Bruno | 3rd December 2006 (17:18:43)

Discards rules are changed in Appendix B of the ISAF Racing Rules since 2005: Before we look at the number of firsts...we first look at the discards. The worse discard goes behind. This rule i sin place for almost 2 years now and it gives credit to the racer that made the fewest mistakes including the normally discarded races. Marco's worst result was a 9, Wilhelm had a 10th place so....

Anonym | 3rd December 2006 (17:24:56)

I understand this, but I DO NOT agree. If one breaks down then for sure you have the worst throwout...

Mike, ISV-2 | 3rd December 2006 (17:42:41)

Following this event all week; I've been suffering over not being able to get to compete there >> Ran out of space in my passport after Sylt, 5 weeks correcting that, then not enough time to get an American's Visa into Brazil...Great reporting Bruno, many thanks! Made me feel like I was there, a little bit anyway...! Congrats to Gonzo(Knew you could do it!) Wilhelm, Marco and all FW Racers there! Looking forward to World's there next year!
On my way back to Maui shortly...Happy Holidays and best wishes to All...!

U.S. Virgin Islands

Fabio | 3rd December 2006 (23:38:05)

We miss u here mike. Today we were just talking about u, me my brothers and Bruno I hope to see u here next year.

aysso | 5th December 2006 (14:42:40)

When the new ranking coming out??

your name | 10th December 2006 (17:53:56)

What to buy for the next season for my 78kg - 161SB or F2?

Jeff | 10th December 2006 (20:20:47)

F2 !!!!!!
F2 !!!!!!

your name | 10th December 2006 (21:55:37)

why F2? it is heavier. I'm afraid it will be too hard to pump. I sail in low wind conditions mostly.

what fin and 11 sail will fit F2 the best?

Jeff | 11th December 2006 (01:14:10)

F2 this(2007) year is super light !!!

In light wind conditions F2 is f..... fast !!!!


speed | 11th December 2006 (02:40:40)

Starboard is ease to ride, ease to find a good fin and in my opnion must faster!

your name | 11th December 2006 (16:57:33)

what about construction. will BS last two years?

what fin F2 with 11.0 NS is the best for light wind?

what about is the feeling of more difficult ride on F2?

peter b | 12th December 2006 (13:56:04)

check the impression on f2 ,2007 at www.miamiwindsurfing.com

your name | 12th December 2006 (19:38:39)

thank you!
What fins were used?
Remi on SB forum writes about best fins for 161 and how board behaves with different things. Would be nice to read something about F2 in simmilar style.

Anonym | 13th December 2006 (02:11:16)


peter b | 13th December 2006 (03:03:03)

r17 xtra soft for ligth midiun and r19 xtra soft for light, and r17 soft for higth winds

R | 14th December 2006 (10:25:39)

Maybe you also want to check out the Exocet 07. Seems to have quite some similarity to the Starboards this year.

my name | 16th December 2006 (20:27:53)

peter b,
r19 xtrasoft for light wind - what rake?

does R13 s or m work for stronger than 20 kts winds on F2?

I don't know much about 07 Exocet and fins for it.

peter b | 18th December 2006 (14:15:56)

r 19 soft rake 8, r 13 doesn't work for f2
check www.miamiwindsurfing.com they will have reports of the new f2 board this week and differents fins

Mik | 19th December 2006 (00:58:49)

Peter, are u a f2 or a fanatic rider?

peter b | 19th December 2006 (02:53:42)

fanatic but I love f2 formula boards

my name | 19th December 2006 (21:49:54)

peter b,
what NS SAIL size and FIN for 80kg rider would you recomend on F2 V?

in other words what is the NS sail ranges for 75-80 kg rider on F2 V?

peter b | 20th December 2006 (00:05:38)

11.9 for mediun 12.5 ligth and 11 for over 17 knots

Mik | 20th December 2006 (05:28:28)

So peter, fanatic does not has fw board for 2007, are going to use the f2 fw board? Are u going to Calema?

www.miamiwindsufing.com | 22nd December 2006 (15:01:23)

Formula windsurfing is geting stronger in america

peter b | 22nd December 2006 (15:02:42)

yes I will be in calema

alex | 22nd December 2006 (15:08:14)

about 27 formula sailors in the next stop florida series , the alex caviglia regatta, world class sailors from all over the world . pre-entry list soon on the website . www.miamiwindsurfing.com

alex | 27th December 2006 (04:20:02)

first event of 2007 miami florida 37 competitors . www.miamiwindsurfing.com

rcr | 29th December 2006 (11:21:55)

re: 2007 boardlist: what happened with the F2 FX V??

ceri | 29th December 2006 (12:41:39)

i am sure it is an oversight by ISAF staff who manage the production board registration . I cannot get confirmation until the new year

rcr | 29th December 2006 (13:37:46)

thanks, ceri. would indeed be 'unthinkable' that one of the three (!) brands that shaped an 07 formula would not get a registration. happy 07!

bryan McDonald | 31st December 2006 (08:58:05)

ceri, thanks for posting the north american FW championships in san francisco in aug 2007! hope you can come visit us!


Franklin | 31st December 2006 (14:52:47)

Did someone test the F2-FX-V already, and can give me some advise on which fin to use. I sail it with a 10.0 code red and a 11.6 RS6.

Happy new year.


Bosco | 1st January 2007 (11:17:09)

Hey, I see so many guys getting ready for the next formula season ! Let me wish you an happy new year and a lot of wind and fun. See you on the water.

rcr | 2nd January 2007 (11:01:40)

Franklin, no real testing though I sailed it ones. It's large and feels so too - so I bet soft & powerful (r17, 18, 19??) would be the way to go...
my 2ct

Anonym | 2nd January 2007 (14:54:29)

It point higther and easy than anything we sail before. I goes down like a rocket, check the results at www.miamiwindsurfing.com.

Alex | 2nd January 2007 (15:22:21)

next stop of florida formula series 44 entry at this moment on formula class, any european sailor want to attend there are f2 2006 and fanatic 2006 for charter as well as sails and mast . www.miamiwindsurfing.com

my name | 5th January 2007 (19:39:40)

to Anonymous

Are you honest? What place (approx) do you have in 2006 FW ranking?

Anonym | 6th January 2007 (14:25:01)

1st place and who are you?

Jim | 6th January 2007 (21:12:32)

Forecast for Alex Caviglia...18+ for weekend!!!

matrix | 9th January 2007 (14:41:30)

Jimmy Diaz ,Micah Buzianis ibattle in miami next week. stay tune a www.miamiwindsurfing.com

Anonym | 12th January 2007 (14:38:11)

Both Jimmy and Micah are here.

Fabio | 13th January 2007 (00:58:05)

News from miami????

Jim | 15th January 2007 (16:09:44)

Micah Buzianis is the Alex Caviglia Bluewater Champion. Perfect conditions all weekend, winds up to 25, 102 boards.

Stefan | 15th January 2007 (18:12:47)

Please, please please post some pics of Micah ripping around!

Anonym | 15th January 2007 (19:57:01)


Anonym | 18th January 2007 (17:47:11)

regatta report at http://stevebodner.blogspot.com

DEN-51 | 18th January 2007 (20:31:42)

Ceri......Any news regarding the FW Europeans..??

ceri | 19th January 2007 (02:13:32)

the date is confirmed on the calendar -and the NoR will be published this month

DEN-51 | 19th January 2007 (05:39:08)

Thanks ;-)

BRA 74 | 19th January 2007 (14:44:13)

Ceri, Calema Midwinters is not in the calendar, is Calema a valid event for the formula world ranking?

ceri | 19th January 2007 (17:10:22)

hi , i am waiting for us windsurfing to nominate their event

Jim | 19th January 2007 (17:36:54)

Michah dominated in Miami, but watch out for Gabriel Browne.....this kid is the real deal!! 2nd place and he is 15 yrs. old.

Tinho Dormellas | 25th January 2007 (02:19:19)

Hm I wonder what is going on... I sent already two emails to FW giving their info and no response. Anyway The Calema Midwinters is happening and Antoine ALbeau, Micah Buzzianis, Jimmy Diaz and a huge contingent of Brasilian superstars are coming. more details www.calema.com
Sports Ilustrated has called and are intersted in the event. Lets hope they get here.
You cant kill a good thing

Tinho Dormellas | 25th January 2007 (02:29:15)

Ah besides that, USWA advertised in WINDSURFING MAGAZINE the whole series that includes our very recognized event taking hald the page and says"Windsurfings great event at Merrit Island, Florida"an dthen goes on about our event. so you figure we are very much recognized by USWA. CERI what is up???????

Anonym | 25th January 2007 (07:08:31)

how is the wind in march in merritt island?

team miami | 25th January 2007 (15:09:16)

team miami support all formula races in usa, and calema is our world cup. keep pushing tinho. tinho on www.miamiwindsurfing.com picture of the week.

ceri | 25th January 2007 (22:10:12)

Hi Tinho , Apologies .. but, for whatever reason, i did not get the info .
As always , good luck with the event- i am always 100% behind every internatonal formula event !

ceri | 25th January 2007 (22:15:09)

furthermore - it is very encouraging to see so much formula activity in US of A ; and getting lots of media overage . keep up the good work. We -at FW and IWA - are ready and willing to help all we can !

Tinho Dornellas | 26th January 2007 (17:06:07)

Thanks Ceri.
Can you post the info on the site please? Is your son coming? Most of the Formula top dogs will be here.

ceri | 26th January 2007 (20:42:00)

Hi Tinho , Yes info will be posted asap; also i have just receivd confirmation that US Windsurfing have nominated Calema for their 2007 world ranking event .
Apologies on Ross's behalf - he is competing in the PWA Wave on Cape Verde .

P7 squad | 27th January 2007 (20:43:01)

Scoop New Point 7 Ac1 Formula Sails is already to win!
You can see at http://www.windsurfing33.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7923&start=45

Anonym | 2nd March 2007 (22:46:29)

Calema Midwinters today with 4 races with 18 to 25 knos wind. VERY GOOD races.
1- Albeau
2- Mica Buzians
3- Jesper
4- Jimmi Diaz
5- Wilhelm Schurmann
6- Fabio Melo
7- Gabriel Browne

Gonzalo had problems and could not compete in all racers today.

Tinho Dornellas | 4th March 2007 (06:21:21)

WE have had two days of good wind so far. Tomorrow looks windy and cool. Yesterday it blew from 15 to 28 knots.
You can see the action on our NEW website www.calema.com then check the Midwinters page. we have some video clips as well as great shots. More coming tomorrow and after.

Formula | 5th March 2007 (12:10:12)

Thanks a lot, Tinho. Could you tell me where the complete formula windsurfing results are, please ? maybe later will we get more to read ...

hauhahuauha | 5th March 2007 (12:19:56)

does anybody knows where the results are ????

yo | 5th March 2007 (12:45:51)

What sizes did Micah and Jesper used during competition?
What was the impressionn comparing new NP and North?
from what it was written also the new Code red was enough fast...

yo | 6th March 2007 (22:21:16)

It's only spam affair here !!
What about sail size in calema?

sb | 7th March 2007 (00:16:53)

naish sail are very powerful- ben had his hands filled.
2007 aerotecs looked much improved from last year.
north and pryde sails- very clean profile and fast.
new hansen sails- stable neoprene leach system.
2 new custom us custom fins (besides kashy) showing potential!
f2 pickle nose may be more dangerous in collosion- gonzo injured.
starboard 161 fast and livley.
ml7 very controlable and fast when lit up.
less broken mast this year!
maui sails finally with double luff- faster!
gaastra sails- faster.
antoine still king!


Anonym | 7th March 2007 (01:06:22)

Day 1 windy, Antoine/Micah and most pros on 10.7/11, Jesper used 10.7 and 9.8 Day 2 light Jesper on 11.8 most on 11.6-12.5m Day 3 Light BIG sails again

yo | 7th March 2007 (09:16:52)

Thanks a lot mate.
I totally agree that new 161 is flying (I sail it) and seems loving new Prydes....
...less broken masts doen't mean NO broken masts but it's such a improvement!!!
Would you please report which mainly was (or were) the brand involved in this problem ?
It's not a spy story but a good news for people on the market....
Thank you

Mark | 7th March 2007 (16:42:19)

Sb,you state every sail brand has improved its speed potential and it sounds great.The question is:is there still the same "speed ranking" that in the last seasons were (NP leading) or does something got changed?
If we have to judge from results.....
Thank you for your comment

sb | 7th March 2007 (18:14:18)

If you judge from the results I think you need to take into account the sailors mistakes and the availability of new equipment sailors had access to at the event. Is one particular sail and board the fastest or is it just in the hands of the fastest sailors- perhaps a bit of both!
Fore sure Antoine makes less mistakes than me and probably has access to better equipment!
Overall early impression of 07 formula gear is that everyone has moved forward- there are no signs of anything like last years fanatic!

Mark | 7th March 2007 (22:05:02)

Yes sb,you're right, A2 and the other pros are top sailor with top material as well.
When I watch at ranking of the big events I usually try to note what "normal" people has used.They sail production stuff (no custom masts or fins or special sail battens...) and are trained like good week end people.Sometimes I find some exotic brand but usually NP is the name as well....
So,what about mast failures?
thank you

sweet-yx | 21st March 2008 (07:24:11)

Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?


sweet-yx | 21st March 2008 (07:24:11)

Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?


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gjoppers | 30th July 2008 (03:27:44)

tests time mashine

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