30th of July 2009, Poland, Allegro Cup - Grand Prix 2009

Day one Ceri reports

16:59 | AP over A - no more racing today. The forecast looks good for tommorrow - tonight we have the opening ceremony here at the beach

16:41 | in fact it looks like a storm is coming !

16:40 | bad news for the women - the wind has dropped and they are sent to the beach. All fleets postponed.

16:15 | the women are into their start sequence for race 1. Unlucky for them - a lot of time on the water today but no races yet. Hopefully they can now complete 2 good races

15:49 | the top 10 from race 2 in blue fleet- BRA50, NED13, POL11, POR5, NED51, BRA74, ITA4, BRA999, POL25, POL10,

15:40 | the wind direction has now changed and the course has to be reset.

15:34 |

15:33 | the women are held in the starting area,

15:23 | the wind is now very unstable - 6knots in the starting area; and earlier gusts of 15 knots at the windward mark

15:22 | top 5 in race 2 for blue - BRA50, NED13, POL11, POR5, NED51

15:07 | TOP10 from race 1- NED13, POL11, BRA2497, POR5, BRA999, POL10, FRA418, ITA4, DEN111, FRA753

15:05 | first three at mark 1 - ITA4, BRA50, NED13

15:04 | sorry about the timing of these reports - i will try to remember to correct it !

14:58 | blue fleet started - FRA531 is OCS

14:38 | we are in sequence for race 2 blue fleet- wind is 12/13 knots

14:26 | first finishers NED13,POL11, BRA2497, POR5,BRA999

14:00 | at the first windward race 1 for blue - POL11,POR5 ,BRA2497.
five OCS- P0L381, POL83,POL4,FRA730,BRA50

13:53 | 4th and 5th were ISR1 and EST 202 - two very good results from 2009 Masters World Champion Martin Ervin. It also looks that Pont , POL126, is in good form and will be challenging Steve Allen (2009 Allegro Champion) and Ross Williams (2009 European Champion).
Gonzalo is nursing a back injury he received in Fuerte- lets hope he can make it through this regatta

13:51 | first 3 in race 2 - AUS0, GBR83, POL126

13:48 | TOP 10 from race 1in yellow group- POL126,EST202, ARG3, AUS0, ISR1, GBR83, POL1, FRA105, DEN11,NED 6

13:48 |

13:44 | at 2 nd upwind - aUS0, GBR83 , ISR1..

13:40 | at the 1st windward - CZE7, AUS, ISR1, GBR83

13:35 | clear start for race 2 - wind is more stable at 11>14knots

13:32 | the sequence has started for race 2

13:28 | The wind is now 15 knots on the start line ; and 18 knots at the upwind. The race director, bruno de wannemaeker, is now planning to follow race 2 for yellow with 2 races for blue fleet . women will wait .

13:19 | the races are back to back - so one more race for yellow before the women and blue fleet go out again

13:18 | sorry -AUS0 is before ISR1

13:11 | at the finish POL126, EST202, ARG3, ISR1,

13:09 | at the downwind - ARG3, AUS0, POL126

13:09 | at the windward first time - ARG3, GBR83, POL126,

13:07 | latest wind reading from the windward is 16>18 knots- but it is very gusty still.

13:01 | race 1 started for yellow - POL16 is OCS

12:50 | yellow group are in sequence for a start

12:30 | 15 mins to start sequence for yellow fleet - wind on the start line is 12 knots and at the upwind 9/10 knots. Top seeds in the yellow fleet include ARG 3 , ISR1, POl16, GBR83, LAT23,BRA3333, POL126, AUS0 - that is a tough group!

12:25 | they are going to try and finish this first race for women ; but the blue fleet men have been sent back to the beach. AP on the beach for everyone

12:24 | clear start for women - but not a good first day for Marta Hlavaty who is back on the beach with a broken boom!

11:46 | we are in sequence for restart of womens race

11:45 | Both races - men and women are abandoned. The wind dropped below suitable conditions.

11:32 | clear start for race 1 of blue fleet. yop seeds in this group are - POL10, POL11, BRA74, BRA999,NED 13, ITA 4 and POR5. But both fleets are full of top guys

11:29 | good morning from Allegro Cupo leba. Late registration this morning meant a delayed start as we have 1006 men and the decision was made to have group racing. The yellow fleet and the women are on the water with the first start in 5 minutes. The wind is offshore and gusty - challenging conditions for all!