6th of March 2009

The 24th Calema Midwinters Windsurfing Festival .....

...is underway. Read Tinho's introduction to this years event.


This just in from Gonzalo ...

"Today we start, no wind now and it doesn't look good for today. Forecast for Saturday and Sunday is better. Yesterday was light but we manage to do some sailing and some practice races. Jesper, Fabio, Gabriel, Matias, Paulo, Patrice, Dave Kashy, Steve Silvester, Ron Kern and Gonzalo were out training all day. Late arrival was Wilhelm Schurman. We had a welcome dinner and a skippers meeting. 10 am start but so far no wind."

Latest from Gonzalo in Calema... day one update

No wind for formula on day one ..everybody checking the new stuff. The new TR5s, the new NPs and Norths that look the same to each other. Some new protos for the 2010 formula Exocet design. Some custom boards from Peter Ifju besides his custom boom.

Certainly there was a lot of chatting with old friends. I personally hang out most of the day with Mike Porter who is back on the tour. After a year of fighting cancer he is back and stronger than ever. It was very nice for all the fleet to see him back. As well he gave us the great news that our old friend Devon Bouolon from the Virgin Islands is getting married!!!!!!!

Some changes on sponsorships are gona be interesting to see. Fabio Melo got into Maui Sails as myself. Paulon dos Reis BRA3333 went to Exocet and North... We are gona go and check Ron Jon, the biggest surf shop of US after the dinner the organisers prepared for all of us. Forecast for tomorrow is better, same direction, 15 knots expected.

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Anonym | 6th March 2009 (21:53:12)

gonzalo give us an excelet clinic
thank u very much

Anieska | 7th March 2009 (13:48:10)

Good job Mike!!!!! Nice to see you are back on tour!

Anieska | 9th March 2009 (03:16:32)

Provisional results: Gonzalo 1st. Wilhelm 2nd, JEsper 3rd tied in points with Paulon on 4rtth, Gabriel 5th.
Light wind three races, last race up to 14 knots...

peter | 9th March 2009 (08:25:20)

would be possible to see any results and photos? calema website does not work!

Anonym | 9th March 2009 (10:16:46)

Bad coverage from Calema, we have no news, no pics...

any | 9th March 2009 (16:46:39)

will be posting a report tonight

Jesper | 9th March 2009 (22:34:47)

Hi Guys...
Here just a story from me about Calema...Sorry that there was no update, but here a brief one...

As always the first formula event of the year is to be found on Merrit Island in Orlando...

This was my 3rd time here. Previus years I had finished in 2nd both times and was pretty keen to go an win the event this time. Calema offered great sunshine and no wind and everyone was spending the whole day on the beach talking about the new gear and showing off. There was nearly a 100 windsurfers from different classes and even in no wind there was plenty of action on the water. Especially the new Kona class was getting big, not just there, but growing rapidly world wide. Its a "non" pumping class and it has different weight classes too, so new excuse on being heavier.

Friday and Saturday we had no wind. Sunday looked the same, but the wind suddenly came in and the race was on. We did 3 race back to back in 8-12 knots of wind and off course swinging and gusting in typical Calema style...

1 start was clean, I came first to the windward mark, way ahead of everyone else. Going down to the first mark I saw Tinho, the organiser, sitting in his boat at the mark, waving his hands and arms at me, looking like he was telling me to go back to the start. Okay, there where still people on the line in the light wind, but also a lot was going...I stopped, so did Paolon from Brazil. I just took it easy towards the start line, but then I saw that the race is still going and I just threw away an easy 1st. place. The race director was sorry and so was Tinho but even more was I. I was being told they would use flags for general, well they dont always at that event an at the 3rd start there was a general, but NO flag, but at least waving arms...

Gonzarlo took a bullet, with Wilhelm in 2nd and I got back to 3rd.

2nd race, again a clean start and I was first to windward, closely folllowed by Gonzarlo. I stop at the mark, trying to get going but the wind is very light now. Gonza passes me, saying hi - hitting me with his boom end :-). I finished 7th in this race after BRA50 took me out on the finish line...Things where going well.
Wilhelm took this bullet and gonza in 2nd and Paulon 3rd

3rd race. Again a clean start, after 1 general recal, where I was called back - with waving arms. Another attemt and off we went. I had a good start and very good speed on port tack. I cleared the mark in 1st and held the lead all the way home to take the bullet.

Overall standing after 3 races with no drop is:

1. Gonzarlo Costa Howel - ARG-3 Excocet/MS

2. Wilhelm Schurman - BRA-999 Starboar/Neilpryde

3. Jesper Vesterstrøm - DEN-111 Starboard/Neilpryde

A shame we did not get some more races, but at least we had a few races in... I am sure it will be tough this year. Paulon is now on Excocet/North, he was really quick in light winds. Gonza, always quick and consistent. Wilhelm was going really well with his new EVOll 12.0...And the "master" Matthias (now 38 years old) was also to see in the top very often...

AND, MIKE PORTER is back and this was his first race...He was happy to be there and completet a few :-) '

Over and out from San Fransisco airport....


Polis | 10th March 2009 (05:56:42)

jesper, what fin were u on ?
what about Gonzarlo and Wilhelm ?

John | 10th March 2009 (08:44:52)

Except racer comments in FW site, very poor event coverage for the event for others!

Jesper | 10th March 2009 (09:21:44)

Hi Polis...
Was on a 70 XS Kashy..4%...Think Gonza was on a Kashy 78, not sure...Wilhelm I dont know

Markus PĂśltenstein | 11th March 2009 (14:40:06)

Dear Jesper Dear Gonzo Dear William

This is racing .....I feel all what is going through Jesper and I know or better I see the smile from Gonzo wile reading this lines of Jesper and Wilhelm. Guys ... Mi daughter is now 2,5 and will learn surifing this summer...so I have pleanty of time to go windsurfing as well...so I will come back and look really forward to see you guys again on the line (( ;;

cant wait to see Jesper on the 12 ((;;;; and dont ever stop when somebody is waving at you with his arms ... except it is naomy or cindy ((( ;;;

Your Markus

Anonym | 12th March 2009 (21:03:00)

Pity your doughter is not 25 :D Markus
ahahahhahahahhahah see u soon

Kostas | 16th March 2009 (21:46:11)

Is there any database to relate fin specifications of Kashy fins with DB? I mean, what Kashy 70 XS or 78 mean? Are these fins for instance as stiff as a R13S? thanks

Anomym | 17th March 2009 (22:25:55)

please ask dave........kashyr@cox.net

Wilhelm Schurmann | 18th March 2009 (14:29:49)

South American Championship will be starting on Saturday here in Mendoza, Already here is Gonzalo, Mathias Pinheiro and myself, many others arriving during the week. The event will take place at the beautiful lake Potrerillos, about 40 min from Mendoza.
They will also host the 2010 formula Worlds.
Will try to send news everyday. BRA999

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