20th of June 2008

2008 Formula Worlds Press Release

The world presentation of the windsurfing official calendar took place in the beginning of the year, in Hampshire, United Kingdom, where the IWA [International Windsurfing Association] didn’t spare compliments to the sublime conditions seen in Portimão, Portugal, for the welcoming of one of the most important international races of its calendar… the 2008, Formula Windsurfing World Championships!

Ceri Williams - Executive Secretary of IWA, pointed out: …Portimão has a special place in our affections – having previously hosted two Grand Prix and an European Championship. It’s entirely fair and appropriate that we return in 2008 in order to participate in the Formula Windsurfing World Championships.

This ISAF [International Sailing Federation] event will visit the City of Portimão, from 6-14 September 2008, for the great annual gathering of all the best sailors in a global scale, selected from the Continental Championships that took place along the year. The 2008 Formula Windsurfing World Championships will give the 2008 World Champions title to the Men and Women Divisions and will count on a € 30,000.00 prize money.

Portugal was the country chosen to organize this great event thanks to the well structured application file presented by the Overpower Club acting as the LOA [Local Authority Organizer], à IWA [International Windsurfing Association], where in 2005, all the guarantees of a good organization of the race were assured.

About the spot where the event will take place - Portimão is one of the sites where some of the most important world sea events take place in our country. In the selection of this spot, were took in consideration by the Sport Authorities not only its potential fore the practice of high competition windsurfing, but also the capacity of its people to welcome everyone. About the conditions of Portimão, in order to welcome the biggest event of the Class, JosĂŠ Guimarães – Chairman of the organizing club, comments: …I hope the conditions we were offered in the 2007 Windsurfing Grand Prix 2007 may be present as well during the 2008 World Championships. […] If so, we might as well be facing the best Class World Championship so far.

The Municipality of Portimão, ExpoArade, EM and the Pestana Grop - Hotels & Resorts - are supporting the coming of this great event to Portugal. This is the poll of sponsors, traditionally committed in the set up of big events in this Region, being the main sponsors of the Portimão Formula Windsurfing World Championships 2008. Providing the technical backup, the FPV [Federação Portuguesa de Vela], acting as the main National Authority, will sanction this ISAF - Level 1 event.

The TV coverage, production and distribution will be the responsibility of Sail.TV, which will count on site with an extended team, with a huge expertise in this sport’s whereabouts. The Portuguese web portal www.conquilha.com will make a direct coverage of the event from the beach.

Official sites: www.overpower.net www.formulawindsurfing.org www.internationalwindsurfing.com During the event, there will be available on a daily basis, pictures, image packages with professional video quality for TV

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