12th of February 2008, USA, Calema Midwinters - North American Championships

Formula North American Championships

Less than 3 weeks to the start of the next big event of the 2008 racing season. The 23rd Calema Midwinters Windsurfing Festival will hosting this years top formula world ranking event in North America. The Midwinters attracts a top pros and recreational enhusiasts every year.

Check out photos from last year: http://www.calema.com/windsurfing-pics/
Here is notice of race and event page.

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Anonym | 15th February 2008 (02:52:25)

Brazilians will be there!!

Anonym | 15th February 2008 (18:33:46)

The "Other Team" will be there ;)

Anonym | 16th February 2008 (07:47:09)

all the "BRAZILLIAN TEAM" will be there !!!!

Anonym | 16th February 2008 (08:53:31)

team sf will be there to represent....

Anonym | 17th February 2008 (16:58:26)

team hawaii will be there to to represent with some botton turns and doble fins boards and 4.7 wave sails.

Anonym | 28th February 2008 (14:43:24)

Not all the Brazilian Team is there.....

Anonym | 28th February 2008 (15:48:06)

who is missing from brazilian mafia ??

Dave K | 29th February 2008 (13:13:34)


Dave K | 29th February 2008 (14:00:01)

The entire OTHER TEAM is here!!!! Yesterday we had good tune up light wind. I rode a 10.7 and tested a couple of fins on my new 162. It all felt pretty good. Lots of hot shots on the water, Antoine, Patrice, jimmy, Wilhelm, Jesper, Gonzalo, Fabio, Gabriel, ........ Lots of excitement and today the racing starts at 10:00 if we have wind...

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