6th of February 2008

2009 Worlds confirmed for Santa Pola

Fitur 2008 was the perfect setting for the official presentation of the World Championship Formula Windsurfing Santa Pola 2009 to be held in the city of Alicante, which was supported by the Generalitat Valenciana and the county council of Alicante.

The Bay of Santa Pola will be the venue of the World Championship Formula Windsurfing to be held in September 2009, after the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) has appointed as host of this great event nautical sports, for the first time in this specialty, is being held in Spain.

The World Cup will be organised by the Windsurfing Club Santa Pola, whose excellent work in the European Championship FW disputed in April 2007 has been instrumental in the decant balance and beat candidates from other major countries, with the endorsement of Council Senior Sports, the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation and the Federation of Sailing Valencia.

The official presentation took place on January 30 at the booth of the Costa Blanca in Fitur, and was attended by the president of the county council of Alicante, Jose Joaquin Ripoll, the mayor of Santa Pola, Miguel Zaragoza, the president The RFEF, Gerardo Pombo, president of the club and the organizer, Vincent GermĂĄn Martinez.

During the event, Ripoll praised the organizational challenge of Santa Pola that have a positive impact on the spread of the Costa Blanca, and showed support from the council. For his part, Miguel Zaragoza confirmed livelihood by the Municipality of Santa Pola face of this great sporting event influences position the fishing village into a destination for sports tourism to the world.

The event will take place in September 2009 in the waters of the Bay of Santa Pola and bring together more than a hundred of the best sailors in the world in an event that will unite the facet purely sporting spectacle with the organizational complement the competition.

On the other hand, Francisco Camps, president of the Generalitat of Valencia, visited the stand of Santa Pola for details of the championship, and in his official speech on the Day of the Valencia highlighted the work of this county in the promotion of sport together with the Volvo Ocean Race Alicante and Urban Circuit and the Formula 1 World Athletics Valencia.

Windsurfing Club Santa Pola
Department of Press




Fitur 2008 fue el escenario perfecto para la presentaciĂłn oficial del Campeonato del Mundo de FĂłrmula Windsurfing Santa Pola 2009 que se celebrarĂĄ en la ciudad alicantina, y que contĂł con el respaldo de la Generalitat Valenciana y la DiputaciĂłn Provincial de Alicante.

La BahĂ­a de Santa Pola serĂĄ escenario del Campeonato del Mundo de FĂłrmula Windsurfing que se disputarĂĄ en septiembre de 2009, despuĂŠs de que la International Windsurfing Association (IWA) la haya designado como sede de este gran evento del deporte nĂĄutico que, por primera vez en esta especialidad, se celebra en España.

El Mundial serĂĄ organizado por el Club Windsurf Santa Pola, cuyo excelente trabajo en el Campeonato de Europa de FW disputado en abril de 2007 ha sido decisivo a la hora de decantar la balanza y vencer a candidaturas de otros importantes paĂ­ses, con el aval del Consejo Superior de Deportes, la Real FederaciĂłn Española de Vela y la FederaciĂłn de Vela de la Comunidad Valenciana.

La presentaciĂłn oficial tuvo lugar el pasado 30 de enero en el stand de la Costa Blanca en Fitur, y contĂł con la presencia del presidente de la DiputaciĂłn Provincial de Alicante, JosĂŠ JoaquĂ­n Ripoll, el alcalde de Santa Pola, Miguel Zaragoza, el presidente de la RFEF, Gerardo Pombo, y el presidente del club organizador, Vicente GermĂĄn MartĂ­nez.

Durante el acto, Ripoll alabĂł el reto organizativo de Santa Pola que repercutirĂĄ positivamente en la difusiĂłn de la Costa Blanca, y mostrĂł el apoyo de la DiputaciĂłn. Por su parte, Miguel Zaragoza confirmĂł el sustento por parte del Ayuntamiento de Santa Pola ante este gran evento deportivo que incidirĂĄ en posicionar a la villa marinera en un destino de turismo deportivo ante todo el mundo.

La cita se desarrollarĂĄ en el mes de septiembre de 2009 en aguas de la BahĂ­a de Santa Pola y congregarĂĄ a mĂĄs de un centenar de los mejores regatistas del planeta en un evento que unirĂĄ la faceta puramente deportiva con el espectĂĄculo organizativo que complementarĂĄ la competiciĂłn.

Por otro lado, Francisco Camps, presidente de la Generalitat Valenciana, visitĂł el stand de Santa Pola para conocer los detalles del campeonato, y en su discurso oficial en el DĂ­a de la Comunitat Valenciana destacĂł la labor de este municipio en la promociĂłn del deporte junto con la Volvo Ocean Race de Alicante y el Circuito Urbano de FĂłrmula 1 y el Mundial de Atletismo de Valencia.

Club Windsurf Santa Pola
Departamento de Prensa

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Anonym | 10th February 2008 (05:30:03)

There is no wind at santa pola, the worlds should be in Fortaleza again, 15 races. You should make the worlds in a place that winds for sure, travel for many hours, wait the hole year for this event, and have a Corea 2!?? Te european was a no wind event in this Santa Pola. Its important for the future of the class have competition with a lot of races, thats where u can see who was really the best.

Anonym | 10th February 2008 (05:33:01)

The organization its really very good, at the european they were great, but what we really need is the wind.

Anonym | 10th February 2008 (23:00:52)



Fernando | 11th February 2008 (00:09:15)

the Europeans took place in April, when the wind might not be as predictable

later in the season, these guys do have more wind

so I think they'll manage to organize a great race WITH wind

PS: I am not from Santa Pola, I am from Mallorca and we have quite similar weather

Anonym | 11th February 2008 (03:01:12)

About the organization i am not afried, i am sure they will make a nice event, but I think the guys who decide where to be the worlds should always look for windy places, thats the most important thing. Go for a long flight, spend 2 weeks away from home, we must have at least go to a place that we expect to have a lot of races..

Anonym | 11th February 2008 (15:56:07)

so maybe in that time we get some public?

Fernando | 11th February 2008 (21:46:07)

>> but I think the guys who decide where to be the worlds should always look for windy places

maybe if those windy places offered themselves as organizers, then we´d get windier races

4p | 12th February 2008 (00:56:11)

wind is not a problem... we'll get 7knots.
problem is to get the audience..
last year there was nobady on the beach..

Anonym | 12th February 2008 (17:08:17)

7k for formula windsurfing is at the bottom end of the wind range for the class

Anonym | 21st February 2008 (20:16:54)

Hello to all sailors, Santa Pola 2009, in September there is wind insurance, good thermal.
You have to come all, the organization is working for a large world.

Wind for everyone.


Anonym | 21st February 2008 (20:22:31)

Sailors clubWindsurfing Santa Pola, organization numero 1, in September and guaranteed wind, watching statistics, greetings to all and see you in Santa Pola 2009

Fabio | 23rd February 2008 (01:58:31)

Is there any grand prix formula in Argentina in march???

Anonym | 24th February 2008 (22:04:35)


Anonym | 25th February 2008 (01:41:12)

there is one grand prix in mendoza, really great place

Anonym | 28th February 2008 (01:04:52)

any price money there???

Makaila | 6th December 2012 (18:01:51)

That's not just logic. That's really sneslibe.

Eduardo | 8th December 2012 (03:15:14)

- Hello Nicole: These pictures are bufetiaul. I love every one of them. You captured Julian's emotions well, , happy, attentive,serious, relaxed. You are a good photographer, but I already knew that.Continue enyoing Scarf, I totally envy you.Congratulations.

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