19th of December 2007

Eight boards registered for 2008/2009

Eight models of formula board from 6 brands have been registered with ISAF for use in international formula events during 2008 and 2009. For a summary of the latest models go to www.sailing.org

For more details of these boards :

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Anonym | 19th December 2007 (19:10:04)

F2 Z ????

Anonym | 21st December 2007 (17:46:51)

can somebody please tell me what is F2 Z?

Anonym | 22nd December 2007 (00:51:15)

There was a rumor f2 would release 2 boards in 2008 as a lot of sailors this year chose the 2006 or 2005 board over the 2007 board. 1 board developed from the 06-05 board and the other from the 07 board. Not quite in the spirit on the formula rules but what can you do! Maybe somebody else can inform us?

pawel | 25th December 2007 (14:12:19)

just wait a little while to see what isbest and ....... choose Starboard!;)

Anonym | 26th December 2007 (10:41:36)

Really remarkable that Lorch is inthere again with a board. Think that is great spirit.
Is the development to expensive to expect more manufacturers to get back in this scene again?
Anyone know the boards specs for tail width and so?

Would love to see the class grow more, it is still the one with the most atractive sailingtime

Anonym | 26th December 2007 (10:47:54)

I would love to do (or see) a complete test with these boards. In the old days the englisch Boards magazine did great reviews with data like scoop rocker measurements, v or no v bevels or no bevels etc. all very specific and accurate. Would love to know the scoop rocker lines. Where is the 2 mm point and how steep is the nose lifting form this 2 mm point etc. Would be great to have someone to measure and test this.

For instance: Just maybe the Exocet was the best board this year but lacked a worldclass sailor to push it to the worlds...... What about 2008? Will most topsailors try all boards? Hope to see and hear of some paralell testing someday soon.

Anonym | 4th January 2008 (20:11:43)

The list on the sailing.org webste is a short list from previous years. Does this mean that those older boards or no longer officialy valid for racing?

On national tours I do not think that organisations bother and will allow older boards also but international this would mean that the F2 2005 board that was a choice for some F2 riders at worlds is no longer valid?

What is true?

Ceri | 7th January 2008 (16:01:17)

ALL boards registered since 2000 are class legal.
There is a complete list - see http://tinyurl.com/26algc

Anonym | 9th January 2008 (22:48:01)

How about a construction test after 1 year to see which boards are holding up!
Most wont least 1 season- never 2.

Ricky | 11th January 2008 (01:16:48)

Looks like Jimmy Diaz and perhaps Micah coming to Miami...turnout and conditions look very good.

Bobby | 16th January 2008 (18:45:58)

Jimmy and Micah both in Miami and the wind is going to be SICK!!!!!

ED | 22nd January 2008 (02:43:46)

close battle but Jimmy won on the new F2 and the new North Sails. 8 races with variable wind from 8 to 20..

SeanAUS120 | 27th January 2008 (05:09:05)

Construction Test? What are you guys doing to your boards?

I lent out my 159, 160, and used my 161 at the FW Oceanics last week. The 159 is now coming up to 4 seasons old - its in perfect condition. Treated right, the boards should all last 5 years as long as you repair them immediately when you ding them and make sure to get the water out before you repair them...

Chaveca | 27th January 2008 (16:09:07)

Hello all, in The FW Oceanics, Steve was racing on the new Gaastra Vapor 2008 Sails, or with the 2007 sails? Thanks

SeanAUS120 | 28th January 2008 (03:06:28)

Hi Chaveca,

Steve used 2007 Vapor 11m the entire regatta (even on the 35 knot day!) and used my Vapor board.

He doesn't have any of the 2008 sails with him out in Australia but he is only out here for a short time (and for a holiday with family) so I think he's probably waiting until he's back in Europe to tune the new sails...

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