26th of November 2007, Brazil, 2007 World Championships

Steve Bodner Fortaleza report

With less than a week before the 2007 formula windsurfing world championships, 50+ international competitors lined up in Fortaleza for a 3 days of racing in 10-20 knots at the Brazilian Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix.

Steve Allen, AUS 0- the 2006 Formula World Champion took the regatta with 4 bullets in the first 2 days of racing. As the regatta progressed more sailors showed up for the Worlds and challenged the leaders, including heavyweight favorite- Antoine Albeau- FRA 192.

The local Brazilian fleet set the standard placing 6 sailors in the top 10. Most of the fleet are split between the Starboard and F2 formula boards – with one performing better in the chop and the other in flat water, as well as a handful of sailmakers including North, Neilpyrde, Gaastra and Mauisails. Not surprisingly though is how most of the fleet is on Kashy fins- the new standard in carbon windsurfing foils.

With the Fortaleza breeze and the swell expected to pump later this week for the Worlds, there are a handful of sailors who could win the event, including professionals, Steve Allen, Antoine Albeau, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Arnon Dagan and Jesper Vesterstrom.

As for me, if I learn something new about racing or sailing each day, I'm stoked!
Doing it in a pair of board shorts in November is even better!

Steve Bodner,