8th of September 2006, South Korea, 2006 Formula Windsurfing World Championships

AGM Summary.....

Over 30 delegates and observers assembled for the 2006 AGM.
In total 21 votes were either present or received by email - ensuring that there was quorum for the meeting.
These votes were made up from : 3 committee votes, 7 email votes(from member national associations) and 11 delegates present.

Class Rule changes.
-> The proposal for a 2 year registration period for boards was APPROVED.
To clarify: boards registered(with ISAF) by 30th September 2007will be eligible to compete in international competition during 2008/2009. For the next period, 2010/2011, boards must be registered by 30th September 2009. The Chairman had also received letters of support for this proposal from Exocet,F2 and Starboard.

-> The proposals for a 75cm fin limit and minimum mast weight were NOT APPROVED.
However, it was agreed to hold a one year "trial period" to better evaluate these proposals; it was not agreed to automatically approve these changes for 2008.

Championship Rules.
-> The AGM APPROVED the proposals to include new formats within the championship rules - ie crosswind (or "slalom" type) and long distance races ; and authorised the committee to action workable solutions.

-> The proposal to lower minimum wind limits was NOT APPROVED.

Championship venues and titles.
-> It was APPROVED to continue co-operation with the Formula Experience Class - and combine an FE Junior World Championsip (title) with Formula Youth World Championship(title) at the Formula Festival, offering a clear structure for the development of formula racing.
-> Also APPROVED- to hold the 2007 Formula Womens World Championship during the Festival event;
-> it was NOT APPROVED to move the Formula Masters World Championship(title) to the senior Worlds , it remains a Festival event.

-> The AGM APPROVED the re-election of those committee members offering themselves for re-election: ie Ceri Williams(also Chairman), Markus Huhtinen (also Vice Chairman), Phil McGain, Ian Fox, Didier Flamme, Andrea Cucchi.
It was also recommended that Jin-Woo Park (KOR), Willhelm Schurmann (BRA) and Sarah Sherwood be co-opted to the committee.

Any other business.
-> Ranking scheme- the AGM supported the proposal to maintain the existing scheme.

-> 2012- the AGM supported a change of olympic equipment for 2012; and, furthermore, that the Formula Class promote a Trial during the next 12 months to ensure a workable and acceptable alternative exists by November 2007.

-> Girls/women in Formula- it was agreed that the committee actively seeks new measures to support and encourage womens participation in the formula events; and that the future also lies within the development of a strong youth division.

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Jan Witteveen | 8th September 2006 (20:44:29)

A fin limit of 75 could be a good option, I'm curious of how the trial period will be conducted.

Will there be separate events or separate classes? Maybe it is a good idea to introduce the new finlenght in 2009 so that the new boars from 2009 on can be tuned for this new finlenght.

The mast idea is hard to enforce cause it will mean regular measuring and that is never a good idea. So leave it at what it is. The boards or also heavier (and therefore maybey stronger) then a few years ago, that's how markets work i guess.

Tinho Dornellas | 9th September 2006 (03:39:19)

What happened to teh 11.0 sail limit> i really hoped they would aporve that

Anonym | 9th September 2006 (04:20:32)

It was a bad idea which would require complex measuerments/certification schemes. Since a short history proved less than 12.5 was often utilized for optimum performance anyways, why approve a rule where none is needed.

ceri | 9th September 2006 (04:25:57)

Hi Tinho, a proposal to limit sail size to 11.0 was not on the agenda. Notice of meeting is published in advance , inviting proposals; detailed agenda, proposals, and voting paper is then circulated at least 14 days before the meeting.
To be honest the subject was not raised during the meeting -i think there were other prorities

Jan Witteveen | 9th September 2006 (08:43:53)

With a saillimit of 11 meter Antoine would not have planed in these conditions, again less participants? the 12.5 is great cause no one needs biger and there is no need to measure the sails. Also a big guy Antoine (and even Finian can compete if they are able to use 12.5 otherwise the light guys are in favour.

Anonym | 9th September 2006 (09:14:41)

These modifications regarding fin length, sail size etc. seem like a marketing game at the far end. It does not encourage new and without a sponsor people to enter and follow equally with top-pros the development of the sport. Hence impossible to participate in competitions(or alternatively, meaningless to be there).
I am glad that no chance in fin, sail size was made. Hope these 2 matters at least stay unchanged.

k | 9th September 2006 (09:56:10)

I dont think this is a case of marketing for each brand to make more money. Starboard have released the Appollo which is a super early planing board that can accomodate a 75 fin easily. this means that performance in light winds is increased. therfore we are the next step closer to the board being accepted into the olympic class. these are the lines that we should be looking along, and supporting. why are people against better performance in light winds? it means more racing opportunities, less sitting around, more interest in the class. just because 75 is the limit, doesnt mean you have to use it, like 12.5. as i have already mentioned in a last post. think outside the box, and what is good for our sport in general! new people are encouraged through formula experience, this a cheap and easy way to race on formula style equipment, the formula windsurfing class is a progression from formula experience.

Anonym | 9th September 2006 (12:05:41)

Formula will never be accepted as the Olympic class, you might as well just forget about any idea of that and concentrate on running your own good competitions.

Arnon and Gonzalo | 9th September 2006 (13:32:34)

Dear All,

Arnon and I made the desition to leave the worlds.

After some days of no wind the race director Bruno de Wanker decided to send us in the water with no wind. After severall starts that maybe 5 guys could get into plain...in wind around 5 knots he sent us back to the beach. Then he made the first upwind really short and sent us back in the water again. If only one gust of 7 knots would have arrived we would have made the race in 10 minutes...(complete joke). Luckily the wind never came in and after a couple of drifting starts he sent us back to the beach.
Being the 2nd day of the world championships we complain that is not possible to be sent in the water and try to race in those conditions. He claims he had 7 knots in his digital windreader (that magazine tests say they always measure more), he was also not on a drifting boat as the rule states and was 3mt above water. Anyways the rule says is up to his discretion...so were is his discretion gone??? when you see most of the fleet not making the start!!!!

3rd day the forecast was better in the late afternoon. When the wind just appeard again he sent eveybody to the water. The first race was so light that many people didnt make it to the start that was only 100 mts in front of the beach. We made some generall recalls as every body was super nervous that there was no wind. In the end and after shouting at him he put black flag and started us.
Unfortunately there was no wind and only some lucky guys that manage to plain in 5 knots finish the race. There was a 4 minute difference between position 5 to 6 and almost all the fleet didnt plane for minutes. I came back to the beach as i couldnt plane off the start with my 11.6. Arnon was on third and stop plaining on the reach!!!!!!!!!!!
Most of the people went to complain but the president of the class Ceri Williams just laugh and ignore us as he did all year long.
While most of the competitors were cursing of that first race they sent us back in the water with less wind. The second race was even worst and this made only 35 guys finish it. Now gathering most of the beach we went to complain and the president laugh at our face again. I pointed out what happened in Australia worlds, Portugal Europeans, Leba Poland, Turkey slalom World championships with this same race director on all of them besides AUS and we demanded that this two races had to be cancelled. Having three more days of racing and a promising late afternoon for racing the RD should have waited.

This is the World Championships and many people spent a lot of money to come and to compete on fair conditions. In my point of view, i came here to become world champion and to race in 5 knots of wind is not fair, so i made the decition to leave the event. I decided this to make an example to them and not because of i had two bad results.

It would have been much easier for us to stay and come back as we normally do. I did it last year and as i make many times, but not this time. This time we preffered to stund up and protest and dont let it go anymore. We went to the AGM and discuss it and again the president asked the RD and the RD said he would take the same decition if it happends again. All the sailors appart from Steve Allen agreed with us. Antoine Albeau and Jesper Vesterstrom stated that the first two races were not even close to racebale conditions. This was it, so after speaking with most of the fleet we left.

Right now we feel really bad as we spent a lot of effort, money and we had really high expectations. All year long we suffered with this bad decitions and even after complaining the president didnt do anything at all. We supported formula windsurfing since the begining and is not possible that 6 years later we have this sort of problems.
We love racing and we see it is going down. I know many people that want to join the tour and that want to race but after they came to the Europeans they decided to stay home and not come to Korea. Melbourne had the same problem at the first two races and this can not keep on happening at World Championships.

The events organisations improved since 6 years ago so it is a shame that the problem is inside the class. I spoke to the organiser in Portugal, Poland and here in Korea about it and they are really dissapointed. It is really sad that the inside is leting us down so we finally stood up and we are trying to make a point to improve the class for the future.

After all the effort people put to support the class coming to events knowing that they are not here for any money, the inside organazation is being unproffesional and making us feel we are part of a joke.

Some as the guys loving to be at the world championships couldnt afford to come. The Belgium team founded too expensive to come when they asked them a ridiculous amount of excess baggage deciding not to come in the end. The Brazilian team was reduced to two guys as many guys could not risk to go through this being amateurs...

So its really sad whats going on with this class and in the World Championships.
Its not about what gear you had or how good you are, there were no conditions and it doesnt matter if some guys are able to finish a race in this...it just hearts the class and most of the competitors who love this sport.

Hopefully the action we took will open the eyes of the people managing the class, the windsurfing industry and the sailors that love the sport trying to make a change and save Formula Windsurfing...

Arnon Dagan ISR1 and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel ARG3

ceri | 9th September 2006 (14:42:38)

Arnon and Gonzalo ,
You are lucky that the class does not censure postings as other forums do .!
That does not mean to say that comments such as you have made will not go unchallenged.
Facts are facts, but points of view are not fact .
You made some seroius errors of judgement , yet you call yourselves "professionals"?
best wishes , and i mean it , ceri.

Arnon and Gonzalo | 9th September 2006 (15:29:55)

Ceri, again you dont want to open your eyes to whats going on...you know we respect you and we believe that you do great things for the class...but you certainly dont want to listen. Its normal to have problems, but its not normal when it happends time after time...
we are as proffesionals as this sport allows us to be...
best regards...

KV11 | 9th September 2006 (15:52:25)

Hi Ceri.

I am not in Korea and was not present at the races in question so I won't make any comments directly concerning this area but I will say that I think it is important and almost necessary that the sailors as a majority are happy with the sailing conditions that are run at the world championships.

It sounds likely that a clear majority would perhaps vote 'no' if asked 'were the first two races valid championship races' and that is the most important point.

Perhaps it is not the opinion of a few sailors or a few race officials but rathermore the opinion of the masses that really counts. We do after all live in a mostly democratic world. if you could guage how the sailors feel as a whole then perhaps you would know more about how well the race in general is being run and thus make changes in the future for the better.

Just my 10 cents. There are always discrepencies at major events but in my 15-years as a pro it is the first time that two top-5 caliber sailors have actually left the country in the middle of the event due to purely the reason of bad management. That says something in my book.

In turn, I hope the event has more wind for the last day but a closer look into the details of how the Formula class is moving forward is important because in just one year slalom has become the 'race leader' in terms of media value and focus thus it is more important than ever that the Formula sailors are happy.

Regards, Finian

Arnon and Gonzalo | 9th September 2006 (15:58:48)

Want to apologise for the bad spelling of Bruno,s last name, didnt realise at all we wrote it bad...
sorry Bruno.

ceri | 9th September 2006 (16:19:16)

Hi Finian ,
How do you know the majority were unhappy .?
Two "so called Pro's " left the event after 2 bad races(for them) ; the majority raced and finished .
Look at the level of the finishers . Look at the equipment they chose to race with. The really good FW racers kept racing -2 gave up! Thats all.

Arnon and Gonzalo | 9th September 2006 (16:19:51)

Bruno de Wannemaeker is his correct name, sorry Bruno for spelling it wrong.

KV11 | 9th September 2006 (17:30:07)

Hi Ceri.

Let's find out how the majority feels. Ask someone who is independent and unbiased to take a poll of all the sailors there. Ask them straight if they thought that the first two races were good enough to count as world championship caliber races and add up the answers. Then we will know the facts in a democratic way.

I only said something in the first place because Arnon and Gonzalo are good mates of mine and I know how much they trained and spent to get there so I thought it was very odd that they left the country and I want to know why. That is all.

Regards, Finian

kj | 9th September 2006 (18:15:51)

Dear Finian,
I remember how many times the same guys sent a lot of f... to Bruno because he stopped the races when they were in front of the fleet...
In racing there is no place for democracy.. The only judge of suitable conditions is RD and .. this should stay as it is...


god | 9th September 2006 (18:16:32)

The 1st spelling of bruno's name was much better!!!

Gipsy | 9th September 2006 (18:24:01)

kj said " In racing there is no place for democracy"

no coment .........

Tinho Dornellas | 9th September 2006 (23:45:11)

Sorry for my typos up top, I was sleepy I guess...

Gonzalo, I have a lot of respect for you as you and Arnon always behaved like very few professionals do. I challenge anyone out there that has the demeanor and professionalism of Gonzalo.

As an organizer of the Calema Midwinters, I have had to make decisions that not everyone is happy with. I can feel the challenges the race director and race organizers are going through.

I don't subscribe to the idea of popular vote.

Either the race director and race organizer know what they are doing or not. And this includes knowing what conditions lie ahead and to make use of the best conditions, including running a race or two in "iffy" conditions, knowing that it may be all they have for the duration of the event.

So my question now is: according to proposed changes to the formula rules, RD's can shorten severely the windward leg, removing the possibility of any tactical racing behond starting line tactics. Is this better than doing a non planing and tactical race upwind, where you have to tack on shifts, choose favored sides of the course, etc? Or not to sail at all and sit the entire week?
I would like to begin an open discussion on my Forum, in preparation for the Calema Midwinters next March. Not that we have too many problems with wind, but I like to be prepared. Visit http://www.calema.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=1079#p1079
And post your views.

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (01:18:48)

Bring on the minute by minute reports. We want to get a champion!

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (01:19:30)

What is happening now?

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (01:22:14)

what is the course of the day?

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (01:33:31)

What I have to do to use the live webcam?I try many times!!!!!

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:09:45)

me too

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:31:15)

yesterdays course diagram does not load!

kj | 10th September 2006 (02:33:15)

Is OK now... small mistake with the name in the link..

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:37:37)

what is the wind speed and direction (side, off or on shore?)

GERRIT | 10th September 2006 (02:39:46)

postpodement was down one our stil no reports
whats happening

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:42:26)

come on give reports no less often than every 5 minutes especially if a race is running, and where is that web cam?

kj | 10th September 2006 (02:42:33)

so you have to push refresh button..

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:44:11)

no kidding? but what happed after the start, what is the wind...

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:45:27)

also why are the entries on local time?

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:48:49)


Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:50:23)

It should be about 10:00 there! the first race has been going 15 minutes can you tell us what is going on. If you dont know tell us that and why you don't know

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:52:42)

is the 2:47 report actually 2 minutes after the start or current? The race is either almost over or abandond...

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:54:16)

It seems that the reports take 20 minnuts to down load? I guess we should wait a few hours and then check back after it is all over... Thanks

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (02:55:31)

now the response is faster, but the news is not good but a least it is news. Thanks again

kj | 10th September 2006 (02:59:55)

Webcam is working...

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (03:00:12)

The Web Cam is up, and it does not look good

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (03:00:24)

Steve congratulations,for sure you will be the formula world champion !!!!! NO wind in this place today for sure.

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (03:01:13)

Some guys are planing!

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (03:02:25)

Please tell the camera man to zoom in on 1 board full screen. Thanks

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (03:07:13)

What is happening, I cant' tell from the camera!

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (03:08:44)

Looks like racing now 10:18

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (03:14:59)

looking good, great camera, thanks

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (03:15:53)

The guys in front are hauling A.. whats the wind?

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (03:40:47)

What happened with the live webcam?It's not working anymore.

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (03:41:12)

did we loose the web cam?

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (03:49:21)

Hey Dave its ok now.Check it

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (04:11:28)

is it down again?

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (04:29:49)

How many time is the break?

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (04:32:16)

WEB cam is up!, Send those guys out they been on break for days!

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (04:35:09)

PERFECT Dave!!! you are correct,send those guys out.

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (04:39:19)

For those of you w ith out web cam there was 3 horns on the beach. maybe they just lowered the AP and are sending formula out!

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (04:40:18)

For those of you w ith out web cam there was 3 horns on the beach. they just lowered the AP and are sending formula out!

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (04:42:40)

whats hapening now?

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (04:45:37)

From the web cam looks like a guy with a gaastra sail just came out from the tent. Oh here comes another sailor. the zoom is not good enough to tell what sails, and two more are carrying ot the water

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (04:46:58)

Wind is side onshore and blowing 10-12 I guess...

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (04:48:00)

steve came out now!!

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (04:49:22)

Dennis Littel now!! everybody on the water for the race 7

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (04:54:00)

I can not believe there are people still launching for formula. What are they waiting for? If I were the RC I would not wait for them.

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (04:55:42)

Too boring, going to watch SNL... I'll check back later

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (04:56:31)

Waiting on a call for slalom. JK

Dave K | 10th September 2006 (04:59:42)

bummer SNL (saturday night live) does not start for 23 minutes...

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (05:33:45)

Arn't we glad they took a break! OOPS we did it again

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (05:40:33)

Arnon and Gonzalo are right !!!! The formula s....

kj | 10th September 2006 (06:04:32)

The break after 2 races back to back is in the Class Championships rules...

Mike, ISV-2 | 10th September 2006 (06:30:27)

Hello All,
In regards to the Korean World's, I would fall into Gonzo's Catagory of "Someone who wanted to come but could not afford the cost" (at the time I needed to travel) I trained as hard as the winds here would allow, trades die off during hurricane season, ready to get back to some formula action, but financial timing was not good... Hopefully Fortaleza will happen after I get back from Sylt...
I'd only checked the World's web page a couple of times when the event started, knew the guys were waiting for wind and only just looked at all info sources again yesterday.... to find some of the people I like and respect the most on tour at odds with each other (again?) ultimately, due to a lack of wind at a high profile event ...
Just an observation I've made over my short time on tour; Those involved at this level of racing are very dedicated and passionate (both racers and race committee) sometimes to both positive and negative effect... The only time(s) I've seen this type of fallout (Falling out?) is when competition, by will of nature alone, must happen at either extreme of the wind spectrum, mostly at the low end...
How do we respond when faced with such challenges to competition? Each according to his or her gifts... and liaibilities, of course like all humans...!

Of course I can only speak for myself, I too raced Portimao, Alacati... and Melbourne the year before >> frustrating for sure...
In Melbourne I was left behind in a wind hole so big, flies CAME OUT FROM SHORE to land on my drifting ass and remind me that I was CARRION for that race, dead in the water... In Turkey after only 2 days the wind died for the rest of the event, just as I was finally starting to get my slalom act together >> a big letdown...Portugal? I most remember heading out before the sun was really up to try and get a valid result; the wind died and I spent about 2 hours getting back to the beach in neglegible, off-shore leftovers of wind...

It's rare that I get to race in conditions I normally LIKE sailing in >> the wind simply...IS... I can't control it.... my goal in professional racing has been to broaden the range of conditions I can be competitive in >> I play for the same stakes; if higher rankings or prize money or reconition come from all this over time, great, but it's not my focus... I think when the red flag goes up I head out in "whatever", because I started racing at this level very late and my time to live this dream will be (comparatively) short... does this make me more or less "Professional"? >> depends on who's eyes you're looking through I guess... when the green flag goes up I dont think about it much...

Out of deep respect for all involved I'll offer something a friend shared with me once about 16 yrs ago while I was deep in the process of saving my own life... long before I started racing:

"I've realized My 'Oppinions' are fixed... judgements really; Formerly Ideas... that have become so choked off by my own fears, or the fears of others, that they can't grow anymore....this truth sets me free every day... but it pisses me off first!"

I remember the conversation I had with the woman who shared this with me as if it was yesterday, she relapsed on drug abuse and died the year after I started racing (alot of us dont make it)
I'm lucky to have known her at all, but it is the spirit of her self -obeservation that allows me to charge a shorebreak to get to the start line (even though sometimes I don't make it in one piece ha, ha!).... lining up along side some of the most accomplished racers in the world, and not feel like I'm something less than they are>> Like Gonazlo, Arnoni who I also share a bond with >> like many on tour, they've also helped me alot, like many, given me a little piece of something I can use to race faster, better...make me laugh when things are bad... Does the (perhaps blind) ambition they demonstrated in Korea, by leaving in an attempt to effect change make THEM more or less professional? If they fail in this one moment to get their point across, is it because they didnt try?
I've also come to know Bruno a bit on tour; also passionate and driven from within to create success... Does the (again, perhaps blind) ambition he demonstrates in trying to send racers to the water hoping to get some kind of result, in an event where conditions have apparently become so bad that it threatens to cast a negative value on the venue, make HIM more or less "Professional"? (it's probably 13-17K in Melborne right now and the wind is again, laughing at all of us!) If Bruno Fails, is it because HE didnt try? To borrow 10 cents from Finnian; Are not the rules by which any race director governs, arrived at by democratic process in this class (FW) at AGM meetings and such?

Ceri, with respect, I was amused, and facinated at your use of the word "Censure" (to penalize, in the American version of the english language!) in place of the word "Censor" (to Delete due to offensive content, hopefully meaning the same in both British and American versions?) earlier in this thread... Both have loaded meanings in this situation; I think you were probably angered by Gonzo's mispelling of Bruno's last name, rather blew me away at first too! For all his skill as a racer, If you know him like I do, you know he cant type in engish very well to save his life! Misplace (or omit!) a few letters in Bruno's last name and you've got a scandal in print... "N" and "K" are very close together on the keyboard... I get e-mails from Gonzo which can be scary! I've joked with him about this in Fuerte, saying one day he would roast his own ass with his spelling... hopefully this is not that day and they both have applogised for the error...malice of intent? Only their hairdresser knows for sure!
Arnon and Gonzalo may have indeed "Censured" themselves in the eyes of some in a broader sense by thier actions, time will tell... Does being a professional windsurfer, or race director, make one immune to errors in judgement? Or is anyone immune to making the error OF judgement, per my departed friend's observations during her process of self discovery?

It may well be that more people will be drawn to (and into!)racing in spite of the in-fighting that sometimes occurs when there's no wind at important events, simply by the fact that all this shows it is possible to be a top ranked competitor, or a top level racing official, and still be a human being ...with all gifts and liabilities... after all...!

Keeps me coming back anyway...to keep reaching for more ...and better!

See you on the water!

Markus Aut 30 | 10th September 2006 (07:38:39)

Dear Steve Antoine, Jesper and ROss, i am so proud of you guys ..... for every one in a special way in this conditions.

Steve you hold firm what you had in your hands Antoine you gave again 3 times as much as you have in your hands ( ; and Jesper ..... you have it all in your hands ( ; and finally Ross .. it was not in your hands, take it easy you are soo young ( ;

It is 6 in the morning here in Austria, my togther is trying to fall a sleep on my sholder and I miss nothing in the moment but .. a little sailing with you guys ( ;

I feel priviledged to go such a long way with you guys and I look forward to so many wunderful days in the near future.

Markus and VIVI

Jesper | 10th September 2006 (08:54:31)

Thanks Brother...How is it being a daddy :-)...Hope to see you soon, when you have some time off...

Rory | 10th September 2006 (14:26:02)

Wise words from the USVI...

Anonym | 10th September 2006 (15:47:44)

Thanks Markus, and i look forward to catch up in person soon.

Just a quick word about Gonza and Arnon's points as I don't check the web much during a contest. I think Bruno did a great job trying when ever possible, this is professional as we came to race. You never know when the wind can pick up an extra couple of knots to make a race and if you are on the beach it's not possile. He called them off when there was not enough wind. Then the next day when we ran 4 races I never had to pump more than 2 to 3 times out of each tack and jibe to plane and I have for sure raced in many major events in the same wind and less. The only difficult time was on the start where the guys would wait too long before trying to plane. I would like to give everyone a tip so you can enjoy the lighter wind racing more. To get a clean start in light wind you need to start planning 30 sec min before the start, and also a good 12m sail helps a lot. Most guys were wait 5 sec efore the start to try plane and then everyone pumping at the same time makes it very hard to make a good start. For me these conditions were the most effortless sailing I have. In the end we had 6 races only 1 race less than last years Worlds. I will write my race report on my website in a couple of days when I arrive home, if you are interested to check out my race to race outlook.
Steve Allen

jamie | 10th September 2006 (16:21:43)

There you go arnon and gonzalo, Steve is giving you some tips for the start line thank god for stevie boy!!!, really he should charge but he is giving his advice for free....well done Steve and I was sad to see Rosco break a fin that is shitty luck sorry rosco I was rooting for you..why did the boat not pick you up so you could make the last race they didn't have any boats or what???

Aleks | 11th September 2006 (16:21:18)

Thats a story! Wow I can only imagine what was happening there. During the event I was studying the results and couldn't understand what is happening ...now I got it.
Steve advices are amazing, I am thinking of coming back to racing to use some of it..
Rosco bad luck but don't think much about it, doesn't matter u the king:)
Arnone and Gonzo Keep it real and don't give up - you did what you believed was needed to do and thats it, I honor it, and wouldn't like to hear any comments about your unprofessional behave - what a bulshit is that...??!
Regards and love to all of you wankers:)

dave | 12th September 2006 (18:56:23)

"There was a 4 minute difference between position 5 to 6 and almost all the fleet didnt plane for minutes"

Doesn't sound like fair racing to me. Would be better to sit on the beach and have a no contest - sure it's shitty for the sponsors - but next year I can't imagine anywhere near as many people turn up - esp with slalom and speed providing good events and money. Doesn't sound like the RD did the sport any favours to me.

Anonym | 29th September 2006 (20:59:52)

13th September 2006 (09:00:09) - Allison (allison at aus911 dot com), wrote :

In my experience, I have learnt one thing regarding wind at events. No matter how windy the place is usually, the conditions we get for a major compeititon are always the opposite to the norm. Melbourne is always windy, but then come the world champs, no wind for a few days!, China normally no wind, yet we get 6 days in two weeks with planing conditions even one day with over 25knots! Leba, no wind!, Portimao, no wind! I think we should schedule our events on the websites but tell everyone in secret to go the week after, haha, then for sure we will get the normal wind.
The great thing about formula class is that we can always get a result, even if the wind isnt so good during the week. You never know what your going to get, so you have to be prepared for everything and stay positive the whole time.

bryan McDonald | 30th September 2006 (17:55:17)

the true test of a principle race officer is how he does in marginal conditions. when the breeze is on, life is easy and there are few complaints. when the breeze drops, all heck can break loose.

bryan McDonald | 30th September 2006 (17:56:00)

what a blessing to get feedback from arnon and gonzalo on the formula world's event. it takes a lot to get those guys to actually leave an event so their explanation fills in the gaps of unanswered questions. when i studied the results, i was puzzled what happened to them. neat to have the internet able to share their inside story.

from their perspective, they felt the event not fair. while allison and steve seem to have different opinions. i like what allison said...despite the event having some unusually light breeze (like the last worlds), one has to stay positive. i don't think FW is the only event that is not getting as much breeze as they'd like (check out the maui sails forum for their challenges with light air).

from a rules perspective, there are many provisions to assure a race is held in adequate breeze.

i think the FW championship conditions do an awesome job at assuring that a race won't be held in too light of breeze (please keep in mind that most sailing classes don't have wind minimums and are left to race in the lightest of air). please reference:
http://www.formulawindsurfing.org/filez ? mpRegs.doc

let's look at some of the FW championship requirements in detail:

bryan McDonald | 30th September 2006 (17:56:35)

championship condition 1.7 says "If pumping becomes the main method of propulsion the race shall be abandoned."

2.2.1 If the wind speed is less than 7 knots in the
starting area at any time during the last minute
prior to the starting signal, the start shall be
abandoned .
2.2.2 Wind speeds shall be taken from a drifting boat
from approximately 2 metres above the sea
2.2.3 The Race Officer shall ensure that the wind is
measured over as much of the course area as
possible .
2.2.4 Racing shall take place in suitable conditions, and
the decision on suitable conditions shall be made
by the Race Officer , and where appropriate the
Class Race Supervisor .

i believe the use of "shall" is mandatory. if any of the conditions above (that use the word 'shall') were not met, and a competitor's score is made significantly worse, through no fault of her own, i believe a competitor could be elligible for redress, per rule 62.1, for "an improper action ... of the race committee".

from rule 64.2, if the "protest committee decides that a board is entitled to redress under rule 62, it shall make as fair an arrangement as possible for all boards affected, whether or not they asked for redress. This may be to adjust the scoring (see rule A10 for some examples) or finishing times of boards, to abandon the race, to let the results stand or to make some other arrangement. When in doubt about the facts or probable results of any arrangement for the race or series, especially before abandoning the race, the protest committee shall take evidence from appropriate sources."

Hypothetically speaking, if Arnon or Gonzalo felt pumping became the main method of propulsion for a light wind race, they could file for redress. If the Jury finds as a fact that pumping had become the main method of propulsion, they could consider granting redress (which could be to abandon the race). On the other hand, it's important to note that the redress could be to "let the results stand".

steve allen praised bruno for doing a great job. i can't imagine ceri not being receptive to constructive input on how to make an even (or the FW class) better. i hope the competitors who make up the class are able to work through these issues in a positive and constructive fashion.

respectfully submitted,
bryan mcdonald
http://www.ussailing.org/e-ussailing/is ? -09-06.htm

p.s. in reviewing the rules for the RSX worlds, it's the first time i've seen them state "If pumping becomes the main method of propulsion, the race shall be abandoned." I personally think this is a great rule since it's extremely simple to implement and observe if it's being followed. i recall when the former president of ISAF, Paul Henderson, labeled windsurfing as 'air rowing' due to the amount of pumping in the imco class. i applaud the formula class for it's positive osmosis effect in other areas of windsurfing. it'll be interesting to see if this rule is utilized at the next olympics...

massimi masserini | 1st October 2006 (12:09:45)

on sell VAPOR sails as new

size 12 11 10,5 10 9,0 7,0

price 300€ each


massimoITA 7

Anonym | 4th October 2006 (15:15:59)

whereand when are the 2007 formula worlds?

Jim | 4th October 2006 (15:46:34)

I think Fortaleza/Brazil in November 2007

Jim | 4th October 2006 (15:49:33)

I think Fortaleza/Brazil in November 2007

Pascal | 6th October 2006 (00:58:23)

Hi massimo can you send me your email for have more infos about your vapor?
Best regards

bryan McDonald | 7th October 2006 (10:44:17)

his email is massimo dot tumadi at masserini dot com (just as yours is spitfire972 at hotmail dot com )

Anonym | 8th October 2006 (04:14:17)

we gonna have no wind problems at Fortaleza you can bet on it! For sure more than 15 knos!! Fortaleza windwsurf paradise!!!!

ARG-1111 | 18th October 2006 (02:45:03)

Gonzalo and Arnon are great windsurfers. Fortaleza is a very good spot but always the competitions are there. Are some other excellent spots in all South America even in Argentina.

BRA 25 | 18th October 2006 (14:52:15)

Yeah I was at Puerto Madryn for the south american event. I found it very nice. I am from Fortaleza and unfortunately we don't have our spot on the schedule every year... seems it is getting better again now. Would be very nice to have a Formula world tour and define some places to be the "traditional spots" + a few others spots to be decided where each year...

MUDBOY | 18th October 2006 (15:17:50)

The real deal though is that everyone prefers to come to Fortaleza because it is in Brazil...
Everyone in the world knows the Brazillian women are the hottest and have the nicest asses in the World...
So PRO sailors come enjoy the perfect conditons and even better, the women...

CRAB | 18th October 2006 (15:21:47)

huahauahauahuahuaha Excelent point of view Mudboy. If we have no wind there will be some "other" action for sure... hauahuahahuahau

Anonym | 18th October 2006 (15:34:47)

windy place, hot water, no animals to bit, it's cheap; brazilian women; ...

Fabio M | 18th October 2006 (20:04:35)

Fortaleza windsurf paradise!!!

Fabio | 23rd October 2006 (01:25:13)

Does any one knows the date for Calema? And about the South American Fw, when where??

Anonym | 23rd October 2006 (17:40:31)


Anonym | 23rd October 2006 (17:41:39)

YEP we are getting calls already and yes it is happeneing March 2-4th 2007.
MArk you calendars and stay tuned as we are working on some exciting new stuff

From Tinho on his forum...

Fabio | 24th October 2006 (16:25:20)

Thanks for the info, And about the fw europian, when and where??

ceri | 24th October 2006 (17:56:15)

Hi, a full calendar will be published very soon

Formula | 24th October 2006 (21:15:20)

ceri, what a good new ! thanks for this !!

Jay Buzianis | 26th October 2006 (07:24:44)

Aloha from Maui where we don't usually worry about wind minimums, yeh right! Anyway could not pass up a comment after reading Arnon and Gonzalo's post, didn't know that either of them even knew how to type. Got to say I agree fully with them, too much racing is going on now days without wind because of Sponsor pressure on the RD. I also agree with Steve A. because the guy winning always has clean air and don't feel the lack of it that the guy's behind do. Sooooo my comment, it is time that all Windsurfing racing has a Race Judge to handle protests, wind minimums and etc. This Judge is a hired gun and answers to no one. He can overide the Race Director, the Sailors, the Sponsors. If he is honest he usually will not overide them, but when a blatant decision is made like alot of RD do when pressured by sponsors then he overides them. The old PWA had a guy like this who's name was Mr. McGain. Not Phil McGain but a tough old bird that was Phil's father. (That's probably why Phil is now a tough old bird ;-) This Mr. McGain took no prisoners when it came to making the right decisions, I saw him even make a decision against Phil at Hookipa one time, man Phil was pissed. This Judge is appointed by the Managment Committee for one year and no fire possibility unless a 2/3 vote of the Management Committee or the Sailors vote to remove him. He basically is the Wind God. Until you have someone like this you will continue to have the problems you have because the RD has to much responsibility to the Sponsor to always be fair, even if he wants to be. The President just don't have the guts to make the tough decisions because they are usually just nice people that get elected and elected people can't make the tough decisions. So with this in mind you will continue to have the problems that you are having. Think about it and get a Tough Wind God in place and things will be better. This is word coming down from the highest. Way up on Haleakala. See you all at the Aloha Classic. And way to go Arnon and Gonzalo, you got the big gonades. Ciao, Jay

MUDBOY | 26th October 2006 (14:16:34)

I agree completely...
The Wind God at events could be an inpartial decision maker who could defend the best interest of any event:
Fair Competition...
Go for the Wind God organizers and lift this wheight off your shoulders...

Jim DeSilva | 27th October 2006 (21:42:38)

Alex Caviglia Bluewater Regatta/RS:X North Americans
January 12-14 (week before Olympic Classes Regatta)
Miami, Florida

RS:X North Americans
Open Hybrid

As a tribute to Alex Caviglia, former President of Neil Pryde in the United States, we proudly introduce the Bluewater Regatta. This event will be the RS:X North Americans and a top level Formula, Hybrid and Raceboard event. Biscayne Bay in January offers world class windsurfing conditions with 80+ degree air temps, 10-25 mph of wind, and 70degree+ water. Shake A Leg Miami, a world class facility for holding such an event, has graciously allowed us to use their location. Shake A Leg brings growth and hope to those who are less fortunate than us through sailing and your registration fees will help to promote this cause, which we are all proud to support here in Miami.

May top Pros and Olympic competitors will be in attendance. We hope you will be as well!

Detailed event info and registration is available soon online.

Dave K | 29th October 2006 (14:49:36)

I hope to make it!

Jim DeSilva | 2nd November 2006 (16:59:48)

Bring lots of fins, Dave!!!!

Dave K | 3rd November 2006 (02:30:02)

I should not have replied so early, I might have jinxed my trip. Looks like other family plans may prempt my attending this event.

francesco | 6th November 2006 (14:45:23)

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can you give me your addres ?

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