7th of March 2006

2006 Calema Midwinters Regatta- Merritt Island, FL. March 3-5, 2005

by Steve Bodner, USA 4
With 200+ windsurfers coming from South America, Israel, France, England, Canada and the US, the midwinter championship was a showcase of the new formula and hybrid classes. The biggest fleet was the Formula fleet with 51 professional and amateur men competing in 5 races over 3 days. In the hybrid class, 23 men and women competed in the new RS-X Olympic class against 11 Prodigy and 3 Open hybrid boards for 7 races over 3 days. The rest of the competition was made up of sport fleet and long board racing.

Most interesting was the new gear for 2006. Both North and Neilpryde showed an improved wind range with their 3rd generation wide sleeve luff race sails. Also noteworthy was the innovation in the formula boards. Last year F2 introduced booster pipes to their formula board. This year 2 manufactures had adjustable plates in their cutouts to give an even greater amount of possibilities for changing your set up. Now sailors are coming in between racing and making changes in their cut outs (3 choices), their fins (stiffness, rake and size), as well as their rigs. Typically sailors used 11.0 and 12.5m2 sails in the light wind races and switched down to 10.0-11.0m2 rigs when it was windier. The hybrid class was limited to a 9.5m2 rig. The RS-X sailors out performed their peers in the Prodigy and Open Hybrid classes

Typical Florida conditions greeted sailors on Friday and Sunday with light to medium breeze on the Indian River, part of the Inter coastal waterway just west of Cape Canaveral, FL. On Saturday, the breeze was up to the high teens for more exciting racing for all fleets. The event was won by Antoine Albeau of France. Results Results and Photos at

Regatta Report by Steve Bodner at http://stevebodner.com/home.html

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Lucas F. | 31st August 2006 (23:36:07)

Any info about the 2007 date for CALEMA ?

fabio | 2nd September 2006 (02:06:53)

really good question..???????

Dave K | 2nd September 2006 (04:00:46)

Really easy answer.
March 1-4 or 2-4 see:

Lucas | 3rd September 2006 (15:03:15)

Thanks Dave.

France | 4th September 2006 (18:11:54)

force julien (fra 421)