26th of August 2005, Portugal, Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras

Interviews - day 2

Recorded by: Marek Brzozowski Namaxa.com

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torpedo GBR183 | 26th August 2005 (21:23:01)

Are there any juniors to interview and how are they getting on?

ceri | 26th August 2005 (21:50:04)

who do yo reckon they should interview?

KEITH | 27th August 2005 (13:55:40)

they should interview Richard Jones, he is the youngest competitor and at 15 it shows that everyone, young and old can compete in these contests!

Udo Opitz | 27th August 2005 (18:58:27)

Hi your Fotos are very good.
Where are the pictures from day 1

kj | 27th August 2005 (20:28:34)

go to full coverage link!

Krafty | 27th August 2005 (21:20:44)

go on rich .... no pressure, but your kiwi rellies are watching your progress .... as are the rest of ya UK buddies ...
keith ... dude ... quality buzianis meeting .... hope all are okay .. go kick butt to folow up the silvaplana result ...

Arnon | 28th August 2005 (08:21:24)

who is winning ? were are the results?

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