20th of August 2005, Australia, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

Time to start focusing on the forthcoming Worlds...

Time to start focusing on the forthcoming Worlds, scheduled for Melbourne in December . It is vital that competitors and organisers finalise plans early.

Deails of pre entry system will be pubished very soon , as will the Notice of Race.

Here is the list of competitors who have qualified via their Continental Championships .

FORMULA WORLDS 2005 Sailors qualified  via 2005 Continental Championhips

1-Micah Buzianis USA 34 2004 World Champion

2-Jesper Orth AUS 10 2005 Oceanic Championshp
3-Sean O’Brien AUS 120
4-JP Tobin NZL 151
5-Mike Nelson AUS 12
6-Sam Parker AUS 3

7-Norio Arano JPN 25 2005 Asian Championship
8-Yugi Sugihara JPN 20
9-Akihiko Yamada JPN 67
10-Akinori Goshi JPN 1
11-Haruhiko Koumura JPN 57

12-Gonzalo C. Hoevel ARG 3 2005 South American Championship
13-Willhelm Schurmann BRA 999
14-Paulo deReis BRA 3333
15-Leonardo Rebello BRA 121
16-Rodrigo C. Hoevel ARG 13

17-Antoine Albeau FRA 192 2005 European Championship
18-Wojtek Brzozowski POL 10
19-Ross Williams GBR 83
20-Andrea Cucchi ITA 1
21-Jesper Vesterom DEN 111

22-Devon Boulon ISV 1 2005 North American Championship
23-Sam Ireland CAN 1
24-Seth Besse USA 64
25-Zac Plavic CAN 33
26-Alain Bolduc CAN 01

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Adri | 22nd August 2005 (11:37:00)

Will it be possibel to use the 2006 race sails in Melbourne?

fw sailor | 22nd August 2005 (11:52:54)

you can use any sail you want.

Anonym | 22nd August 2005 (12:45:16)

what about 2006 formula boards

ceri | 22nd August 2005 (14:52:45)

Hi ,
It is the 2005 World Championship -so only 2005 (or older ) boards permitted .
No additional or new sail retrictions .
Pre entry registration form is now available on the IWA website

Anonym | 25th August 2005 (19:30:42)

What about airlines deals and stuff like that for the worlds?

ceri | 25th August 2005 (20:11:26)

Hi ,
A detailed info sheet for competitors will be posted on the website . Sail Melbourne do not have a specific Airline sponsor .Howver we are exploring a numbr of possibilities - that involves airlines .Any info that sailors have will be shared ; but cost of travel will be a major factor for prospecrtive competitors . Spare a thought for non europeans having to attend so many events over the past 4 years in Europe !
Melbourne could be the trip of a lifetime if well planned .!

Anonym | 26th August 2005 (03:03:10)

hey my love go and kick some ...!!!

ania c. | 26th August 2005 (20:12:54)

super Wojtus super! :)))

Anonym | 1st September 2005 (20:03:49)

ceri willl there be some wildcards?

Anonym | 1st September 2005 (20:04:48)

how could i qualifide if there was no competition this year?

Anonym | 2nd September 2005 (08:33:55)

As far as I recon flight arrangements was one of the promises from the organizer, as many have bad experience with Australian airports

ceri | 5th September 2005 (12:39:22)

Yes , there will be wildcards . Fill i the pre ntry reister , and send your details to the office by email.

H | 6th September 2005 (22:31:29)

Where can I find NOR of Polish FW Championships in Rewa?

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